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The condo I was living in with two rommates was sold, and we have now moved to a college-based community of apartments like I used to live in. These apartments are great because everyone living there is a student of some sort, they have lots of great amenities, and best of all individual leases. This means if you have four people living in an apartment, and three of them move out, the last person is not stuck paying the full rent….just their share. This way I can be very flexible about my living arrangements.


I recently followed an idea for starting a Facebook based site which offers Facebook Tricks etc, and it’s coming along nicely. I’ve been getting some decent traffic, up to 350 unique visitors a day and growing.

Right now the site is making less than $1 a day from the one Google Ads, but it’s not even been online for two weeks….so I’m not worried yet. A problem with Google Ads is they base the ads on page content….mostly Facebook talk. Needless to say the pay per click rates are low, even though I’m getting a lot of clicks.

It’s sometimes getting above 1,000 impressions a day, so I’ll start looking for other ad systems that pay higher rates for page impressions. Here are the stats from the last few days:

This is actually turning out to be a fun little project!


Thanks to “Bob”, I was tipped off about the Austin Entrepreneur of the Year awards last week, and I attended the event with Kunal of Grade-A-Books. It was one of the better events I’ve been to, with a great pre-event, event, and after-party. Then later out to Downtown!

This picture is a good sum-up of the night!

Blog posted on: June 10, 2006

16 comments on “FacebookProfile Stats, Entpr Year, New Apt

  1. Jon Brelig

    Nev, you probably shouldn’t rely on webalizer for your web analytics as shown in your pic. It’s basically a log analyzer that’s not extremely accurate. Get on the list for Google Analytics or there’s a few other options out there.

  2. Smart Capitalist

    You could easily argue that google analytics is not accurate because it relies on a javascript lol.

    At least get awstats, still free log analysis.

    About your blog itself, I love how candid you typically are. Most people do not talk about ALL events they go to, and they also keep tight lips about their projects, but you typically give us some insight into what your doing to actually make money. I like that.

  3. personal finance

    Good to see that you’re pleased with how your latest project is going.

    Smart move on the living arangements – keeping living costs low right out of college so that you can save money just makes sense. If you know you’re going to want to stay in the general area, you might want to begin thinking about ways to purchase a home (especially if you are willing to rent out rooms to others and have them help pay for your mortgage)

  4. Jon

    Smart capitalist,

    Log analyzers have proven to me extremely less accurate than javascript/image tagging. I worked at a web analytics firm (can’t mention) and basically if javascript is disabled they’re able to record the pageview by the image-pixel read. They then can use user-agent analysis to piece together the ‘visit’.

  5. Anonymous

    You may want to wait a little while on that home purchase. I suspect you’ll find some real bargains in the not too distant future. Wait until you hear the big “Pop!” Biding your time renting may not be such a bad idea right now.

  6. Dividendium

    I was driving around Austin the other day and saw some “bums” out selling water bottles at 183 and Cameron Rd.

    While I was waiting at a light, I watched one of them go to the gas station across the street and buy some ice. Looks like they found a workable solution for the ice logistics problem.

    Pretty interesting that you may have sparked the “bum” community’s entrepreneurial spirit.

  7. Anonymous

    I second SmartJane’s question.

    How did you get so many visitors in such a short time?

    AdWords? Linking in from other websites?

  8. Neville

    SmartJane & Anon,

    The traffic was generated from organic search results from big search engines, and direct hits I’m guessing came from Facebook users.

    I will maybe once a day write on someone’s “Wall” on Facebook with some of the ASCII creations on FacebookProfile.com and leave the “FacebookProfile.com” signature on them. This makes people inquisitive and visit the site.

    I am also one of the very few people (if not only) one doing Facebook related stuff.

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