Don’t worry, I’m just migrating from Blogger to WordPress, so this weekend you most likely will see a bunch of wonky formatting, dead links and other weird things going down on NevBlog.

Cheers :-)

Blog posted on: February 27, 2010

5 comments on “HOLY FREAKIN CRAP What Happened??

  1. Mike

    Hey! You finally converted over! I have one site left myself. I was thinking it was strange that there hasn’t been anything new in my reader…

  2. Alex

    I was so used to your old blogger template that this did take me by surprise. The template you are using now is nice, if you can add some color the layout is not bad. The good thing about using Word Press is that you can get a lot of great templates for free. Just make sure to check if you can change the footer. Some Word Press templates are just a easy way of getting links back for the designers other sites. Anyways look forward to seeing your new updates.


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