HoR Updates 2-7-2011

Every week I said I’d document at least two updates to HouseOfRave.

Here’s two of them (damn these stupid goals….keeping me all accountable and stuff)…..

1.) Updated this High Output Light Base for wedding planners.  I actually use this thing during parties for “mood” lighting by simply placing it in the corner of the room.  You can actually see an example of that on the page.  I snapped some pics, made a quick video and wrote some fun copy for the page.


2.) More prominent email address capture placed on the top-right of the page.  For some reason I’ve always had the email capture hidden under the left-column navigation.  I’m already seeing a higher number of signups per day.  I’ve kept the old one there, because I use that valuable top-right corner during promotions and holiday seasons.

Blog posted on: February 7, 2011

7 comments on “HoR Updates 2-7-2011

  1. Mike Roberts

    good stuff bro, I’m liking the “behind the curtains” peeks at your biz. Looking forward to the videos. I might try to use them as a rough template for improvements to my blog/biz. as always, big fan of your work.


    1. Neville

      Thanks Mike,

      However I almost feel these small updates were pretty minuscule….although sometimes all these “stupid” updates add lots of value one little percent at a time.

      1. Mike Roberts

        I guess it’s all relative. To me, they seem like a big deal, but you are much more tech savvy than me.

        So true what you said though, all these small and seemingly insignificant improvements eventually become a powerhouse of a site.

        I’ve been trying to make that my strategy. Not try to become a tech genius over night, just implement one tiny thing every day.

        Today, I am going to research how to set up a plug in or whatever that allows potential coaching clients to sign up for services and pay right there on the site.


        1. Neville

          I guess that’s true, I sometimes forget these things seem like a big deal to some, and not to others.

          The way I’ve learned (and I assume most people) is definitely one TIIIINYYYY little thing at a time. e.g. how to upload a plugin, how to FTP something, how to crop a picture.

          It all adds up to some pretty valuable skills!

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