How to get out of a slump

Me and Noah talk about how to get out of slump:

I know what you’re thinking:

“Neville….what’s wrong with your hair??”

Well….at the beginning of the month my hair color was “bright blue …..but now faded into “i-don’t-know-what-the-hell-is-on-my-head” color.

Blog posted on: April 27, 2012

28 comments on “How to get out of a slump

  1. Linda

    This was motivating to watch!

    I do daily single goals that helps. I also plan to get out of slumps. So a to do list could be “work on resume for 30 minutes” or “clock 30 minutes on elliptical.”

    Also journaling progress keeps me motivated.

    Oh! And New Year’s Resolutions really keep me moving.

  2. Nate

    “They live in…Georgia…and have no one around them” That was exactly me and my old slump. Then, within about a two month period I stumbled on Mixergy, Tim Ferris, and AppSumo dojo. New influences change everything.

    1. Neville

      Glad you liked that. I can always tell if something is making me unhappy by doing the health-wealth-love test.

      You can quickly see which portion of your life is out of whack

  3. Alex

    Nev … Noah …. Awesome.

    I’ve been struggling to identify why I have lacked motivation for weeks now.

    I found plenty of things to blame: a foot injury that benched me from exercise, putting on a bunch of weight, work being crazy, MBA assignments being due…

    In the ‘down’time I’ve learned a bunch of your techniques from BusinessBluePrint, KopywritingKourse and Facebook Ads.

    The strangest thing happened. I figured out what I really enjoy… helping small businesses attract more customers online. Not because of the money… but because it’s challenging!

    Just wanted to shout out and say a huge thankyou. Your work has made a big difference to me. -Alex

    1. Neville


      People find their passions when they realize they’re GOOD at something.

      Looks like the “health” part of health-wealth-love bummed you out a bit!

      1. Stanley Lee

        Sorry to jump into the conversation. Just want to add that Cal Newport frequently writes about this in the college education space (“People find their passions when they realize they’re GOOD at something.”).

  4. Tzippy

    You guys are soooo funny and cool!
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Please keep them coming.
    Too bad I don’t live in Austin.

  5. Kevin


    Dropping knowledge like a boss…big fan of this video and actually just wrote an email to myself for tomorrow (scheduled it with Boomerang for Gmail..priceless chrome extension) to create a little morning structure. Including making my bed, which I never do.


    1. Neville

      NICE! Glad to have kicked your ass in gear.

      You REALLLYYYYY should plan out your entire day, the NIGHT BEFORE.

      Once I started doing that, my productivy went through the moon. Because when you wake up in the morn, it’s difficult to set out a bunch of tasks.

      Take the time to do it each night….I do it religiously. I have over 2,000+ past to-do lists to prove it :-)

      And I’ve heard ENOUGH about Boomerang…..your comment is the last straw, downloading it right now!

      1. Ilhan

        Hey Neville! Do you plan out actions to do, or do you actually schedule your day? I’m finding planning MITs doesn’t mean I’ll always do them, whereas if I schedule something I might be more likely to work for that time. Is that what you do?

  6. Dividendium

    Loved “switch the view around”…”how can I help others make more money”. That’s awesome.

    For getting out of a slump…

    – Change up your routine. Move where you do your work, rearrange the room, try something different…tea instead of coffee, eggs instead of donuts, water instead of coke, take a different route to work, email an old acquaintance.

    – Semi-related to the above, dress up. Shower, shave, brush your teeth, floss, fix your hair, and wear your nicer clothes. It will change the way people react and treat you, and that will change the way you feel about yourself.

    – Do something physical and work up a sweat…specifically something that you enjoy. Participate in a sport. Go for a hike. Go for a swim. Go for a climb. The endorphins will make you feel good…but you only get those if you actually enjoy the physical activity you are doing. I’ve also read this increases your ability to learn.

    For staying out of a slump…

    Create more identities for yourself. Pick up hobbies that are not related to your work. That way you can generally be succeeding at something in your life and taking pride in that, even when other areas aren’t going so well.

    Some examples: soccer, disc golf, martial arts, playing an instrument, painting, fiction writing, building bird houses, acting, Toastmasters, volunteering, etc.

  7. Matt Horwitz

    Solid stuff guys! Real solid. I find that writing out why I’m sad/depresses/in a slump helps a lot. If people have blogs and they can publicly publish it, it helps personify the ‘slumpness’ and then in a few hours/days, they realize it wasn’t that big of a deal and it no longer effects them.

    Great topic find. Definitely something that everyone deals with, but few openly talk about. Smart.

    Keep rockin’ !

    1. Neville

      Thanks Matt!
      I find that writing stuff out REALLY YYYYYYYYY helps me the most. If I just “think” about it, I tend to go in circles and never actually solve anything.

  8. Leo Tabibzadegan

    My #1 tip for getting out of a SLUMP:

    R U READY? …

    … GET A PUPPY!

    Buy one, or borrow one, because…

    “There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.” ~Ben Williams


    But on a more serious note… Neil Strauss (Author of the Game) mentions a great bit of advice on success, happiness, and getting out of slumps (reply below if you want the full link to the post).

    Life SKYROCKETS when you take care of the following parts of your life,

    1. Work.
    2. Physical (Exercise, running, swimming, sports).
    3. Social (A sense of community, relationships)
    4. Creativity or Education (writing, making music, cooking, programming, taking classes, or learning another language)
    5. Relaxation (reading books, watching tv, or staring at the wall contemplating life.)

    Be well balanced in the above categories, that is the key! Lack in any one of those categories, and life becomes a real drag…

    Hope these tips help! :)

  9. corrieLyn

    You guys are the coolest of the internet. You are so cool. Cooler than cool. Cooler than Clarence in True Romance. Almost as cool as Clarence’s dad. Ok time to listen to my stop smoking hypnosis mp3.

  10. Jon

    Really great vid!! Been wanting to do a blog for months and I’m guessing this is the final straw have to do it!! I’ve lost about 42 pounds in the past few months so I would like to blog about that. would also like to blog about making money. What’s a good site to start up with?? Preferably free.

  11. Eddy Azar

    One that always works for me is to go outside. It’s that simple. Get out of the house and hit the nearest park.

    Works WAYYYY better when it’s 15C or higher, but no matter the weather, that simple movement and air and relaxed beauty of the walk will change the gear that your mind is running on. You start thinking in terms of solutions and plans instead of problems and pains.

    I like intense shit, so I’ll ususally go for a bike ride and see how fast I can go or climb atop some trees or something, but it’s the moment you step out the door that you really feel the shift.

  12. Darryl McKenna

    Hi guys, another thing is that you may be in a slump due to the negative effects of watching pornography (which happen on various levels).

    Check out for some thought-provoking posts and discussion.

    The main author of the site seems to base a lot of his theories on scientific research but I wouldn’t take those too literally as they seem more speculative than anything else. The main take-away is that porn might actually be causing you problems you don’t even realize, and that you might do well by avoiding it entirely — at least for 90 days.

    I for one would like to see more scientific studies done on this topic, but what do you really have to lose by abstaining and avoiding those websites? Not much. And you may have a lot to gain.


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