How to have Tim Ferriss speak at your event for free.

Despite the fact that I can beat him in a handstand competition, people still worship Tim Ferriss.

And since he’s pimping his new book right now, I found a way to do all of the following for “Free” (notice the quotes):

  • Meet Tim Ferriss up close and personal.
  • Be memorable to him.
  • Have him speak for you…TWICE….for FREE.  Potentially making you a lot of money.
  • …or have him speak (twice) at your events for promoting whatever you’re selling.
Sound too good to be true….it’s not (if you can get over the $84,000 price tag).
Here’s how:
STEP 1.) Checkout the way he is getting people to order his book on launch day (Nov. 20th):


STEP 2.) Notice the last option to buy 4,000 books for $21 a piece.  This costs $84,000 ….but a smart person would understand you actually get everything for “Free”.


See, you’re buying 4,000 copies of his book to distribute.  You can give these away, sell them…whatever….and almost re-coup your investment of $84,000.

BUT THE BIG THING is the perk Tim will personally give you for buying 4,000 copies:  He will personally speak as the keynote speaker at two events.  

Now in the startup world it ain’t hard to pack a room for a Tim Ferriss speech.

He usually commands $75,000 to $100,000 per speech….and can easily pack a paying room.

So you get to have him speak TWICE, for only $84,000….plus you can sell all the books!  Essentially you’re getting Tim to speak for you for FREE.



I’ve gotta get going to an art show now … if anyone’s interested, checkout his post about it.

Blog posted on: November 18, 2012

5 comments on “How to have Tim Ferriss speak at your event for free.

  1. Nate Shivar

    Nice example of thinking in terms of value instead of cost.

    When I first saw $84,000 – I simply thought “wow, that’s a ton of money” – I didn’t carry it out as to what that figure meant in terms of value. Thanks for the cool perspective Neville.

  2. Rob Maeder

    When I saw that, I immediately got all these crazy ideas of holding a big event in Toronto and having Tim be the keynote speaker.

    I briefly considered getting a loan to pay the 84 grand, but then I realized I don’t know anything about hosting a huge event, and I was thinking too big without validating my idea first…


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