I 3D printed a chess set!

Just for fun I 3D printed a whole set of chess pieces!

3d-printed-chess-set-1 3d-printed-chess-set-3 3d-printed-chess-set-2

I tweeted it out and even MakerBot actually re-tweeted it :-)



I simply downloaded all the files from this chess set file:

….and printed each one out individually.

They came out amazingly well, and I’ve already been playing :-)

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    Blog posted on: March 5, 2014

    14 comments on “I 3D printed a chess set!

    1. Alex

      My head can’t get around all this 3D printing. I’m still stuck back with the likes of 1980ies Marioland. It’s incredible.

      1. Neville Post author

        I prefer them light so they’re very strong but don’t use much plastic. And yes, you can easily make them larger or smaller by just dragging the size!

    2. alex

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