I Love Klipsch Speakers

Back in late high school and early college I started a couple of businesses and they all made some modest degree of money.  The funny thing was the money went to my single student checking account…and I didn’t know what to do with it!

It just accumulated. I didn’t understand it was like cash.

Then one day I discovered ordering stuff online. I could pay for stuff online with that number it said on my bank statement. SWEET!

One of my very first purchases was high quality speakers. I’m a bit of an audiophile and love high quality sound.

I researched every computer speaker out there and ended up buying the Klipsch Promedia 4.1 sound system which was the best (and most expensive) set of computer speakers I found.

I….was…..BLOWN AWAY by them.

It truly was one of the most satisfying purchases I ever made. THX certified, 400 watts, BOOMING sub woofer (but not just booming…but REALISTIC bass)….the list went on. Watching movies and listening to music on this audio system in a tiny dorm room was the coolest damn thing in the world to me.

I had all four satellite speakers setup in my tiny dorm and the huge sub woofer setup under my desk (when turned up, it would rattle my plastic desk so violently I couldn’t use my computer mouse)!

I actually found pictures of my old setup.  You can see only one speaker in this setup (and apparently someone played a little joke in the top-right corner):

More speakers lining the room.  The funny thing was even the small 40 watt system I had before was more than enough to fill these small dorms with loud music.  But going 10X more was WAY more fun ;-)

It was kind of funny looking through these old pictures, here was our door (yes, I know I spelled “weird” wrong):

About 9 years later, my poor Klipsch speakers have finally run their course. Something is wrong with the amplifier and it doesn’t seem easily fixable.

Anyhow…usually I’d be pissed something I bought is no longer working. But not these.

I’d gladly pay $400+ again for the pleasure of listening to these.  I loved those speakers.

So the last several places I’ve lived I only used two of the satellite speakers, and the bass never gets turned all the way.  The system is powerful enough to keep all the settings at half and still sound incredible.  So I just bought a new set of them, except it has only 2 satellite speakers, and the system is also wireless (so I can play music from my laptop and have it stream directly to the speakers).

Cheers to the speakers that have caused so very, very, very many of my neighbors to complain, call the cops and make them just downright frustrated to live next to me.

Blog posted on: August 25, 2010

13 comments on “I Love Klipsch Speakers

  1. Pat

    I love Klipsch too. We recently added a home theater room to our house, and I purchased 4 of the Klipsch satellite speakers and a 12″ Klipsch subwoofer. The sound is as good as in a movie theater, and when my son plays Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on XBox360 with the system, it sounds like our house is in a war zone! Pretty cool.

  2. Tim Coleman

    I too am a big Klipsch fan, I had a mega-buck stereo system and did a lot of down grading and ended up with Klipsch floor stand speakers and am shocked at how good they are for the price. They are not as good as my old reference gear, but they are less than 1/10 the cost! I also picked up Klipsch Image X-10 earbuds and am a big fan of them as well. I recommend Klipsch to anyone who’ll listen to me! They offer a really great value!

  3. Blue

    I’ve never heard of these speakers before. If they are as good as you say they are, they probably had some sort of lifetime guarantee. Maybe you could have brought them back and gotten a replacement set for free? This is a financial blog after all :)



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