I wanna kill this dog….

Catchy subject-line right?

Damn straight.

And it’s true.  I’m going to kill this dog:

You see, last Friday night in Austin, I spent a nice evening with a special someone.  We took her dog out for a walk around the Capitol building, and just 5 steps from home, a random dog runs out of the alley across the street and starts attacking.

In one second, the night transformed from a pleasant evening out, to breaking up a dog fight.  This random pit bull started tearing into the chocolate lab we were walking…..instinctively going for the jugular.

The pit bull had a dog harness on, but no leash attached.  Whilst he was in full attack mode, I grabbed him by the harness and pulled him off the other dog.

NORMALLY this would be enough to break up a dog fight, but BOTH dogs came with the pull.  This meant the pit bull had latched on so hard, the other dog got dragged by the neck.

I tried my best to break the pit bull off. I tried to choke it, hit it, gouge it’s eyes out…and eventually wrestled it to the ground in a choke-hold with it’s locked-down jaws just inches from my face (in hindsight, that wasn’t smart).

After roughly 45 seconds of watching this pit bull randomly started attacking our dog, we got it to briefly let go and got our dog out of his grip…..but the next thing I know MY hand is fully in his mouth!

I recall him chomping down for about 5 full seconds before somehow getting him off.

Lots of cursing was involved.  Apparently that didn’t help much.

The dogs owner appeared from the same alley, awakened by the quarrel, and got the dog on a leash.

By this time my right hand had a bunch of holes in it, including one where I could see bone through the top of my hand.

I grabbed the camera in my pocket with my left hand, and made damn-sure I got video evidence of what just happened.

Here’s that fucker and his dog:

So immediately an ambulance is called, and within 5 minutes I’m being taken to the hospital.

I could tell the paramedic on duty almost thought my little “doggy bite” was comical compared to what he’s probably seen already on a Friday night.  But my hand felt like it was on fire….and more importantly, I just got bit by a dog that sleeps in an alley and has a homeless owner.

This means potential RABIES (100% fatal once you get it).

At the hospital they cleaned my wounds by shooting saline directly into the wounds and letting it bleed out.  Someone told me, “There’s a realllyyyy small chance this dog has rabies, but there’s a 100% chance it has bacteria on it’s teeth.”

For this reason I couldn’t get stitches on any of the puncture wounds (only one of the punctures actually needed it).  Instead they have to sit open, because animal bites apparently have a HUGE chance of getting infected.

The pressurized saline cleaning hurt like hell, so they drugged me up, and gave me topical anesthetic which was injected directly into my hand around the wounds.

I also got another shot in my arm.  I have no idea what the hell that shot was.

Here’s the main bite hole that I could see my bone through:

The police came and filed a report, the hospital drugged me up with pain meds, anti-biotics and sent me home.  The girlfriend lovingly took care of me and her dog for the next few days since I couldn’t do basic things like tie my shoelaces or put on my watch (not to mention the pain meds made me a useless lazy ass).

Come Sunday I went for a checkup and to get a rabies injection.



Apparently all you gotta do is “…get a few shots.”

It goes like this:

  • 1st Injection =  1 injection + 1 vial of anti-globulins directly into the wounds.
  • 2nd Injection = 1 injection in arm 3 days after bite.
  • 3rd Injection = 1 injection in arm 7 days after bite.
  • 4th Injection = 1 injection in arm 14 days after bite.


No problem with the followup shots (other than the fact I was gonna be in India for them).  They are regular shots and easy to take.

The main problem was on the 1st injection day, when the nurse told me, “We just have to give you this…” and she held up a vial of medicine.
Whatever.  No biggie.

But then this lady comes back with FIVE FULL NEEDLES OF MEDICINE.  Apparently “one little vial” fills up five needles.

Then to top it off, this anti-globulin medicine has to be DIRECTLY INJECTED INTO THE WOUNDS.

This means if the bites go into your skin, the medicine has to be injected alllllll around the INSIDE of the wound.

This. Was. Fucking. PAINFUL AS SHIT.

Sorry for all the cursing, but it was nothing compared to what I was yelling as the doctor stuck my (already incredibly sensitive) hand about 10 times with a needle.

It felt like I was being tortured.

Compared to what injured war veterans go through, or people with true illnesses….this must have been nothing.  But until this point in my life, I can’t recall anything that hurt so god damn bad.

The pain meds wore off the second that needle hit my hand.




1st hospital visit including ambulance ride = $661. 

Ok…cool….not bad.

2nd hospital visit for 1st rabies injection = $7,500 !!!

Now I’m fully health-insurance’d up.  But $7,500 to get some shots??

I asked the lady for a breakdown of costs, and apparently the vial of anti-globulin stuff (they injected directly into the wounds) cost $7,000!!!

Plus I still had to get 3 follow-up shots that cost $315 per shot.

Already this damn dog had cost me $9,000+ …..the dog he attacked had to be treated and put on rabies quarantine (another $1,000+).

And this includes NON of the cost of inconvenience…..including me not finishing a product I could’ve promoted through AppSumo to 700,000+ people before I left for India.


Then it took about 3 days of jumping through hoops, calling doctors, and calling the state health department to find similar medications I could take in India.


Each followup rabies injection in the U.S.A. cost $315 to get.

In India….the same (but generic brand) vaccine cost me $7, and $3 to have a nurse inject me.

Granted the quality of medical facilities and procedures is different….it’s still shocking to know this 2-week rabies injection series could have been given in India for about $100 vs. $9,000+ over here.

If I didn’t have full coverage, it would’ve made more financial sense to buy a ticket to India, stay here for two weeks and get the injections!


Alright, enough complaining.

But if you’ve been wondering why I haven’t updated or responded to an email in a while, it’s because:

1.) Of this stupid dog + rabies injection stuff. (if you DO get rabies, it’s a 100% fatal disease….so I was taking this pretty seriously).

2.) I’m in India for the whole month.  WiFi is still hard to come by here.


Have a great day, and don’t getting bitten by a homeless guy’s un-tagged, un-vaccinated, aggressive pit bull.



P.S. Stupid dog.


P.P.S.  I’m in India where the bathroom situation is a “bit different” than what I’m used to.  Let’s just say I’m right handed, but can only use my left.  I’ll leave it at that and let your imagination do the rest.  Gross.

Blog posted on: February 12, 2013

86 comments on “I wanna kill this dog….

    1. Neville Post author

      Thanks Bastian….still dealing with the wound, getting injections, and Cosby is going in for surgery today.

      All-in-all this random dog caused a lot of people a lot trouble, cost, and frustration (and almost killed Cosby the chocolate lab)

  1. Daniel

    You’re a lucky dude. Old school rabies shots were given directly into the stomach and there were a lot more of them. Super painful.

    My grandfather is a veterinarian and hates doctors, so he gave himself all the shots straight to the stomach after having his hand down the throat of a rabid bull. Pretty BA right?

    Also, you may get your wish yet.

    To test an animal for rabies their brain must be sent to a lab. Last time I had to help prep a test it involved getting attacked by a rabid cat with only one eye, putting it to sleep, cuttings its head off, and then mailing out the scull in a cooler full of dry ice.

    Needless to say, even the possibility of rabies will f*ck you up.

    1. Neville Post author

      Yea……I thought the current shots were supposed to be easy….but that anti-globulin shot was a BITCH to take right into the wounds. (not to mention cost $7,000)!

      But alas if the dog did by chance have rabies, it’s 100% fatal….so worth the pain & cost.

      Your grandfather sounded like a cool dude

  2. Sash

    Sorry to hear about what happened, Nev!

    I live in SF and we’ve got plenty of homeless with pitbulls. When I’m walking my dogs and I see a pitbull I immediately turn the other way. I don’t care what all the pitbull owners tell me about how they’re good dogs. As far as I know, they’re a loaded weapon.

    Anyway, for future reference, and for anyone else who may find themselves in a similar situation, I’ve heard that the best thing to do is grab the fucking pitbull by the hind legs and pull!(not easy, but probably your best bet). I ‘think’ they’re pretty much rendereed helpless at that point. I imagine the dog at that point will let go of whatever is in its mouth to try and break free from you. But now that you have a good grip of its legs, YOU’RE the one in control!

      1. gavin

        You know, pitbull owners SWEAR they have an unfair reputation for attacking people. I’m not convinced, even before reading this. Take care, Neville.

  3. Camron Sabour

    Nev, my condolences.

    I don’t know what to say, but I’m glad you dont have rabies!

    If I ever get attacked by a dog I’m going to think about your story and I will go ninja on its ass.

    1. Neville Post author

      If I ever get attacked by a dog again….I’m going into “I’m-going-to-kill-this-thing” mode rather than “omg-get-off-me” mode.

      I actually was attacked by a rabied dog a long time ago at my house when walking home from the bus stop. I ended up getting a shovel from the garage and giving it a concussion before it had a chance to bite me.

      Normally I’m great with dogs, but this one was overly agressive to the point where I didn’t care if I killed it.

      1. Gregg

        Man that sucks. Hope that guy pays the price, and not necessarily in money. I’ve had a few dog bites in my time, but never needed rabies injections luckily. I had a similar experience years ago walking my dog when a neighbours bullterrier was out and attacked my dog. I also tried gouging it’s eyes, splitting it’s front legs apart and the like, unsuccessfully.

        I pulled the bullterrier off and my dog ran home, she was a big, but passive dog with thick fur, so no problem other than being wet with saliva. The neighbours in their wisdom opened their gate to see what was happening and let their other dogs out. All ended mostly fine, a small bite to my leg was all. Suppose I’m a dog bite veteran.

        1. Neville Post author

          Hahahha….yea, we’re veterans :-)

          I’ve never seen a full on dog attack like that in my life. I’ve seen small little quarrels, but never seen two dogs fight to where one got injured. Scary stuff

  4. Vee

    Oh, I wish you a quick and painless (as possible) recovery. Bites are nothing to trifle with. What a terrible thing to happen.

    If I may be so bold, I’d like to offer 2 tips; one for future, one for now.

    1. ALWAYS carry bear mace with you.
    One that attaches to a keychain can be had for under $20.

    I tell you from experience it will stop man or beast. Possibly also you, so spray, pray, and run like hell if you need to use it. Experience.

    2. Ask a doc first, natch, but consider soaking your injured hand in epsom salt and water.

    It’s a treatment we used to treat and prevent infection in deep wounds that can’t be stitched (I grew up on a ranch). Punctures, nasty bites, broken glass in your foot after a a dust up in the bar. Epsom salt help. Experience!

    Epsom salt is a mild muscle relaxer, so can help with pain, and also to draw “poison” and objects out of wounds (hello, broken glass). Coincidentally, this also works on man and beast.

    Warm wishes for fast healing!

    1. Neville Post author

      Thanks for the advice Vee!

      I think the girlfriend will start carry mace with her. Just for general safety (walking dog at night etc) but also for other dogs.

      I’ve been maced before AND been close to pepper spray (never a direct hit though), and it’s painful stuff. Especially the pepper spray. Being anywhere in the vicinity of that stuff will put you down!

      The hand is MUCH MUCH better now. First day I went out without fully wrapping it, just a fewband-aids here and there. Hopefully another week I’ll be fully back to normal :-)

  5. Akshay Vasudevan

    Man, I feel so sorry for you Nev! The snap showing a deep hole on the back of your palm made me nauseous. Good to hear that you are recovering. I suggest you get yourself a prepaid USB internet stick that you can plug in to your laptop. Its a lot more reliable than standard broadband and wifi. Regarding the bathroom problem, I truly sympathize with you, it surely is hard!! Get well soon.

    Akshay Vasudevan,
    Bangalore (India)

    1. Neville Post author

      Thanks Akshay…..fortunately my right hand is “useable” again….about 80%.

      I was thinking about the pre-paid USB, but didn’t find a place that did it. I’ve been using my iPhone and bought a data package that is semi-reliable since we’re travelling around so much.

      Using WiFi at the hotel here in Karela :-)

  6. Titus

    Totally understand your rant about what happened. The same happened to me and my wife and my dog on the quiet night of September 18 2011. Though this was in small city in Spain, it was no less pain… And we were attacked by 2 pitbulls (!) at the SAME time and the owner wasn´t near, not even at home (they escaped supposedly when the mother came home and she quietly stayed home after the escape, yeah right, amazing BS), only his mother, who came after our 15 minute fight! These dogs were known in the neighborhood to be very agressive. It´s all documented, we started a facebook (http://facebook.com/paezeus ) for our lovely dog Zeus, because he survived. We had a huge vet. bill, we took the owner (similar young guy like the one on the picture!) to court and we thought this to be an “easy case”, with all the witnesses, pictures etc. we were assured he would have to bleed for this. But is was in Spain and he got away with all of this without paying anything, not even a fine. Thought about killing the guy and his dogs for a long time too, but luckily didn´t act on it, not worth it. The video I made of all our dog wounds (many visitors claimed they were faked and Youtube stopped promoting it because of the complaining pitbull lovers…): http://youtu.be/3uRb3PKhxik . I have no commercial interest with these links, pure love, and it´s V.Day, so for G. sake, before anybody starts… stop. Hope it´ll never happen to anybody, it is very dramatic.

    1. Neville Post author

      Apparently the Downtown Austin Animal Control center SUCKS ASS. The lady who picked up the dog was useless, incredibly rude, and clueless.

      Surrounding counties have better animal control policies…..any attack like this outside of downtown, and that dog would be put to sleep soon as he got to the pound.

      Dog is back on the streets now to a homeless owner. MAKES NO SENSE RIGHT??

  7. Anthony

    An ambulance for a little dog bite? I’ve had worse, you know what I did? I went home, bandaged it up and went to bed. You can usually tell when a dog has rabies and I can usually tell when someone is a pussy.

    1. Neville Post author

      I was in Mumbai for a week…now touring around Karela, then Hyderabad later on. Will be back in Mumbai briefly towards end of the month. Staying by the Air India building on Marine Dr!

  8. Brian

    Dude. That’s gonna leave a mark.

    I can relate. I took a dog bite to the hand breaking up a dog fight too. Sucks. Then some asshole shoved a pencil through my hand. Shit hurts.

    My daughter had a bite from a Black Lab. The doctor had to cut up her finger and clean it up. Not fun.

    The surgeon told us a lady with a hand bite from a cat changed a diaper after he fixed up her hole.

    She ended up with an infection that almost cost her the arm. He said he was on his sixth surgery with her and had to open her up from her hand to her elbow to clean it all out.


    Keep your hand clean.

    Good luck.


    1. Neville Post author

      Yea…..apparently animal bites are a HUGE infection risk.

      My girlfriends dog that got attacked just went in for surgery. His whole neck was torn up and fully torn open in one spot. But they couldn’t first stitch him up (or me) because the chance of infection and puss building up is so high with animal bites.

  9. Chitty


    As a former dog bit victim, I know how bad that shit hurts. I got bit by an angry husky while trying to save it from eating a king size snickers bar. I wanted to punch him in the face. Anyway, if you had to do it again, would you still try to break it up? You probably saved that dog’s life. Was it worth it though? Just curious, not sure what I would do in that situation, but I definitely have a lot more respect for what dogs can do now. My wound looked similar to yours, also my hand was nearly broken from the bite force. Sounds like you’re OK though. I would probably go to your funeral if you died, got love for you man. PEace.

    1. Neville Post author

      lol….”while trying to save it from eating a king size Snickers bar” !!!! hahahha

      If I had to do it again…..I probably would let the Snickers bar go….but I told my dad when he asked me the same question, “I’d probably do the same thing.”

      If it was my dog or a dog belonging to someone close to me….of course I would still jump in. No doubt.

      I think I’d be a lot more violent about it though, knowing what the attacking dog can actually do (before I’d never seen a dog injury in human or animal).

  10. Andrew

    Hey Nev,

    Dude that sucks…

    Hope you’re hand gets better quickly.

    Really enjoy your app sumo courses – keep up the good work!!

    1. Neville Post author

      They normally would put this dog down here too….but apparently the animal control in downtown Austin sucks. Horrible experience with them so far.

  11. Tom

    Holy crap Nev! So sorry! You made me wince several times through your post. I knew that the rabies shot were a pain, but I had NO IDEA!

    I hope your hand heals quickly and that you get through that pain quickly as well.

    Are you going to press charges? You should.

    1. Tom

      I just saw that the guy was homeless. Nevermind about charging him. Of course, if you get him thrown into jail, he’ll have a place to stay…

      Ok, that was wrong.

    2. Neville Post author

      I might have to press charges to get the dog away from that guy. The dog is going to be given back to him (stupid as hell right??)…

      So that might be next step since animal control won’t handle it.

  12. David Gonzalez

    sooooo sorry to hear this happened, bro.


    i’m so used to my great friend “happy go lucky, always laughing, always taking action and making GOOD things happen Neville”.


    have fun in India.

    PS- NOW it makes sense why you didn’t call or text me back last week.

    PPS- let me know if there’s anyway I can be of service (esp while you’re gone)… it’d be my pleasure.

    1. Neville Post author

      Hahahah…..well in this case, I DID take action, but the result wasn’t so good :-)

      Although I did save the other dog’s life if that helps.

      Yea I’m quasi out of touch right now for the month. Will seeya when I get back in early March!

  13. shecky

    Wow, Nev. That SUX. Glad you are healing. Kinda liked reading the part about he doting girlfriend, though. :)

    Looking forward to hearing more about India. I’ve never been, but it’s certainly conducive to doing spiritual work.

    Stay safe and enjoy!


    1. Neville Post author

      I’m guessing your auto-correct messed up and meant “loving” :-)

      I’ve been here many times….so it’s not as spiritual to me.

      It’s a definite place you gotta visit though. It will blow your mind if you’re not used to seeing everything that goes on here!

  14. Carl

    Fucking bullshit dude. Sorry that happened.

    Second story I’ve heard like it in a few months. A friend of mine saw a lab puppy get killed by an off leash Pitbull in SF.

    This shit needs to stop.

    1. Neville Post author

      If that pitbull hadn’t been stopped, it would’ve killed the other dog.

      And if it was a smaller dog, FORGET IT. It would’ve been dead in seconds.

      My brother also got attacked by two pitbulls a week before me (random huh)? Fortunately he was doing yard work and beat them off with a shovel.

  15. Ari SP


    that sucks brother. Next time, you can fly down to Mexico and get the procedure done for approximately the same amount, no need to go across the world (though I’m sure that was not your reason for visiting).


    pat yourself on the back for bravery. And have the beast put down as well (both if you can)

    1. Neville Post author

      Yea, India was a separate trip from this incident. I was actually about to cancel part of the trip to finish the vaccine sequence (two weeks long).

      But a few days of research found I could get the generic version of the drug there.

  16. Alberto

    I would have killed that dog immediately afterwards, and I am a pitbull owner, but just as you mentioned… pitbulls are lovely dogs if trained properly.

    Sorry this happened to you. I do not want to turn this into a pitbulls are good discussion, but chihuahuas tend to be far more aggresive than pits, the difference lays in the damage they cause.

    1. Neville Post author

      I agree. I LIVED WITH A PIT! And I loved that thing. But it was properly trained.

      I’ve always heard how they have a “lock jaw” but never thought much of it till I saw it in action. Couldn’t believe how hard the dog was clamped down on the other dog.

  17. Alberto

    Also that dog doesnt look like a real pitbull. It might be a pit lab mix… or another breed.

    That’s why pits also have bad rep. people tend to call all medium breeds pitbulls, and if the dog was also homeless chances are that it wasn’t a pit

    1. Mike

      Yea, the breed is irrelevant. Saying “pit bulls are responsible for most bites” just reflects that fact that they are the current breed of choice for aggressive owners. You got bit by a dog dude. Sucks, but blaming it on pit bulls is messed up and hey- you’re still alive while tens of thousands of pit bulls are put down (killed) each year because people won’t adopt them due to the stigma. Most violent crimes are committed by black people too, yet that stat isn’t thrown around to justify discrimination. Dog behavior is a reflection of their owner and training, not breed. Before pit bulls, huskies and dobermans were considered the “dangerous” breed with the same stigma attached to them while pit bulls were nanny dogs. Now, things are changed. Eventually, there will probably be a time when your lab is viewed as dangerous. Again, just so you know I was bit by a poodle as a kid and had to deal with the same shit in the hospital. Don’t blame the breed, even though you’re in pain and frustrated.

      My 2c.

    2. Neville Post author

      Not fully sure….just know it was an agressive dog that needs to be put down. Could care less if it’s a pit or not. Aggression + damage = bad combination.

  18. Katya

    Wow, it was scary even to read,….. how about being there!
    People who have pit bulls are lunatics!
    I hope they will find that dog!
    Get well

  19. Andrew C

    Nevil, I’m truly sorry for what happened to you!

    My mother just went through a similar thing. Luckily she wasn’t bit but her dog was damaged really bad. Multiple surgeries required. It was a pitbull/mastiff kind of dog as well.

    We discussed it a lot afterwards and my brother found out that the best way to make a dog let go is by lifting it up into the air by it’s back legs.

    I know it won’t help you much now but for anybody else out there and/or if this ever happens again. Hopefully not! There should be better ownership tests/controls for dogs imo.

    Good luck on your recovery!

    1. Neville Post author

      So funny you mention that. Everyone asks me what I’d do again if the situation arose….and I answer:

      I’d probably try to grab it’s back legs, pull it in the air, and kick it’s belly hard as I could.

      I figured that would be the best way grab it’s attention away from attacking, and also hurt it the most. Simply hitting the dog with my hands on it’s head or body did NOTHING.

  20. Lexie Smith

    Get better soon, prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery Nev!

    This happened to my husband. We were walking on the beach when a German Shepherd out of nowhere, pulled out of the leash and latched onto my husband’s leg. We were just walking on the beach minding our own business. It just happened so quick.

    It took a few people to get the dog off. Thankfully he had jeans on, or the bite would have been worse. The lady said her dog had done this before. He got off with some bruises and stitches. So I understand completely

    1. Neville Post author

      Yea, that seems like a pretty agressive dog that needs to be disciplined or not taken out in public…..or just put down. Imagine if it was a kid.

      It sucks when it’s a random, totally unprovoked attack like that.

  21. Beth L

    Ouch! That’s some raw pain. I’ve heard it said that “Pain is the best teacher,” but I don’t know if I believe that. What’s up with the shots directly into your wound? A few inches over isn’t good enough? Man. Shots on a good day are bad enough. Everyone reacts differently. My 3 yr old son got his flu shot and had to be held down by 3 nurses. Afterward, he stripped naked in the waiting room, in protest, telling me how pissed off he was to have that shot.

    Feel better soon.

    Good info about the hind legs. I’ll remember that if a dog ever comes after my kids!

    1. Neville Post author

      Hahaha….I know a lot of people are squeamish about shots. I don’t LIKE them obviously, but I’m not totally afraid….until they told me what they were gonna do.

      The shots have to go deep down into the bite wounds. So they poke each wound a few millimeters away from the shot, and get the needle right into the bite wound under your skin. It was pretty intense in a HORRIBLE way.

    1. Neville Post author

      Yea…..it’s kind of a random thing how you’re evening it going nice one second, then you end up in the ER. Glad you still have your thumb!

  22. Melinda Fleming


    When I was 2.5 yrs old our family dog attacked me on my face, had rabies shot and all. I remember every moment of it. My shot was in the bum. That I remember. They might have done my face too. That I dont remember.

    Feel for you. Sucks big time :(

    Also in India, spent 4 months there, carry tissues or napkins in your pocket. thats what I did. And I GET, whet you mean…..

    Feel better. Hope the trip is amazing ;)

    1. Neville Post author

      Yikes….hope you didn’t get permanently scared.

      I can finally use my right hand here in India which is a HUGE help. The left-handed wiping was slow and “inaccurate”.

      I still carry a small pack of tissues everywhere. For YOU know ;-)

  23. Jason

    Sorry to hear this, Neville. One question that I still have after reading the post. What happened to the asshole dog who attacked you and his owner? Did they take his dog from him? Was he arrested?

    1. Neville Post author

      Got animal control to get his dog….and since the Downtown Austin animal control sucks ass, they’re letting this agressive dog go back to his homeless owner.

  24. Mike Weiss


    Funny story — I remember being bitten by a former (unknown at the time, crazy ass ex-gf). That hurt, but at least I didn’t have to get rabies shots. ;)

    HAHA – Hope you feel better

  25. Gaurav

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. Hope you feel better soon..

    I know the pain, I have been bitten once long time back as a kid, then they gave shots in the stomach. Ouch.. Still remember the pain.

    Enjoy your time in India and stay safe.

    1. Neville Post author

      Didn’t get the stomach shots fortunately, but they did inject all over the wounds which was super painful since my fingers and hands were bitten :-/

  26. Virginia

    I spent a lot of time obsessing about pit bull attacks, statistics and ways to fight back after I was attacked. You can spend a lot of time on youtube. I used to be the type of person that thought it was all about how dogs were raised. Unfortunately, these dogs have a dangerous attack and bite pattern and years of selective breeding for fighting! You can’t ask a heeler not to heel. or a shepherd not to herd. Or a bloodhound not to sniff. Why is it so surprising that these dogs fight? I don’t even trust nice ones any more. The one that attacked me was a ‘family dog’ raised from a puppy, and not trained to fight. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKlHfQcLou4 This dog terrorizes a barber shop. I like this first guy who springs into action like he’s putting out a fire, and next with a hair dryer. Sometimes, you have to use what you have in the heat of the moment.

    1. Neville Post author

      I’m not qualified on the subject….but when looking at stats it does show pits make up a large percentage of bites.

      WITH THAT SAID there’s also a lot of great pits (I lived with one).

  27. Green

    Nev, I’m sorry to hear that this happened to you. For future reference, you would have been better off having someone drive you to the hospital.

    Ambulances are EXPENSIVE! Did your insurance cover the ride?

    1. Neville Post author

      The ambulance came so quickly, and I’m fully insured, so I didn’t care. I wanted to get to the hospital quick as possible and get cleaned up.

  28. Lukas R

    Wow. Is it really any wonder that there are so many homeless people in the US when one accidental dog bite could potentially ruin somebody financially… I feel for you folks. It must suck to live in a country without public healthcare. Any thoughts on Obamacare after this episode?

  29. Tom

    Kill the owner and give the dog a good home!! Dogs are like kids they live what they learn. Owners are accountable for their dogs ignorance, dogs shouldn’t be accountable for their owners ignorance!

  30. Bikash

    I am sorry to learn about your problem with the dog and toilets in India.
    Being a doctor myself I can tell you that Rabies is 100% fatal even if treated. And you are very much right about the medications being very much patient friendly in India. That is one reason Health tourism is coming to India.

    I am really impressed that you reply to almost every comment on your blog. I wish you all the very best.

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