Illegal Business Idea of the Day

Possibly the most boring thing I’ve EVER done in my life is online defensive driving. In fact, the one time I took it, I cancelled it so I could take comedy defensive driving for $25 in person.

I’m sure this idea violates many, many, many laws, but it would be cool to outsource defensive driving to India.

You would signup for defensive driving online, go to the outsourcing service and have some kid in India do your course for $2/hour (maybe even less) and you’re done!

Obviously this plan is like Swiss cheese……full of holes.

Blog posted on: November 10, 2006

9 comments on “Illegal Business Idea of the Day

  1. Anonymous

    Well all I can say is online defensive driving IS indeed the MOST BORING THING EVER. I’ve never felt so trapped in my life and although your India idea is good, it is definitely far out there lol.

    The best thing to do if you ever get any kind of a ticket again, is to use your negotiating skills and plead not guilty and negotiate your way out of the ticket. There is a great book at Barnes and Noble in the “law” section of the store that teaches you just how to do it. Also visit to find more tips and info on negotiating out of a ticket, its for Cali thought but there are similar sites for Texas. Most people are afraid to step into a court room and challenge a cop, but there are alot of things in your favor and most people do not choose to fight the ticket, they usually just give in. I know someone who challenged over 25 tickets and got out of every one of them. Half were dismissed because the cop didnt even show up! Look into it man, Im sure you would be good at it and maybe even have a fun time doing it.

  2. Faisal

    Pretty much any type of rudementary work can be outsourced to India on the cheap.

    The legality of this idea is up in the air, but it’s good thinking as the concept can be applied elsewhere.

  3. Anonymous

    Nev, are you Indian? or Mexican maybe?

    Anyway, I’ve noticed that alot of things you wouldn’t expect are being outsourced to India. For example, next time you go thru a Wendy’s Drive-thru, you may be speaking with someone in India.

    I’ve included the text of the article I’m talking about below:

    The Long-Distance Journey of a Fast-Food Order – New York Times: SANTA MARIA, Calif. — Like many American teenagers, Julissa Vargas, 17, has a minimum-wage job in the fast-food industry — but hers has an unusual geographic reach. “Would you like your Coke and orange juice medium or large?” Ms. Vargas said into her headset to an unseen woman who was ordering breakfast from a drive-through line…. What made the $12.08 transaction remarkable was that the customer was not just outside Ms. Vargas’s workplace here on California’s central coast. She was at a McDonald’s in Honolulu. And within a two-minute span Ms. Vargas had also taken orders from drive-through windows in Gulfport, Miss., and Gillette, Wyo.

    Ms. Vargas works not in a restaurant but in a busy call center in this town, 150 miles from Los Angeles. She and as many as 35 others take orders remotely from 40 McDonald’s outlets around the country. The orders are then sent back to the restaurants by Internet, to be filled a few yards from where they were placed.

    The people behind this setup expect it to save just a few seconds on each order. But that can add up to extra sales over the course of a busy day at the drive-through.

    While the call-center idea has received some attention since a scattered sampling of McDonald’s franchises began testing it 18 months ago, most customers are still in the dark. For Meredith Mejia, a regular at a McDonald’s in Pleasant Hill, Calif., near San Francisco, it meant that her lunch came with a small helping of the surreal. When told that she had just ordered her double cheeseburger and small fries from a call center 250 miles away, she said the concept was “bizarre.”…

    Ms. Vargas seems unfazed by her job, even though it involves being subjected to constant electronic scrutiny. Software tracks her productivity and speed, and every so often a red box pops up on her screen to test whether she is paying attention. She is expected to click on it within 1.75 seconds. In the break room, a computer screen lets employees know just how many minutes have elapsed since they left their workstations.

    The pay may be the same, but this is a long way from flipping burgers.

    “Their job is to be fast on the mouse — that’s their job,” said Douglas King, chief executive of Bronco Communications, which operates the call center.

    The center in Santa Maria has been in operation for 18 months; a print-out tacked to a wall declares, “Over 2,540,000 served.” McDonald’s says it is still experimental, but it puts an unusual twist on an idea that is gaining traction: taking advantage of ever-cheaper communications technology, companies are creating centralized staffs of specially trained order-takers, even for situations where old-fashioned physical proximity has been the norm….

    Jon Anton, a founder of Bronco, says that the goal is “saving seconds to make millions,” because more efficient service can lead to more sales and lower labor costs. With a wireless system in a Home Depot, for example, a call-center operator might tell a customer, “You’re at Aisle D6. Let me walk you over to where you can find the 16-penny nails,” Mr. Anton said….

    When the customer pulls away from the menu to pay for the food and pick it up, it takes around 10 seconds for another car to pull forward. During that time, Mr. King said, his order-takers can be answering a call from a different McDonald’s where someone has already pulled up.

    The remote order-takers at Bronco earn the minimum wage ($6.75 an hour in California), do not get health benefits and do not wear uniforms. Ms. Vargas, who recently finished high school, wore jeans and a baggy white sweatshirt as she took orders last week.


  4. Manas Karekar

    YOu think that’s how they drive in India?

    Those videos are a joke! They are not even a patch on the kind of skillz required to ride/drive here.

    It’s a good day to return home without a scratched car/bike.

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  6. Anonymous

    Or you could use some technology. There are browser plugins that disable the page timer and skip through the pages automatically. The only thing it doesn’t do is take the test for you at the end, but on the whole you’re saving a lot of time..


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