Improving HoR – Day 4

One of the very unfortunate drawbacks to dropshipping like House Of Rave is the lack of your own marketing and branding materials that are physically sent to each customer in their order.

With my old supplier, each order had SOME marketing materials as they would simply print out my customized invoices and send orders based on that. It was easy to tweak information on the invoices. Now my orders are all electronically sent and things got a little more complicated.

Now when an order is received by a customer, they get an invoice…but it doesn’t say “HouseOfRave” anywhere. That doesn’t help people remember the name…and sometimes actually confuses customers.

To combat this I designed some front/back 4″ x 6″ flyers and had several hundred printed out:

So whenever an order is sent from the supplier on behalf of HoR they will toss in one of these flyers. This makes sure the customer remembers HoR, makes HoR look a little bigger, thanks the customer for their order and also contains return instructions in case something doesn’t work.

I only printed out several hundred the first time since the text can use some modification over the next few months. I also might want to initiate a call to action on the flyer by offering a 10% discount or free shipping on the next flyers…see how it works.

In the future I hope me and the supplier can somehow customize my order invoices electronically as that would be the easiest and cheapest method to branding. Theoretically I can simply email customized packing lists to the supplier for each order, but this involves more work on my end and his end.

So come Monday I’ll send these flyers to the supplier!

Blog posted on: April 13, 2008

4 comments on “Improving HoR – Day 4

  1. derick

    Good idea with the flyers – it’s always good to embed your name in the mind of the customer.

    I always wondered if there was a way to find out if a %10 of discount coupon really pays off? Anytime I see one, it doesn’t make me want to get on the site and order – but I may save it in a drawer and use it next time I happen to need an order from that.

    Perhaps it may just lower gross profit?

    that’s just me though.. perhaps something more effective would be a bigger discount, but have a time limit on it – something that is almost hard to say no too?

    Idk, just pondering =)

  2. gms8994

    Neville -

    May I ask where you got those fliers? I need to purchase some, and I like the look of those.


  3. Anonymous

    This is to the last person to post…

    Do you live in the UK by chance if so i get my flyers at a price of £75 for 5000 full colour double sided.

  4. Jerry

    I like the looks of the flyer, and agree that it leads to some element of personalization with the customer. The best example of this that I have seen was after ordering a customized sweatshirt from The owner of the company wrote me a short note on their flyer, and it definitely made an impression… and gave them some pretty good insurance of a re-order. (Which I did.)


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