Jeffrey Immelt – CEO of General Electric (GE)

Yesterday I went to see Jeffrey Immelt speak on the UT campus, the CEO of one of the worlds oldest and largest companies, General Electric (GE). Originally founded by Thomas Edison, this company has grown up with America and has been one of the leading innovators in American technology. I fortunately got the chance to meet Mr. Immelt before and after the speech.

Some point of interest from his speech:

Three big trends he says will get stronger: Globalization, larger interaction between government and business, volatility and face paced business.

–He says one of the secrets GE uses is turning their enormous size into an advantage, and not making it a disadvantage. He also says reinvesting so much money in research is a HUGE factor in their success.

–Good Business Leaders Must: Lead with an undying sense of optimism, believe in change, have a healthy disrespect of history, know the difference between confidence and arrogance.

–He reads 4 newspapers a day, 40 journals a week and about 50 books per year. He says he is an avid reader, something I’ve noticed most great business leaders are.

–He says his main job as a CEO is to: Pick initiatives and businesses to get involved in, shape the company culture, pick great people.

–“If you want something done, ask a busy person.”

–He started out at a very lowly position at GE in 1982. He worked his way up over the years, but never really planned on becoming CEO. He was hand picked by Jack Welch.

–He gave the standard spiel about being successful in a company: Make your job fun, have a passion for it, work hard yadda yadda yadda.

–Immelt and Steve Balmer used to share a cubicle at Proctor & Gamble many years ago.

–He is very interested in doing business with Eastern Europe and the Middle East. He also sees much more growth ahead in China and India. He says in 5-10 years half of all business done by GE will be outside the U.S. He constantly stressed that globalization is here to stay and extremely important.

–I asked if he works out, and he said EVERY DAY at 5:30 am for one hour.

Of course I had to take a picture with him. This man is just about one of the most powerful people in the world. He was actually genuinely interested in what all the people who swarmed him after the speech had to say, and a very nice guy in general.

After the speech there was a private session for an hour and half with him which contained about 10 representatives from the business school, 10 representatives from the engineering school, three GE employees…and me (Of which I don’t fit any of those categories). I think the main thing that drew me in however was the free food! No matter how much money I ever have, free food will always lure me in.

At this session Jeff Immelt mainly took a barrage of questions from the curious audience about his daily routines, views, business opinions and personal life. It was great fun meeting him, and I even got a make-shift dinner of finger foods and some free GE bags and other goodies!

Blog posted on: March 22, 2006

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  1. How To Be Poor

    Free food is a always an alluring factor. I fed myself by going to various meetings during my first two years in school. Learned a lot, too.

    Good read. Keep it up.

  2. a

    I read about this guy. He was selected as predecessor to the great Jack Welch (Who has all sorts of books written about him).

    Great job meeting him.

  3. Anonymous

    I really miss all the speakers that came to UT while I was an undergrad. That’s something that changes after you graduate. You don’t have as much access to speaking events and if you do, they charge you at least $20 to attend. Enjoy the free learning experience while you can!


  4. Fanuch

    A great “feel-good” story in modern day American business. Hard-worker, started at a low-level job, hand-picked by Jack Welch. I love the fact that he works out everyday at 5:30, when most people say they are “too busy” to work out consistently. I’m pretty sure Immelt doesn’t have any free time on his hands, but he makes it work! Great post….keep them coming

  5. Anonymous

    Hey Neville. I find your posts very inspiring. As a young, 22 year old, minority female trying to climb the corporate ladder, I find your entries very encouraging. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I don’t mean to sound soooo cheezy, but I really enjoy your posts. Keep up the good work and one day when I become VP of Marketing at the Media Company I work for, I’ll let you know and maybe even take you out to lunch. hehe. It’ll take a while, but one day you’ll here from me. =)

  6. Anonymous

    by the way, I wrote the previous entry. I’m not a blogger so I put it under anonymous, but realized that it sounds stalkerish…haha. so… my name is Marie.

  7. Anonymous

    I liked this quote:

    “know the difference between confidence and arrogance”

    Wonder how long it will take Nev to learn that lesson….

  8. The Internet Cashflow Guy

    I especially like how he defines his role:

    “Pick initiatives and businesses to get involved in, shape the company culture, pick great people”

    At the end of the day that is really all a CEO does. As a GE shareholder, I like hearing how open and honest he was.

  9. MortonFolks

    I think Jeffrey Immelt is a sexist and racist prick. Ask him what happened with that class action lawsuit he received last year. He was a defendent in that case. I asked and was told it was none of my busienss. Since then, I have received retaliation from GE.
    Jeffrey Immelts supports that lousy TV show The Office because it mirrors all the hate, racism, sexism and disrimination that is such an integral part of GE and its daily culture. A woman has to sue the ocmpany to get equal rights when she is pregnant at GE. GE says it supports diversity. I guess they mean the diversity of the number of white males wearing different ties to work.

    Jeffrey Immelt condones the blatant disregard of federal and state law as they relate to discrimination and TITLE VII.
    He screwed over some of my friends at GE and they plan to tell the world.
    I plan to help them.

    I have spend the past 7 years at this company to only have them continue with their discriminaotion and retaliation of me. THey have no regard for the sick, disabled, blacks or women.
    GE believes globalizaiton is here to stay but right now the people in India are waking up and deciding that working for GE sucks and they are better off going somewhere else. THat is why the India turnover is so high. And that is exactly what they are doing. People in India are leaving GE in droves. The low paid workers in India are leaving GE in droves due to poor treatment and a negative work environment.

    GE makes money in spite of its poor practices.

  10. Anonymous

    Wow Nev, the previous commentor just threw a little hissy-fit on your site!

    P.S. MortonFolks, I enjoy “The Office” Grow a sense of humor.

  11. Anonymous


    GE has been around for 120+ years, while Jeff Immelt has been running it for about 5 years.

    I’m pretty sure any problems at GE are NOT his fault. By the way, I love my job!

    -GE Employee

  12. Prasanth

    “Low paid workers in India”? That is a load of crap. GE pays very well in India as per Indian standards. Please do not convert Indian salaries in INR to US dollars and say “low paid”. Also, never heard about GE employee’s leaving in large numbers.

  13. MortonFolks

    you never heard about GE employees leaving in numbers but in certain divisions and business the turnover is so high that Jeffrey Immelt made a gentleman’s agreement with CEOs of other companies such as Bank Of America asking them not to hire GE employees because the turnover is so high. They are low paid in India especially when you look at the 12-18 hour days people work.
    Ge employee you may love your job and that is fine for you. But is does not changet the fact that when I got pregnanat Ge decided to discriminate against me for my pregnancy. Jeffrey Immelt condones this behavior and should be removed from GE for it. He is a sexist pig that does not care about the so called ‘spirit and letter’

  14. MortonFolks

    No most people in India come to work for GE to get GE on their resume and then they leave for other companies. Look at the turnover on the acount rec teams. Look at the turnover on Stat teams. Look at turnover in IT.
    THere is high turnover among Ge’s India team just as there is among some GE US businesses. I personally heard the GE people complain about the long hours at gE and better pay they get when they leave and go somewhere else.

    If Immelt is doing so well, why has GE stock been lanquishing in the $30s for so long.

  15. MortonFolks

    The oOfice is not just a TV show. It mirrors GE’s culture. That is the problem with the writing of that sorry show.

  16. Anonymous

    MortonFolk, as a woman myself I understand your plight. However, if you can’t do work, you are of no use to a company.

    No offense…but don’t blame your problems on the company that feeds you. If you hate it so much, leave.

  17. BjornLee

    Enjoyed your read. Got here from Noah’s Okdork. And wow, u have a lot of weird and anonymous comments. 4 journals a day and 50 books a year for someone of his stature is incredible. I betta start sleeping less… lol

  18. Anonymous

    Immelt is the head of the company-the problems may not be his fault, but they are his responsibility, ultimately. And his job is to appear trustworthy and sincere-his face is the public face of the company. Mortonfolks has personal experience/perception. Every prerson’s perceptions are their truth. And Mortonfolks has some validity. The Good Ol Boy network is alive and well. GE is not so rosy or diverse. A lot of talk the talk, and not walking the walk. Mostly it is just full up on crazy. The way I see it, everything is a Greenbelt or Blackbelt project. If it works ( a process), someone breaks it to match other parts of the business that are screwed up, so they can fix it in a big sweep and say ‘look how much money we can save!” Non exempt employees don’t exist except as a number. GE doesn’t have to worry about employees leaving in large numbers, they let them go en masse for ‘lack of work’ to reduce headcount so numbers will look good for the quarter. Long time employees are RIF-ed for lack of work, but oh, yeah, let’s hire a bunch of temps! There is no job security with GE, from Excutive to Janitor. You could be promoted tomorrow, and let go the next day to cut headcount cost. Everyone is fair game. A friend of mine, a former GE employee, calls GE a cult, The 666 Sigma Club. IT integrations of aquisitions are like driveby shootings. Instead of a window rolling down and a Gat pointed at you, someone that just flew in from India throws a computer at you and says “Good Luck on mapping to your server!” Any one see the Colin O’Brien helpdesk bit? Too close to the mark. SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) are often contractors that have been assigned to a group a week before and have no clue how to help you. Oh, yes, they will answer your question, but give you a response that has nothing to do with your question. They will be gone in 2 months, and you will get another SME, a temp. His/Her qualification to be a SME is ability to use a keyboard.
    Anon has a point tho-if you hate it. then leave. A former manager of mine (not at GE) told me once when we were having department issues: “This is the way the VP wants it. This is the way it is. If you don’t like it, if you can’t work in this environment, then it is time to find another job.”
    I”m full up on GE crazy, so that is what I’m doing.

  19. Anonymous

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  20. Anonymous

    mortonfolk is awfully bitter. Usually people like that were under-performers. If they weren’t, GE would take very very good care of them – pregnant or not. I’ve witnessed it many times. They probably took the chance to get rid of her as soon as they could! Probably does nothing now but cry on people’s websites and hope to skim some money off the whole thing. Get a life.

  21. Anonymous

    Recently, Wall street Journal wrote one page commentary on the GE Water unit performance, stating that it is stagnant. This is true, but also Journal mentioned Jeff Garwood claim that GE laid off not more than 5% of workforce since year 2000. Well GE acquired BETZ from Hercules in 2002. Since then they laid off at least 50% and a lot of experienced people left the company. We rode the BETZ heritage for 2 years on shear enthusiasm with constant cuts in field support. Stagnant is too easy, we are bleeding for two years already and no end in sight. We start to slip down about 18 month ago. It was so bad, that Immelt replaced all upper management and now we are again in reorganization mode for 8 months already. So, let’s see: Glegg was bought and employment cut by 85%, Osmonic and Lakewood was similarly decimated. When GE bought Ionics, I overheard saying from the top integrator: “We have 3500 going down to 2000″ referring to the number of employees. Black Belt becomes self promoting institution, as I can see the work Black Belts are doing in GE Water. Experience is discarded, the main condition for hiring as leader or management is present belonging to the GE core units or passing through GE leadership program. I heard many times from other of GE unit’s employees that our experience does not look as GE, but the first integrator and GE BETZ first General Manager, George Oliver, was the most abusive person we, Betz employees, have ever encountered. He is known for using F–CK world in presence of employees, women included as frequently as every 6th word( estimated). It was known that on the meetings, HR manger would sit next to him to assist him on holding back his desire to swear and yell at people. He was also approved by Immelt together with Woodburn. Is it a happenstance, that Home Depot, which started as Best in Customer satisfaction, was named as worst in 2005? May be not, given how many former GE mangers and Executives came from GE, including SEO.

  22. Imeltdown

    Why is Jeff selling General Electrics profitable advanced materials to Leon Blacks apollo? Is it true that ex geam employee Craig Morrison(now apollos Hexion CEO) once was Wayne Hewetts Boss? And How deep is GE Apollo connection

  23. Imeltdown

    Jack and Jeff went up the hill
    They each had my quarters
    Jack came back with a big piggy bank
    That Jeff proceded to slaughter

  24. Anonymous

    I hope that G.E. Pensacola isn’t a mirror of the entire G.E. corporation.
    The poisonous and rascist atmosphere generated by the senior staff there is sickening and heart-breaking to say the least. From hiring practices to promotions, non-white personnel are routinely maligned and otherwise mistreated openly without fear of repercussions. The fear of being released without cause keeps the lid on the reprehensible situation. I just can’t believe that the entire G.E. Corp in any way represented here.

  25. Anonymous

    I have worked for GE plastics for 30 years. Ya know when Jeff is lying…..His lips will be moving.
    I am sure I can read the paper and play in the Gym as well as him and I’ll do it for half the price. He has always maintained here at GE that we are all FAMILY yet he sold off the Advanced Materials Division to Leon Black’s thugs knowing that Black will eventually burn every one of them to make a buck.

  26. Imeltdown

    Say goodbye to your job plastics employee! Jeffs on the sellout. It looks like he learned more from NBC than Jack Welch. Jack was performanced based pay. When Jack made money we all made money! Jeff is on a ge sell off and my stock is worth half what Jack got me. You have Jeff dismantling Ge and sending his wrecking ball managers to places like Home depot to detroy their stock holders dreams.And meanwhile I read this dribble about Jeffs exercising. He needs that exercise to run away with your future buddy.

  27. Anonymous

    “Immelt – your stock” sucks. He has done a great job since taking over. Nice to see my GE portfolio go down over 50%. He cannot run the business, and shd be booted out. He shd be paid 100K per year, and the rest based upon stock perf. Screw him – I have sold my GE stock, and dumped into investments that at least hv a chance of growing. When are you suck-ups gonna get off your knees and sell your stock too. Then, and only then, will he get booted out.

  28. Anonymous

    “Immelt – your stock” sucks. He has done a great job since taking over. Nice to see my GE portfolio go down over 50%. He cannot run the business, and shd be booted out. He shd be paid 100K per year, and the rest based upon stock perf. Screw him – I have sold my GE stock, and dumped into investments that at least hv a chance of growing. When are you suck-ups gonna get off your knees and sell your stock too. Then, and only then, will he get booted out.

  29. Jeffrey Legendre

    Just for kicks I emailed Jeff from the GE website asking some career questions and he replyed back!! I couldnt believe it. It was like getting a letter from the president. Its great you got to meet him.

  30. Rob

    I really do enjoy reading your adventures. Sometimes I just laugh like hell at your talent (also a little envy on my part). By the same token I believe people like you (younger and full of energy) can truly change the world. I have looked at the section of your Blog many times regarding Immelt and GE and am happy for you that he made a good impression. I have met Immelt a few times myself and attend “city swings” put on by GE to promote the face of their charming leader.

    I have worked for GE for ten years and it was all great right up until I needed “reasonable accommodation” for a disability, then the landscape changed drastically.

    I have my website and my Blog to tell of my adventure with the once great company.

    I have two older sons that are in their 20’s and the last place behind Iraq that I would want to see them go, would be GE.

    You have great talent, continue to make me laugh,

    Best regards,

    Rob Delsman

  31. Anonymous

    Wow, I’m surprised by all of the negative feedback.

    I’ve been with Corporate for the last 2.5 years and work closely with GE Plastics, Equip Finance, and Cap Solutions.

    In my experience, GE has done a great job of integration and is the opposite of “racist or sexist”. My bosses have all been AA or female and are considered “rising stars” of the company.

    The BUs can be cold in terms of compassion, yet they will respect progress. As long as you’re doing your job and producing, the bottom 10% rule will not apply to you.

    To be honest, the people here complaining must fit into the bottom 10% that HR must churn and are resenting their treatment. Good luck with your next positions!

    To the comment from GE water, give it time! You’re in a cyclical business and the portfolio of infrastructure should be strong over the next decade.

  32. Anonymous

    Hey Jeff,

    My company is a subsidiary now and has been on a downward spiral since GE stepped in and forced their policies and such. GE does not want to build anything either, but yet outsource everything to be built and stick your ge label on it the claim to the public ge developed and actually built the products. Oh, I hope that 9 million a year salary is enough. I’m trying to provide for a family of 5 on 38k as an engineer. Our increase only comes every 18 months now with ge and whooo a whoping 1% increase while cost of living has went up 4.7% in the last year alone in my state. BTW – most all my co-workers would not mind if GE pulled out tomorrow. In fact we are not proud at all to even mention we work for GE in public in my area. Your ge company sucks and not a friendly caring environment to work in at all. Six Sigma, Lean etc, what a load of dong…

  33. Rob

    Interesting comment from the anonymous person that claims to work for GE Corporate. Nice judgement call with no facts. You will grow up to make a great HR guy someday. . Actually in my case it was the top 10%. Maybe when you stop living with your mom and dad you will understand these grown up things a little better.
    Rob Delsman

  34. Rob

    my old divison of ge “ge supply” was sold to rexel sa (french company) and they recently came up with a new name that they announced on fri. “GEXPRO” is the new name of the company now. I would love to take the credit for it but my wife looked at the article a few nights ago and said “wow, gexpro that must mean ge’s ex problems” damn those smart women anyway! I put it on the new website
    Rob Delsman

  35. Anonymous

    I too was a former GE employee and was treated very unfairly. I was in the IMLP program at one of the GE businesses. I left in the middle of the program for several reasons. I was lied to in the recruiting process, the training was absolutely terrible and wasn’t reflective of the IT development model, and the assignments were not value add to say the least. The director refused to work with me to change my assignment and she told us on the program that our rotations were just luck of the draw. The director didn’t follow the performance review process in the same fashion for everyone and consequently those of us who received the low rating really didn’t deserve it. Anyone who disagreed with her was labeled defensive, negative, and not a team player. Sometimes, being in the bottom 10% doesn’t mean that you didn’t do your job. It could mean that someone didn’t follow the ranking process for everyone. In my case, she didn’t even talk to my managers. The best thing that I ever did was leave GE!

  36. Anonymous

    It’s unfortunate that the above had an unpleasant experience in the IMLP program. I myself am nearly ready to graduate from the program and have only had positive experiences. This does not imply that I am a corporate drone. We are taught to think for ourselves and be very analytical. Its hard to stereotype something so vast from one person’s experiences. The IMLP program is world renowned and I look forward to all of the opportunities it will grant me in the future.

  37. Anonymous

    I am the one who wrote the comment about having the unpleasant IMLP experience. I never implied that those who have positive experiences are drones. (This is in response to the most recent posting.) I think the experience depends greatly on who is managing the program and the quality of assignments that are offered. Maybe, if someone else had been managing the program, I would have had a better experience.

  38. Anonymous

    GE managers are full of shit, don’t listen to their lies. They’re arrogant and incompetent. The company does well because it’s a behemoth that’s been around for a century, not because of good management. GE will pay you 30% less than you can get elsewhere and treat you like dirt until you wake up and move on.

  39. Anonymous

    While some may be having a good experience at GE, they don’t know that what appears to be a good experience is a facade. Someone here said “If you don’t like it, then leave.” Okay, yeah, leave your position with car payments, mortgage, kids, kids in college and after possibly years and years of prior success.

    DOn’t dare say ANYTHING like “you’re lucky to have a job.” I guess I’ll admit if you can get out without having invested a large part of your life – get while you can.

    And to the person who said those kinds of people are the underachievers. Give me a break and do your homework. Studies indicate that those people are usually the top performers. I know of one case where a person had a successfule GE history of more than 25 years and they turned on him. It almost killed him. Don’t pull information out of some colloquial place and flaunt your opinion as fact.

    There is a systemic problem within GE. I know of several cases where their corporate ‘people’ policies were ignored. Where people out on disability (salaried management) simply had their pay halted. The person out on sick leave called to see if they were fired “Oh no. YOur pay? …we’ll check into it,” and they never do…they just want the person to go away. (Again, not just one incident or person.) GE HR people have said to others with disabilities, “EEOC, ADA? Never heard of it?”

    Several incidents where people questioned managers who were mistreating employees and they were told that they were next in line if they didn’t back off. HR is told to support the manager, even though the person they are abusing may be a manager as well.

    Listen, a company’s job is to maximize profits through efficient use of resources. But no corporation has any right to allow or encourage the abuse of employees. If a person must legitimately be let go, fine, as long as procedure is followed. But nefarious and insidious internal practices such as those I’ve seen at GE are unacceptable.

    By the way: Anyone at GE or at GE in the past consider going to
    and rate the place and your boss. No identity whatsoever from you, but it will serve to warn others of your experience. It allows you safely to name names.

    Good luck.

  40. Anonymous

    I too left GE after 7 years of working there. I don’t have any particular gripe about my treatment, but I wanted to add that GE acts like everyone is expendable – the top 10% become just as expendable when they have a particular need. It’s a dog-eat-dog company with zero loyalty to employees, even to the best employees.

  41. gmvietze

    GE has selected Erie, Pa. as the location for its 2008 shareholders meeting on April 23 at the new Erie Convention Center.

    At a recent meeting with Jeff Immelt, Peter Marsh, a Financial Times Manufacturing Editor, as Mr. Immelt which site was the best manufacturing location for GE.
    Mr. Immelt said to check out Erie Transportation in Erie, Pa.

    Mr. Marsh wrote an article about GE
    Transporation, whose 2007 profits were up over 20% on just a 9% increase in sales. GE Transportation sells energy efficient locomotives to China, Russia etc., and employees over 10,000 globaly, 5000+ in the Erie area. Mr. Marsh referred in glowing terms about GE but referred to Erie as “unfashionable”. Long time local resident, Danny Lucas, in a series of email to Marsh mananged to change his perception. Erie has geared to welcome GE, in these troubled economic times GE has a “jewel” in the NEW ERIE. International press, national
    media and local press will cover this meeting. Pa. will have its national election primary April 22, the day before the GE meeting. The spotlight will be on this town.
    Jeff Immelt is a visionary, he chose Erie for a reason. Check out the comments on, this town and GE are on the move!

    George Vietze

  42. Phyllis Kunz

    The great Jack Welch said
    Jeff Immelt has a credibility issue. I beg
    to differ. Jeff must
    have a lot going for him
    in that department as his
    name came up for vice
    president when V.P. Cheney
    was seriously ill.
    Phyllis Kunz

  43. Anonymous

    Great Blog Nev!
    As an ex-GE employee and graduate of one of its highly esteemed Leadership programs I think Jeff’s days are numbered…personally I thought the other executives who were not picked as the CEO got the better deal since they were able to leave and make way more (see nardelli 250Mil and Calhoun 125Mil for neilson) than jeff’s paltry 20 million per year at GE. The point is this, Jack used every trick in the book to get this elephant to dance and when he ran out of tricks he left the company. Though september 11th did not help Jeff then made the mistake of drinking Jack’s cool aid when he should of mixed up a new flavor i.e. sold as much of GE’s old businesses as possible similar to what Jack did in the 80’s when he was called neutron Jack and hated by most GE employees.

    Now some advice for all you newbies confused and dazed by GE the bottom line is this… if you are a new or future college graduate GE is the best company to join if you want to become one of the best in various facets of business in america. I have been at a consulting company since leaving GE and let me tell you that the talent at GE far outguns where I am at or the companies I consult for so I am a superstar using simple principles GE has fostered and implemented decades ago. So go out and interview, if you get the job show up with drive and a get it done attitude and once you are in one of their leadership progams you will get the best training (FMP, IMLP, CLP, CLDP, HRLP) offered in corporate America in finance, IT, Communications, Sale, HR. However when you graduate from one of these programs spit out the coolaid they made you drink while on program and become CEO of your career; showing up and getting the job done is no longer good enough. The best advice that I got from a GE CEO is this…always know your value on the market no matter the business environment always go on atleast one interview every two years because it very clearly helps you discover what you will and will not put up with on your job. Too often people forget this and get bitter…security is dead so whether you’re pregnant or cancer striken don’t expect GE or any corporate company to show pity; you’re a number, expense, and headcount if you want to be valued start with you valuing yourself and leave on your own terms if you’re right the market will reward you! It is the American Way!

    1. AC

      I agree with you! From this post what I see is there are a lot of people who did trust that GE will look after them but possibly on the contrary when they found that GE had to look at itself first (and they came second), they have all these hate posts. Everybody should be very clear that each one of us have our own good times and bad times – what makes us different is how we react during both these times. “Make hay while the sun shines” and do what you can during bad times. Ask yourself if you could have done something differently or approached a situation differently. In my 12 year career(not with GE) I remember of occasions when I have felt that somebody/a group was ganging up against me but on reflection I understood how I could have acted differently and that I feel has made me a better employee. Not sure why this will not work for anybody else. Loyalty to a company should be an extinct concept in today’s world as a company has to look at its stock price and not an employee’s lifestyle. We all survive and will keep doing so. We just need to keep our eyes open and be a step ahead of trips and turns and God forbid if you trip just be honest and walk to whatever you feel comfortable with.

  44. Anonymous

    GE will be the best organization to work for if your Leader likes you (make sure your skin color matches)! Leadership team really sucks! Made of politics and so called circle of trust! if you suck up to your leader then you will move ahead for more pay without an interview!! if you do the right thing by your conscience you will stay where you are! or most likely get fired! If you are good at sucking up then join GE MONEY! GE MONEY Australia needs leadership overhaul! Especially in Parramatta NSW!

  45. Anonymous

    Jeffrey Immelt is scum of the earth. He is the kind of guy that inherited a great empire and it is going down the tubes. Immelt is a liar and a self-serving scumbag and that is typical of the modern american CEO type. He is the kind of guy like the Merril Lynch guy who damaged the company PERMANENTLY then took 120 MILLION in ‘severance’. Also Immelt thinks it is ok for an American company to sell military software to IRAN while IRAN is killing Americans. In years past people like this would not have risen to the level of Dog Catcher. Yet these days in the era of ‘scumbag leadership’ everyone thinks it is all very normal and good. Maybe Immelt can get in the business of just outright selling GE-branded AK-47’s to Hamas and Al-Qaeda. Why not GE-branded tanks? GE-brand Ebola virus? The markets are just endless, aren’t they????

    That would be about his speed. One more thing – GE’s last great CEO was named JACK WELCH and should not be mentioned in the same SENTENCE as the current scum-of-the-earth. You should not fawn all over such a cretin, unless you yourself are also lacking in integrity (?). I cannot believe anyone would act like a CEO that gets up early in the morning, is such a wonderful oddity. You’d have to be an idiot to think that is altogether unusual for a CEO. You’d also have to be an idiot to fawn all over Immelt and get your picture taken with him.

  46. Anonymous

    Man, It just cracks me up at all the hatred towards Jeffery Immelt. I’m not a great fan of his, don’t really know the man, nor am I a fan of Jack’s either. After all Jack has got the best package in the world using all of GE’s resources any time he wants when he wants and is one of the richest men in the world (like he really needs GE’s resources). So why should he be able to bleed GE and who gave him that package? The Board of Directors did. And who are the BOD? Corporate CEO’s of other Major Corporations. Look at their annual report and read it yourself. That seems the place to put the blame for GE and the whole economic crisis. The BOD tells Immelt what they expect the company to make each quarter and old Jeffery has to go out and comply. How is that done?, well it seems to me that the quickest way is to Lay off American workers for oversea workers, pay them less, give them less in benefits and make their numbers work short term. While the Quality of Service goes down the crapper (We’ve all been on a Helpdesk call with someone who can barely speaks english and callls himself David). The BOD calls it Globalization. I call it the ‘Pillaging and Raping of the American people’. Unfortunately this World isn’t ready for Globalization. It’s a sad fact, but it’s true. There’s too much hatered going on and it won’t stop until everyone is ‘Enlightened’ and respects each other’s beliefs. Ha, India and Pakistan, on the verge of Nuclear aramgeddon! Pakaistan, a nuclear country with ties so great to Al-Queda and the Taliban that our own U.S. Soldiers aren’t allowed to get that vermin Bin-Laden in their country. A country that is so enveloped by this fact that it has our Military leaders scrambling to try a difuse this situation with their hands and feet tied behind their backs. Tensions between these two country’s hasn’t been this great since Pakistan got the Bomb. Our media won’t show it cuase it will scare the be-devil out of us all. And to think this is where our U.S. based companies want to put American jobs? If that’s their goal to making a fast buck, then let them pick up their Families, pack their bags and move to these so-called Globalized countries, cause we don’t want them in our Country anymore. After all, if you outsource American jobs to Foriegn countries, who do you think is going to buy their products in the States when Good Americans are put out of work? So What’s the answer? First the BOD has to stop being so GD greedy when it comes to Money and start thinking long term. That will be the hardest of all for them. Next they’ll need to rebuild the American industry base. We are losing it way too fast and when the time comes to make things we need for sustanance, we won’t have the factories to do so. Next, if you want Globalization, invest in those countries outside of the expense of the American people. Put their countries’ people to work at thier own expense and build their economies while reaping the rewards that they produce while maintaining stability in our own economic environment. It’s not all that hard. The BOD (Board of Directors)are the one’s to Blame for GE’s stocks, not Immelt. If Immelt wants to bring this company back to life, then it’s time to open their Black Door Operations and release the technologly we need to release us from foriegn oil. Think about it. We have the technology to put 2 robots on the planet Mars with a life expectancy of 3 months, and they live for 3 years. Well I don’t know about you all, but I don’t see an Oil pipeline nor tankers flying to Mars to refuel them. So the technology is there for all of us to share. It’s up to the Board of Director’s to release that Technolgy at a cheap inexpensive affordable price for all People to use, and then watch the Stock soar. I’m Proud to be an American. I’m Proud of the people who live and defend this great country. But I am very dis-enheartened and down right embarassed that our Business leaders, and I truely mean the Board of Directors of all major companies, that got us into this situation on the basis of downright greed for the love of Money. Give me a million Dollars and I';ll show you how to livee off of it for the rest of your lives..God Bless you all and may God Bless the Great Country called America……….

  47. justkickinback

    GE SUCKS….

    People who buy from them are on NET 30 and they are calling demanding their money in 28 days.

    HOWEVER, they owe you money they only promise payment in 180 days, and even that is a lie. Average pay date for me was 220 days on average.

    They borrow my money for 200 extra days at my expense.

    The company is big on top of it’s vendors shoulders, they have a big fat check book, at their vendor and customers expense.

    Most UNETHICAL company that came from roots based it ETHICS.


    BIG business makes money from screwing people, the customers, the vendors and the employees.

    Yea, GE what a great company…..

    I guess so if you only see the money…..

  48. Jimmy, Phila, Pa.

    As far as I’m concerned it’s time for Jeff Immelt to GO! He has done a horrible job “trying” to manage GE. Part of the problem started with Jack Welch picking him over guys like James McNerney, which would have been one of a few better choices. Jeff is an intellectual; not a CEO. He would be better served teaching at a University. A guy that reads (a so called 100 books a year), has no business running a company like GE. Don’t get me wrong, I read about 20 books a year, but I’m just a lowly buyer for a defense contractor. He needed to sell NBC, Appliances and a few other business’s WELL before he made a decision too. Keith Sherin is no better as the CFO,in fact, he was a big part of the financial credibility of the country, particularly, financial fiasco’s of Capital and the subsequent collaspe of the stock price and the dividend. Something needs to be down with some of the “total” half wits on the BOD as well; some of these guys are not worth their salt. GE has some “very serious” management and systemic problems.

  49. Jimmy, Phila, Pa.

    country should be “company”
    down should be “done”
    “the” financial

    sorry….haste makes waste


  50. Jimmy, Phila, Pa.

    European economy “teetering” on edge of disaster

    * Healthcare costs, jobs to weigh U.S. economy

    By Scott Malone

    BOSTON(Reuters) – The U.S. economy faces major problems while Europe may be “teetering” on the edge of economic disaster, the head of General Electric Co told a class of graduating college students Monday.

    “We are at an unprecedented moment in the history of our country. There is economic and social anxiety,” said Jeff Immelt, chairman and chief executive of the largest U.S. conglomerate. “Europe appears to be teetering on the brink of a financial disaster.”

    The U.S economy will have to confront problem ranging from the rising cost of healthcare to the loss of many of the manufacturing jobs that once sustained the nation’s middle class, Immelt told the graduating class of Boston College, where GE does extensive recruiting. The company currently employs some 270 alumni of the school.

    “Look, it’s a mess out there. There are some real problems that need to be fixed. I could really bum you out if I wanted to,” Immelt said. “The country will be better coming out of the financial crisis if we learn a few lessons: That real, honest ethical leadership matters, that the U.S. cannot prosper today as just a service economy.”

    Improving the U.S. healthcare system is a pet cause of Fairfield, Connecticut-based GE, which is a major maker of medical imaging devices. GE aims to invest some $6 billion over the next four years in ventures it hopes will help lower the cost of healthcare.

    “The problems with the American healthcare system are real and will require great determination,” Immelt said, according to a copy of his prepared remarks.

    Immelt, who was awarded an honorary doctorate in business administration, also noted that the world will need to come to terms with the growing gap between rich and poor, both in the United States and abroad.

    “The global economy will not tolerate a few people getting rich while a lot of people get poor,” said Immelt, who earned his Masters of Business Administration at the nearby Harvard Business School. (Reporting by Scott Malone, editing by Dave Zimmerman)

    Boy, isn’t Immelt insightfull?

    This guy is just “full” of information that just about everyone and their Grandmaother is aware of, worse off, he’s doing “nothing” about it! He talks about ethical, responsible leadership, the growing gap between the rich and poor, and the need to get back into a maufacturing based economy vs. service. Well Jeff, how about practicing what you preach. Where was your ethical responsible leadership when you said the divided would pay .31 cent on the share? You stated this 2 weeks before the annual report and the dividend and stock virtually collasped. How about “all” the money people (esp those who worked for the company for years and years) that in their early 60’s and close to retiring lost? These people are part of the gap you talk about. I know investors (including myself), that were, and are, “totally” devestated! And as for getting back into a manufacturing based company (which is how the company was started), vs. service, this is something people like yourself and Sherin should have been thinking about for at least the last 10 years. In short, GE is losing there credibility in a very progressive fashion. It’s time to put down all the books your reading and “seriously” start contemplating and more importantly, put into action a strategic approach that puts GE back in the game.

  51. Lt

    Amazing how many people use the quote, –”If you want something done, ask a busy person.” It was written by Lucille Ball. What a joke.

  52. Jeep

    I came to work about the same time as Jeff Immelt took the position from JW. From the inside many of us wonder why he is still here. GE stock has been tracking well below the DOW since then, and our company is about as well liked as BP. GE needs a change and soon. The only hope we have of recovering the losses JI has created is for a total change in all of the upper management.

  53. Anonymous

    Fair or not ultimately it’s the companies financial performance that matters. A CEO should be judged on this and in this case c- fair.
    The BOD owes it to the shareholders to make a change. Last I checked the Supreme Court and Pope were lifetime jobs, GE is neither.

    Been at GE a while and all I’ve seen are excuses and flip flops, with no real plan. Personally I’ve been treated well and when that changes I’m gone.

  54. Anonymous

    GE SUCKS!! A white person doesn’t have a prayer. The place is filled up with all kinds of foreign folks that hardly speak English. And all the blacks, sheesh. Really sickening. Does everyone know that radical racist activist Al Sharpton was their guest speaker @ the annual AAF (African American Forum, for the fortunate ones that don’t work there)event held last month (July 2010) in Washington? Funny, GE isn’t broadcasting that one. Immelt kissing all the spades asses and we are standing by for now. We have our own meetings at a local bar once a month (DWW Discrimated White Workers) where we devise ways to make their life as miserable as possible when on the job. Signed: Discrimated White Worker

    1. TD

      You have got to be kidding me. The world is changing. Whites will no longer be the majority. You and your children will have to compete with all the minorities who are sending their children to college. You can no longer slide by on your white privilege. Get use to it. In fifteen to twenty years, it will be that way in every community, place of employment, and school. White people will no longer be the majority. You will be the minority but the Hispanics and Latinos will be the number one race. It has been a long time coming. If you are uncomfortable now, prepare yourself for the future. It will be nice to see people of color everywhere and not segregated to ghettos and reservations.

  55. Dave

    I too work for GE in the UK, under the GE Energy sector. I have been with the company 11 years, I work in sales and have been very successful, having the highest sales in the Southern UK for the past 2 consecutive years. I’ve won our top annual award several times. I manage our largest commercial & institutional account (global)And I absolutely hate working for G.E.

    I don’t agree with many of the posts here about discrimnation etc. What I can tell you is that working for G.E will wreck your life. 14-hour days are the norm. Weekend work is a must if you have any hope of keeping on top of the never ending internal garbage GE send down the line with mandatory completion dates. The culture is one of career progression at any expense. Team work is a myth, help is frequently offered but seldom materializes. You are left on your own to manage all aspects of our Industry, whether this be Sales, Compliance, H&S, whatever. My C.V. is out and I cannot wait to get out of this hell hole. A destroyed marriage, frustrated and depressed having to face each day. G.E. are great with words, Ecomagination, 6 Sigma blah, blah. But the bottom line is that G.E. employees are considered and expendable resource, easily replaced once they burn out or go nuts. All GE care about is profit and paying out share holders. There is no balance.

    1. ATJ

      Don’t join this company its run by morons believing they can use management techniques back in the 19th century, and believe it can aggrontly use it’s overwhelming size and financial resources to stomp and squeeze other companies, filled with multitude of incompetent resources that think leading is coordinating. Sadly the majority of you and the media haven’t worked for various divisions of this company, for those of you do, you will know it’s not a people friendly company, highly overrated and hypocritical. After the recent slashing of benefits, people are now leaving at a extremely fast rate, however there is always going to be a greater fool that will be stupid enough to take their place. GE doesn’t care about the country, it doesn’t care about the US people or employees, all they care about is ripping off customers and lining their pockets with as much dirty money, they can.

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  58. Larry Velasco

    Jeff Immelt is a dangerous person just like his NEGRO buddy, Barry Soetoro Hessein. Both of them should be gone from this country. BOYCOTT General Electric. It USED to be a good company. Back long before guys like Immelt became part of the company. He is a PUNK, just like your president. These kind of people are screwing this country and we are letting them do it. Let’s STOP the BASTARDS now. I am an electrical contractor in Calif. and I do not use any GE products and do not buy their appliances. I have convinced most of my fellow contractors not to buy from them either. Don’t fly on planes with GE jets on them. They along with the dip-shit Barry, are ruining this country.
    Concerned AMERICAN, L. Velasco
    Immelt has to go.

    1. Anonymous

      What I fail to understand is why his products are COMPLETE PIECES OF CRAP. Is he brilliant because he’s learnt the fine art of ripping off consumers with cheaply built machines that do not work? We are being taken to the cleaners by this company with our new GE washer. I have never seen such utter garbage labeled as home electronics in my life. Brilliant? Really? LG. .brilliant. GE..crap.

  59. joe hollister

    i am asking how to send an e mail to mr immelt. i worked and was a code 1 or code 2 of the 5 ge bell curve performance codes 1 great 5 bad from 1980 -2003 under jack welch ands jeff. i have a question and a need, and i really need the msg to reach, not get edited to file 13 by a buffer secretary/ middle man. can you help? please. its nothing earth shattering, very important to me.tsvp to e mail address listed

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