June 2012 Goals

New month, new goals!

Here’s mine for June 2012:

1.) I’m doing a KopywritingKourseKase Studies product where I’ll be re-writing copy for people across many different industries FOR FREE! ……so long as I get to use them as a case study.

If interested, you can signup here to be a case study and get your kopy re-written (I have a pretty good batting average at getting higher conversions).


2.) I had this one listed as a fun case study from last month (I’m going to validate a friends restaurant idea and see if they should add an additional taco truck).  This stemmed from a lot of requests where people wanted to see a brick-n-mortar business validated.

I was a bit busy getting the AutoresponderKourse out the door in May, so this one fell behind to this month.  Kind of appropriate for AppSumo to validate a TACO stand eh :-)

Blog posted on: June 3, 2012

5 comments on “June 2012 Goals

  1. VVires

    It’d be interesting if you did a case study and wrote copy for a non-tech company like say a funeral home. It’s be a good interesting challenge to convert people in an unglamorous industry, where you can rely on a set of buzzwords, etc. Looking forward to your “kopy”!

    It might actually be tricky to validate the longterm business potential of food trucks since they’re so trendy right now. A lot of people will probably show up just for say a popup event just for the novelty but it’s hard to say if they’ll become longterm customers once the masses move on to a new food fad…

  2. andrew woo

    hey neville:

    I passed this link along to other entrepreneurs I know that would be intersted:

    – a guy that sells chameleons
    – SaaS company
    – Personal Trainer
    – Photographer Artist
    – Home Organizer
    – Business Coach


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