I’m in Vegas right now, and looking for some sort of money experiment to perform.

I’ll give it a $200 budget (Courtesy of Interest.com)

There’s tons of little gambling experiments I can do, but I want something relatively unique or fun.

-Two spins of $100 on black?
-Couple pulls of the high stakes slots machines?
-200 $1 slot machine pulls?
-Sports bet?
-Quick go at the high stakes tables?

I need ideas!

Blog posted on: November 17, 2006

24 comments on “Looking for a VEGAS MONEY EXPERIMENT

  1. Matt

    You want an experiment – how about negative betting at blackjack.

    Say you’re at a $5 minimum bet table, if you win you keep your 5, but if you loose you take the previous bet and add it to your current bet. This is sequential

    1st Bet – $5
    1st loss – $10 bet
    2nd loss – $15 bet
    3rd loss – $30 bet
    say you win now you’re up $5

    Try it see how it works… if you’re unlucky it kills you.

  2. Flexo

    I say do something legal with the money, which in Vegas oddly enough, means the hookers idea is good while the chauffeur idea is bad (you’d need a taxi license).

    Enjoy your time in Vegas.

  3. Ban SUVs

    Take 200 $1 bills and walk up to a crowded table, throw all the money in the air & when everyone rushes to pick up your money, snatch the chips off the table… hey, it’s probably worked in a movie ;)

  4. Anonymous

    Playing 200 times $1 on slots would be great. If you play on the same slot it will be a bit boring, maybe you could play just $1 in a slot and then move to the next one.

    This would be playing 200 different slot machines $1 each. It sounds crazy, but i’m sure it will teach you something new about slots and prizes!

  5. Anonymous

    @matt – that’s nothing new, and he will likely be promptly removed from the casino as they consider that a form of counting cards…

  6. Anonymous

    If you’re going to throw your money away you can either do it at the mindlessness that goes along with traditional slot machines and at least hope to be entertained and HOPEFULLY break even…


    you can go you a video poker machine (deuces wild has the best payout odds…but jacks or better aren’t TOOOOO far behind). The advantage here is the amount (albeit small) of control over you’re fate in the cards. there are books and websites devoted to this.

    Think of this more of an exercise in statistics. if you can calculate basic odds (either in a sequence of related events or sequence of UNrelated events) at the least you’ll educate yourself on how the house takes you’re money long run…

  7. Anonymous

    there is a baylor vs. oklahoma game the morning of the 18th place a $200 bet on oklahoma and i can asure you a win

  8. Jackson

    Pick one number on roulette. Bet $5 on that number 40 times.

    You could walk away a winner, and you could walk away a loser, but chances are you will walk away about even.

    I am thinking the experiment would really be about discipline.

  9. Anonymous

    Statistically, Blackjack is the way to go. While the use of 3 decks of cards (Vegas Style) makes it harder to count cards, you can still have an idea of whats going on using simple counting techniques.

  10. Anonymous

    Here’s a way to win enough money to get a free lunch:

    Bet 10 dollars on black.
    If black hits, then walk away with 10 dollars and go get a sandwich.

    If red hits, then your goal is to recoup the 10 dollar lost:

    Bet 10 dollars on black again.
    If black hits, walk away. (net effect = 0)
    If red hits, bet 20 dollars.
    If black hits, walk away. ( net effect = 0)
    If red hits, bet 40 dollars.

    Etc……You could get into some trouble if Black doesn’t hit (52% chance), but from the look at your bank account you can take out enough to withstand quite a few bets!. If black does not hit 10 straight times, you’ll need to have 5120 dollars in your pocket.

    But the odds of this happening is less then a fifth of a percent ( 0.16%), so you probably won’t have to worry about that too much.

    Once you win, put down another 10 dollars and repeat until you win that first bet.


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