Mac Shortcuts – Watch this if you use a Mac

If you just bought a Mac, or have used one for years, I guarantee you’ll learn some productivity hacks in this video!

I was slowly convinced to buy a MacBook Air about 1 1/2 years ago….and I’ve never looked back.

You open the Mac up, and the damn thing is just READY TO GO.

And it’s not just ONE reason I’ve switched to Macs…’s like 150 very very small things that make the overall experience a pleasure.

Learning all the little tricks has helped boost my productivity a HUGE amount since I spend about 10 hours a day on a computer.

Laptop or desktop, these MacHackz will save you time:


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Thank you!  Enjoy the extra hour of your day!
(unless you’re a PC user… that case….umm…good luck :-)

Blog posted on: June 8, 2012

34 comments on “Mac Shortcuts – Watch this if you use a Mac

  1. Sylvain OBEGI

    Hey, thanks for the vid, I added HyperDock to my arsenal for evaluation.
    Since you’re using a trackpad, I would definitely recommend BetterTouchTool, it saves me a lot of time and make using a trackpad more convenient than a shortcut-equipped 8-button mouse. How? Gestures, either system-wide or application specific.
    For example I use
    – 3-finger tap to open a link in a new tab in Chrome
    – 3-finger swipe left or right to change tab in Chrome/Firefox, message in Mail, etc
    – 3-finger swipe down to delete an email in Mail
    – 4-finger swipe down to close a window/tab (meaning command-w)
    As long as I have the hand on the trackpad, I’d rather not have to switch to the keyboard (and vice-versa)
    And you can configure whatever action you want. Pretty neat.

    1. Neville Post author

      OH YEAH!

      When Noah recorded with me the first time he had that in there. I totally forgot it :-/

      You just reminded me HOW PISSED I WAS when I realized I lost that recording. It was damn good!

      1. Patrick

        Hahah i’m a video guy so i deal with that kind of shit all the time. At some point CMD+S just becomes something you do on autopilot.

        LOVED the screenshot tip. HAD NO CLUE. I was always opening Grab then doing CMD+Shift+A. Your way is so much easier!

        I use spaces instead of hot corners. 4 desktops – one for chrome, one of photoshop, final cut etc. Flip through em using CMD+arrow keys. Love the extra space I get and I physically separate what I’m working on which is nice.

        One thing I forgot to mention is a neat zoom feature. Hold down Control and then scroll up or down with a mouse. On a trackpad its either one or two fingers. Sometimes you just need to see stuff bigger!

    1. Neville Post author

      When I first got my mac I couldn’t use it. A combination of Noah showing me some cool things he uses, plus going to YouTube and typing in DIFFERENCES BETWEEN A PC AND MAC really helped

  2. Ryan

    Wow, I’ve had my MacBook pro for 2 years now and never new about Hot Corners! You just solved one of my biggest issues with Mac! Not that I have many of course, because Mac RULE!!

    Thanks guys, great work.

    1. Neville Post author

      Dude….I don’t know HOW THE FUCK to use a Mac without hot corners. It’s absolutely essential and time saving!

      Glad to have helped….even if just that one thing (it’ll save you tons of time and frustration).

  3. Bryan

    Hey Nev!

    Nice video. Alfred is a great tool. Something similar to taking a partial screen shot, is a whole screen shot. Just use command-shift-3. Not groundbreaking but has a good use in web design, to show examples and layout issues.



  4. Joshua

    Ouch – that part around 15:09 when you have to delete the photo file because you are trying to keep your desktop clean. Why waste SO MUCH time? You must delete 50 files a day of useless crap you never intended to keep! I’ve set all my programs to download/save files into a folder called “Outbox” and then my Mac automatically deletes the files after they’ve been there for 24 hours. Simply switching the paradigm (hey computer, assume I want to delete it unless I choose otherwise) will save you so much time.

    You need to pick up Hazel and automate that shit – it will change your life.

  5. Jude

    DUDE – you’re giving away the secret sauce!

    I didn’t know about Cinch, so downloaded that and it’s a really helpful utility.


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