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Ha……this was a cool surprise.

I did a Skype interview for a magazine called Make App Mag which is releasing on the iPad soon…..and they made these images for some of the magazine pages based off the interview:

This was when my blue hair faded out into blonde, and I got a haircut, so I had frosted-douche-bag-tips:


I told the example of and how they validated their idea, and they made this graphic:


Here’s another they made….this time with my Facebook profile picture:


I’m an info-graphic now….I’ve finally made it! :-P

Blog posted on: August 17, 2012

11 comments on “Magazine images

  1. Lorenzo

    This is great Neville, I like the second info-graphic better. Did the guys grom use Xcode to test the iphone app on their site?

  2. Isaac

    How would you validate a new type of assault rifle or type of military drone? The military isn’t exactly like the consumer market. Any advice? How would you validate things like starting a Private Military Company? Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Neville

      Wow that’s a VERY VAGUE question.

      If you have a prototype (even a ghetto one) you can gauge interest.

      However you should probably familiarize yourself with how the government purchases goods. It’s not extremely straightforward, and involves a lot of bidding on contracts.

      You should learn the rules inside the system you’re playing in.

  3. Robson

    Hi Nev! Great infographics! Specially the third one: Validate! Validate! Validate! Before anything else! It’s cheap and don’t waste time!
    Do you know how they did these infographics? Was it using a web app?


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