Blog posted on: March 7, 2010

2 comments on “March 2010 Goals

  1. Me

    So is posting a picture of your iphone with your 5 goals for this month, and blurring them all out except for 1)do taxes and 2) post on nevblog every 3 days, count as your post for 3 days?

    Let me guess, for the next post you will post a picture of your iphone with a checkmark next to one of the blurred out goals?

    Besides not posting anything worth reading here and getting ad revenue, and HOR, what other businesses do you have? I’d rather hear about that.

  2. Vic

    At least there is a post. :)
    You got me there, I try to find other contents in that post for a read, but there was nothing except the image of your iPhone. But at least, you remind me of my tax dues for 2009.


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