Mont Blanc Pen Refill Trick

Randomly browsing StumbleUpon one day I saw this little video:

“Make a $200 pen for $6″

…..I thought this was soooo cool!

As a kid who used to collect mechanical pencils in middle school…..naturally I HAD to try this.

I immediately bought some Pilot G2 Pens and Mont Blanc Pen Refills from Amazon.  The pens are super cheap, the Mont Blanc refills are $6.00/piece.  I bought two 2-packs of them.

Fast forward one week for delivery time and it was time to do some pen-surgery:

Notice how the Mont Blanc refill is eeeveerrr sssooo slligghttlly longer than the G2 refill.  This is actually long enough to make them not compatible:

This means you get out some scissors and do a small little snip-snip.  The end piece is just soft plastic, so even cheap-o scissors will be fine:

DONE!  Now just insert the freshly-operated-on Mont Blanc pen refill into the G2 pen and it works perfectly!

You can even see which Mont Blanc-enstein pens you’ve modified through the casing:

I actually waited a few weeks to post this….just to make sure the pens were actually really good….
and I gotta say……..


Blog posted on: September 10, 2011

17 comments on “Mont Blanc Pen Refill Trick

  1. Nickolay Lamm

    Hi Neville. I’ve been following your blog when it first started. I want to know if you’d be interested in featuring a guest post…

    I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh this year and found a job with the help of doing something nobody has done. I passed out fliers with the following headline:”$800 Reward for Lead to Full Time Job”, with my contact information and qualifications. I passed out 250 of them in downtown and received 2 replies.

    Although those leads didn’t get me the job I have now, that is only because I started receiving leads from my mass cover letter campaign, which ended up giving me the job I have now.

    Regardless, doing something that was socially engaging kept my spirits up high and proved that you can get leads doing something totally “out there”.

    E-mail me at if you’re interested.

  2. Sarah

    What a great money-saver! And clever too – Hope it’s OK to pass this idea along. :) I am a huge fan of saving money but still getting good quality items.

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  4. CaptainGroovy

    I don’t get it Pilot G2 pens to me write quite nice. They have become my cheap pen of choice. That being said why buy a expensive refill which I admit writes nice but I long ago quite buying MB refills and buy Schmidt’s as a replacement refill for my MB and other pens. I guess what I am saying is why put a $6.00 refill in a $2.00 pen

  5. Aliceinwonderland

    Hi Neville
    Thanks for sharing that
    I will give it a go
    The refill in aust is not $6 but $15 Aus each I might have to buy it off amazon
    Can you work out how to refill mont blanc ink cartridges please ? Need it desperately


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