Mrs. Gansky was my 3rd grade math teacher. She was deaf.

Mrs. Gansky was my 3rd grade math teacher.  She was deaf.

It was so cool how I could mouth the words to any question like, “Can I go to the bathroom” from across the room and she would read my lips!  It’s like she had a superpower.

She could speak well enough for us to understand, but it was the obvious slurred-voice of a deaf person.  She used her hands to communicate a lot, and was particularly good at it.  To the point where you could pick up information through her hands.

It’s like she spoke a universal form of Sign Language even 3rd graders could understand.

SO….how can we steal the secrets of my deaf 3rd grade math teacher to improve our businesses to make more??  (did saying that make me a horrible person)??

Well I think the secret to Mrs. Gansky’s awesome teaching was partly to do with the unusual nature of the communication (the slurred voice and lots of hand gestures) which made class much more interesting.  In turn, the students learned faster.

Now a STUPID person would simply say:
“OMG if I just start talking with a slurred voice and using hand gestures I’ll communicate better!!”

But a SMART person would quickly notice the real reason behind her success:
Mrs. Gansky was far more energetic than any other teacher, very helpful, and just in GENERAL an all around great teacher.  If she could speak and teach normally she would’ve been just as great of a teacher.  The slurred voice and hand gestures were a temporary novelty, but that would quickly wear off if she was a sucky teacher.

That’s like when I get questions like this:
“Hey Neville can you make this page convert better by writing some of that magical Kopy of yours?!?!?”

What I hear them telling me is a moronic statement more like:
“Hey Neville, can you make this shitty one-page offer for a useless product make me money without me having to do any extra work!?!?!”

Very often people have this Magic Bullet Syndrome where they think doing some single Magic Bullet can make their crappy product to bring in bazillions of dollars.

But that doesn’t work.

Anything successful will have a multitude of things going right for it such as:
-the copy on the page.
-the layout of the page.
-the actual thing being promoting.
-the way people got to know about you.
-if people are even in the market for what’s being sold.
-yadda yadda…..

Basically, it’s not just ONE magic thing.

I love the concept of learning skills, especially for people who don’t know what they wanna do in life.

……its the way to ensure you can be of value to society and create a living for yourself.  I’m no exception.

In the last two months I’ve picked up a few skills:

 I bought a full-sized electric piano with weighted keys.  This doesn’t necessarily improve me business-wise, but learning ANYTHING new keeps you sharp.

 I learned how to use Wishlist Member, a piece of membership software for WordPress.

 I learned how to a use a WordPress framework to build a WordPress site instead of just a theme.

Those last two things I learned together.  I could’ve paid someone to do these for me….but I was genuinely interested to see how these work.  At first I stumbled through by watching videos, reading how-to’s and just monkeying around on the software.

Now two months later I’m an EXPERT.  If I need to put together a new course or membership website I can do it in less than 10 minutes.


So lemme ask you:

What skills are you currently working on to improve your life?? Lemme know in the comments!

Neville Medhora – Horrible piano player

P.S.  If you’re NOT working on any of your skills, I’m gonna forcibly make you listen to me practice piano chords ;)

Blog posted on: June 6, 2014

35 comments on “Mrs. Gansky was my 3rd grade math teacher. She was deaf.

  1. Sheiler

    I could lie and tell you that I’m learning to cook szechuan food but I won’t. I am learning how to photograph food, not so that it looks beautiful but so it looks hilarious. I know lighting and other techniques are still key no matter what effect I want, so I’ve been reading up on that and will start experimenting in a couple of weeks. But the feeling is really what I’m getting at. I don’t know how I’m going to do that…but I’ll get there.

  2. Mister Williams

    Sup Nev, long time reader/lurker, first time commenting… Like you I am of the idea of developing a wide portfolio of skills for life. I have a good grip on design and coding so now I am in the process of learning copywriting to round it all up. I still don’t consider myself an expert after 4 years… ask me why? :)

  3. Dan

    Hi Nev,

    I’m mastering Infusionsoft, I’ve been graphic designing for 16 years and recently picked up a massive internet marketing client who’s spending $3M+ a year on Google adwords and Facebook advertising. I design and build his sales funnels and sales automation systems. I’m also learning how to shoot great video, lighting etc. The other thing I’m mastering right now is facebook ads. I’ve got some ads running currently that are converting at 41%. Not bad. If you’re interested, I can show you some of the news feed graphics I’ve designed that are motivating people to ‘click’ in their 1000’s. Plus a very cool landing page offer that’s converting at 41%.

  4. Eddy Azar

    Right now, I’m geeking out on…

    – The number of each letter in the English alphabet, so I can search alphabetical lists faster.

    – The consonant system sound mnemonic, so I can memorize huge numbers

    – The effectiveness of different recovery activities (reading vs. napping vs. walking vs. fapping) to see which leaves me feeling the least stressed and the most energetic and willpowerful (not a word, but you get it)

    – Surfing. Just snapped my first board, which was terrifying.

  5. Eric Bell

    Right now improving my rapport building skills, reaching out through cold calls to prospects for a SaaS product I am validating.

    Also, learning to write copy.

  6. Nichole

    Hi Neville,
    Thanks for this post.

    I am taking swing dance class, learning guitar, taking swimming classes (Total Immersion swimming) , taking a networking course from Ramit, learning Spanish, and taking an improv class.

    I’ve also just taken the Kopy Kourse that I got through App Sumo and reading through the Boron letters ;-)

    I can listen to your piano chords if you want!

  7. Myles

    Hi Neville,

    Great post, a new skill I am learning is how to build a saas for business problems. I don’t have any develop skill or design skill, but know how to define a problem and provide a solution. the skills i need to learn is to put this together with the guys who have the specialties.

  8. Josh

    Currently learning how to play bass properly & program realistic sounding drum performances – I run a recording studio already and record a lot of guitar/vocal stuff.

    Planning for this to be a “value added” service for songwriters who don’t have a backing band.

  9. Ark

    I am learning to:

    – muay thai boxing
    – copywriting, sales, biz development
    – emotional awareness and self-esteem development

  10. Chi

    Wow. I’ve been hearing about Neville this and Neville that from Billy M and today i was like who the H is Neville. Awesome stuff man. Awesome stuff indeed.

  11. mark

    I’m learning to use Garage Band on MAC. It’s a simple application, but there is a learning curve involved if you’ve never used music software before (I haven’t). Also learning to sing.

  12. Brian

    Learning to use screen flow, learning to shoot video and going to my first networking event on Wednesday! To be an ever expanding being you must continuously be learning!

  13. Edie

    1) Am doing a PMP certification. I am already seeing benefits in how I approach my work day and I think I am helping keep some of the burden off my boss.
    2) In conjunction with this, improving my fitness- I am able to bust out a 9-10 hour day just by getting up a half hour early in the morning and doing some exercise and leaving fast food alone.
    3)Finally, reviewing my French and Spanish skills- they have become shamefully rusty.

  14. Jeff

    Finally got the company I work for during the day to spend some money on Google AdWords. So I’ve learned how to setup an AdWords campaign, tweak it from week to week, track conversions and other analytics, etc. It’s been really interesting and fun to watch as more business has come in. In fact, I want to increase our daily spend, because we are losing potential customers, and our customer service department has asked me not to, because they can’t handle the current increase in volume without hiring more people. How messed up is that? A company that DOESN’T want more business?!?! (FYI: I don’t blame customer service. They’re great people and work really hard. The problem is with the top brass, who are scared to spend more money on payroll.)

  15. Harry

    I’m learning a little bit about Objective-C, not to be a programmer but to help me design apps better. I’m learning Blender 3d animation software. I love animation.

  16. Dave

    I’ve been leaning about email marketing and funnel creation for the last bit after learning about copywriting or the last year and writing out sales letters by hand :p

  17. Jacqueline

    I’m a jewelry artisan and I rely heavily in social media. I’m learning that people want to see works in progress, even my daily life. I am learning how to engage them more by letting them not only see my work, but see how I work. And it’s crazy, I’ve learned my social media followers prefer my crappy, horrible lit photos with dirty hands pictures of my latest piece than the professional photo.
    Maybe I should use those on my website!

  18. Darren Bler


    I’m reading a book about speed reading. It’s taking forever ;-) but I’m keen to learn.

    I just finish a cognitive behavioral therapy course, it was good and it’s taught me some surprising skills.

  19. Chris

    Learning how to make FileZilla work with DreamHost. Also WordPress basics. I thought it would be interesting , but it’s the writing I love the most. Powering through it.

  20. Aaron Zalonis

    I’m learning WordPress, CSS, HTML, copywriting, gmail productivity and meditating (not so much learning as letting in silence listening to the best part of myself advise me.)

  21. Leah

    I’m currently learning Korean, and made some progress thrpugh the last two months. But I don’t see how it can improve my life so far. )))

  22. Dana Michelle

    I too am learning the Piano – I have one very much like your’s…
    My learning is kinda like how when a driver’s ed student learns to drive a manual transmission car… LOL


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