My Affiliate Marketing Experiment – Part 7

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Part 7:

….so eventually I pulled the plug on this little experiment (it ran for roughly 5 weeks) even though I was still making some money.

One of the negative parts about affiliate marketing I mentioned was the price of Pay-Per-Click varies wildly, especially when people are bidding up keywords.  This can be the difference between a profit and loss if you don’t watch out. This happened several times and the cost I had to pay shot up too much to be as profitable.

Basically I got these campaigns running for the experiment, but when I stopped paying attention, most of the good keywords stopped running because they exceeded my set budget.  Eventually most traffic died down, a sale was made here and there, but nothing big.

Ultimately I ended up bringing in $727 from the BluCigs campaign and $360 from the GreenSmoke campaign (about 90% of that money was from that first 5 weeks) and paid a total of $166 for Google Adsense.

I could have kept on going, but the amount of effort for a short-term profit wasn’t worth it, especially when I already have profitable businesses of my own that offer a more long term payoff.  I can already see some of you trying to signup and start your own experiments with these ;-)

…however…hopefully this experiment demonstrated the POTENTIAL this sort of business model has in a more legitimate form.  I wish I knew about it a long time ago when I was an active “financial” blogger.

I learned a lot and made a net profit!
-Neville Medhora

Blog posted on: February 25, 2010

17 comments on “My Affiliate Marketing Experiment – Part 7

    1. Jose A. Cook

      In very simple terms online marketing is a company structure for earning money on the internet. If you have any question about this particular company structure you can query in Google to get clarity.

  1. Anonymous

    wtf, fail. You build hype, we think we’re going to learn something.


    Step 1: Do something illegal
    Step 2: ???
    Step 3: Profit, not go to jail.

    Nothing to see here.

  2. Finances 2010

    Affiliate marketing is borderline scams most of the time. I have seen a few people get it going, but when its so over-populated to begin with, its hard to actually get started and even mild success.

  3. Jen

    Your experiment inspired me to try out affiliate marketing for myself. I have already made $55 in just my first week! I can’t believe it!

  4. Vince

    Awesome experiment Nev! Just saw this… actually very cool you did this in 2010… e-cigs are actually still a somewhat profitable aff niche even now some are bankin LOL… your LPs and ad copy were pretty impressive too for someone who hasn’t done this before..

    And you’re right, few affiliates would share ALL details of their CURRENT active campaigns. Anything public is usually already a couple months late. Most aff spend alot of money and time to hit profits, it’s like they figured out a secret video game move combo and will keep it to themselves until they move onto the next game…

    Should they be more transparent? Yes, if they don’t care about competition and happy to share the money :) I have friends whose employees stole 6 figure monthly campaigns and vanished. That’s why super affs usually remain pretty underground until moving on to something new, but usually no probs sharing old stuff :)

    3 reasons I left the space (a) shady not being able to explain what i do exactly lol (b) lack of true value creation (c) campaigns can be very profitable but can also come and go, vs a stable biz like House of Rave. Alot are realizing so starting to explore alternative sources of stable income.


  5. Isaac

    Thanks Nev. Very inspiring to us underemployed college-grads! Gotta take our future into our own hands and not expect a handout from an employer!


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