My Aspirations

Usually when people ask me what I want to do after I graduate I say :

“I would like to work for a large investment firm where I can really sink my teeth into the market. After two or three years of working I’d like to get my MBA.”

This response generally will satisfy most people. I used to reply with my real aspirations, but saying it to someone who believes a corporate paycheck is the only way to go is futile.

If I tell you my real aspirations, it generally would go something like:

“I would like to simultaneously work and create investments

after college. By this I mean working during the day, and becoming a superhero entrepreneur by night. By 11-17-2012, my 30th birthday, I plan to have established Enwon Inc into a conglomerate company drawing income from 5 different sources in preferably different industries. These would most likely include the liquor industry, money management in stock, 2 inventions in the consumer products area and real estate.”

At the rate I’m going, I don’t think this is an unrealistic vision by any means. I have dabbled if not dived into everything named above (I don’t post some ventures for confidentiality purposes). My idol company is Fortune Brands, whose stock I own and love.

Obviously some people give me an awkward look and dissenting opinion when I tell them my true aspirations, but I have 8 years to prove them wrong!