My Aspirations

Usually when people ask me what I want to do after I graduate I say :

“I would like to work for a large investment firm where I can really sink my teeth into the market. After two or three years of working I’d like to get my MBA.”

This response generally will satisfy most people. I used to reply with my real aspirations, but saying it to someone who believes a corporate paycheck is the only way to go is futile.

If I tell you my real aspirations, it generally would go something like:

“I would like to simultaneously work and create investments

after college. By this I mean working during the day, and becoming a superhero entrepreneur by night. By 11-17-2012, my 30th birthday, I plan to have established Enwon Inc into a conglomerate company drawing income from 5 different sources in preferably different industries. These would most likely include the liquor industry, money management in stock, 2 inventions in the consumer products area and real estate.”

At the rate I’m going, I don’t think this is an unrealistic vision by any means. I have dabbled if not dived into everything named above (I don’t post some ventures for confidentiality purposes). My idol company is Fortune Brands, whose stock I own and love.

Obviously some people give me an awkward look and dissenting opinion when I tell them my true aspirations, but I have 8 years to prove them wrong!

Blog posted on: February 4, 2005

4 comments on “My Aspirations

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve only stumbled upon your blog just now, but just from reading this, you are already my hero. Those goals are almost exactly like my own, and I’ve never known anyone else who thought this way until now..

  2. Don C. New York, NY.

    Let me tell you something; I am 40 years old & have worked in the financial services industry for 15 years, including trading options on the floor of the Amex. I’ve accomplished many goals both personally & professionally, and I’d like to say that I’m impressed. Because you have a PLAN, and you wrote it down – you are already more than half way there! At 20?!? I wish I had your foresight! Don’t waver when it’s tough – tough times don’t last, tough people do, and you’ll be succesful. Good fortune & best wishes.


    As a fellow entrepeneur and CEO of, I must say I’m very impressed! I first read about you in an SEO article from The Site Reference Newsletter entitled “A glimpse Inside a Teenage Web Success” where you share how to start your own web-based business using drop-shippers. When I read that it reminded me of my experience, which was not surprisingly similar. Hats off to you and continued success. You are an inspiration to your fellow entrepeneurs!


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