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Nearly every day I get emails or questions from people I know about how House Of Rave .com works.  To some, it’s unfathomable that I run a rave company, yet never have been to a rave.  I can show only so many people how it actually works (literally show them on a computer).

I’m currently doing a whole guide (like a “course”) on how my drop-ship business works.  It’ll show all the stuff I generally don’t just “put out there” because of privacy and competition issues.

Question to those interested:
Look at the below list and let me know if you have further questions than what’s covered here.  Or let me know what you’d be MOST interested in hearing about.

You can simply comment on this post or email me:
nevmed ( a t ) g m a i l . c o m

Course Outline:

All of these will be a combination of text and detailed video tours (I really like doing these videos)!
Part 1.) What it is now:
  1. Makes a couple hundred thousand revenue, bare minimum of 30 minutes of work per day.  About 1-2 hours per day spend on.  Great lifestyle business.
  2. How it started:  When I started it (17), why I started it (experiment),
  3. Part 1.) The beginning, learning the technical side and being curious.
  4. Part 2.) Finding something to sell.  Narrowing down my options.
  5. Part 3.) Finding a drop shipping.  How to find a drop shipper.
  6. Part 4.) Getting a site setup quickly.  Go over all ecommerce options.
  7. Part 5.) Pro’s/Con’s of drop shipping.

Part 2: How it actually works:

  1. How it works: a private behind-the-scenes tour of how HoR works.  I wanna show you how it works so you can understand it’s achievable, I started HoR cause I saw another kid did something similar.  Understand you don’t need to be a programmer (I can’t even write HTML).
  2. How someone goes from browsing the site to purchasing.
  3. Sending the order to the supplier.
  4. Entering the tracking information.
  5. Handling customer service.  Emails, inquiries, phone number.
  6. Show the analytics, Show the past numbers, reports.
  7. Accounting system.
  8. Show around Shopsite back end.
Part 3.) How you can do it to:
  1. Bonus: How to sell just one item.  People think they need to setup big ecommerce site.  Using PayPal .  Other simple ecommerce solutions.
  2. Bonus: The 1 hour business.  How to get an ecommerce business up and running in 1 hour.

Question to those interested:
Once again, let me know if you have further questions than what’s covered here.  Or let me know what you’d be MOST interested in hearing about.

I’ve already got a lot of this already completed, but I really want to make this a TRULY informative “course” I can refer people to whenever they start asking me a million questions about HoR.

You can simply comment on this post or email me:
nevmed ( a t ) g m a i l . c o m

Thanks for your time!  :-)

Blog posted on: February 14, 2011

20 comments on “Need a quick answer

  1. Ka

    How you “built the moat” (reference to previous post) that deters competition.

    Getting customer feedback.

    How to get and keep first page Google ranking.

    Why your distributor doesn’t just build it’s own website.

  2. Rob

    Hey, Really looking forward to this and I applaud you for doing it…but considering what happened before aren’t you worried that someone is going to come into the same space as you and start trying to take your customers?

    1. Neville


      That’s ALWAYS an issue, but it’s something I really want to put out there for others who’d like to reference it.

      A lot of people simply never get to see behind the scenes of a business.

      It took me seeing another kid at 16 or 17 with a business to realize I could do it too.

  3. Dividendium

    Marketing, or how you get people to the site in the first place. Specifically what has worked and what hasn’t.

    Conversion campaigns, helping people to buy more than before. Again what has worked and what hasn’t.

    All the monthly costs involved with the site outside of product. Server/host, software, shipping, etc.

    What kinds of disaster plans are needed…or not needed. – If the server goes down.
    – If your password got hacked.
    – If the database was corrupted.
    – If the host went out of business.
    – If the drop shipper stiffed you (took the money but didn’t send the stuff to the customer).
    – If you got sued (rather than just threatened suit like with Burning Man)

    How you know what needs to be done next, or what shouldn’t be changed…or if everything is fair game for changing. And how you go about testing that kind of thing. How long the tests run for. And how you interpret the results.

    How to interpret the stats you posted. What stats are important and what stats should be ignored. What they tell you and what to do about it.

    The business admin side of things. How to file the taxes, income and sales. What if any licenses you need or registrations. Whether or not you need a business entity and what kind and why (S Corp, C Corp, LLC, none?). Whether you need an accountant or a lawyer or any other “professional”. If you need a special bank account. If you need a special credit card. What you can and can’t deduct on your taxes as “business expenses”…or if that’s even worth doing/trying.

    1. Neville

      Holy cow….GREAT feedback!

      There’s actually a lot more things people wanted to know than I realized!

      Thanks man for the great feedback…this will be going into the course (already have about 7 good videos done…many more to be added)!

  4. Mike Roberts

    Can’t think of anything specific that I would like to see added (you covered a ton and so did the readers in the comments).

    Excited to learn from your years of experience!


  5. Aman@BullsBattleBears

    Great posts and look forward to the writeup Nev!

    To start off, I was wondering what made you get into the Rave business and how did you pick the right drop ship company. I have considered something in the drop sector, but with different sites asking for varied start-up costs, I’m not sure what the reliability is and how do you find the next best sector. You mentioned that as your customer base gets more educated, your role in the current model would be phased out. Can you say that for the entire drop ship industry?

  6. Chris Pund

    Great idea Nev, looking forward to seeing it. The others already covered a lot of great comments, and like Aman posted above, I think one of the biggest problems for most people is finding the right product line and supplier. Or even just focusing on finding the right drop ship supplier. Things like getting samples from the supplier to test the products before making your final decision, considering the costs for the supplier (is there a fee per transaction, fee per item, etc). All would be great stuff to read about!

  7. Adrian

    Hi Nev, I signed up for your email list, clicked on the confirmation email but was not sent the welcome email with the password for the next post. Could you check if its working properly? Thanks.

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