New Treo 700w – Verizon

I bought a new Palm Treo 700w smartphone in order to help boost my productivity.

I’ve never been really into cell phones, but this is a whole other category. It has all sorts of features which will hopefully make me more productive….or less…I’m not sure yet.

What I really wanted was the ability to check my email on the go without a laptop and have a to-do calendar I can carry around with me at all times. It has Windows Mobile which can play media, use Microsoft Office and all that other junk too. By far the best Treo 700w review is here.

In order to take advantage of the nation-wide broadband internet, I had to move to Verizon Wireless. I am also paying a hefty price for the convenience.

I haven’t played around with the Treo too much as of yet, but everything is very simple to learn. It’s based on a Windows platform, so any decently tech savvy person can get used to it with relative ease. For now I’m happy I can send text messages 10 times faster.

The phone itself is a very cool piece of hardware, ranking relatively high on “wow” appeal. Whenever I attend conferences with lots of busy people, almost everyone in the room has some sort of email capable device like a Blackberry….so now I can fit in by pretending to be busy on my phone :-)

I’m hoping this purchase will actually help me become more productive like my tablet PC did. I’ve been using it for only a few days, and I’ve become fond of the phone already….but $112/month??

I paid a lot of money to get this phone up and running:

Hopefully I can utilize this Treo 700w to its full potential and make it a valuable business tool.

Blog posted on: March 28, 2006

37 comments on “New Treo 700w – Verizon

  1. Cap

    wow quite a penny.

    I’m never really into high tech feature rich phones too.. but the ability to email, browse, (& make post) via a phone (at reasonable speed) is getting more and more appealing.

    lots of phone these day have some wap browser features, but browsing those things are worse than dial-ups.

    does the phone plan include verizon’s high speed access or something?

  2. Anonymous

    This is too bizzare. I just came back from looking at some pda-phones. I am looking at Verizon XV6700. It is awesome but expensive :(

  3. How To Be Poor

    I think this Treo is a good choice. I’ve tried Treos, Blackberries, phones with and w/out PDAs, and came to conclusion all of them are too big, including this Treo unit.

    If I was to buy a cell PDA, I’d go with i-mate JAM or a variation. It’s a GSM unit, so who cares it’s not sold in the US.

    You can buy it in Canada or UK. It’s tiny, so it won’t bounce in your pocket when you walk or bulge up when you sit.

  4. Dave P.

    I’ve been eyeing the 700W a few months before it was even released. I still really want it, but not sure if I can constitute the hefy price tag and monthly cost…at least not yet. So I will hold off as long as I can in order to save money in the meantime. I know that eventually I will need it.

    Keep us updated how it works out for you. I have a friend in sales, and loves the phone, but says it’s not worth the amount of money.

  5. Gualberto

    I bought one about a month and a half ago. It’s great! You can even download some software to tether it and use it as a modem for your laptop when on the go.

  6. Anonymous

    Great choice Nev.

    I’ve used several PDA-based devices in the past, and the best by far is the new Treo. The older versions were nice, but had their problems. Windows suprisingly came out and made a great piece of software in conjunction with Palm.

    Hopefully the price will justify itself by adding productivity.

  7. Jon Brelig

    If you want to a sweet PDA/Phone without breaking the bank, check out the Treo 600. It lacks the higher resolution, blackberry, and a few other features – but you can snag one on ebay for about $100 (plus you dont have to renew contract with Verizon). A year ago it was the ‘sweet new phone’ so if you’re content to have most the productivity w/o the ‘wow’ factor; it’s not a bad idea.

  8. Anonymous

    Getting a toy will not make you more “productive.” People use things like this as crutches or excuses to spend money saying that, “if I only had XYZ I would get more done…” At the end of the day it all comes down to you making it happen.

  9. Local_Blogger

    I had a treo 600, then switched to a treo 650. I didn’t make the upgrade yet to the treo 700, but here’s an awesome site with lots of info on how to fully utilize your treo 700. You can go to google and search “mytreo” i believe. Its a great site. Treo comes extremely handy for keeping track of tasks and appointments.

  10. chris sivori

    Blackberries are better at this sort of thing and cheaper. I bought a 7230 on eBay for 100$ then I just added blackberry service to my cell account. My total cell bill is 80$ but only because I opted for the enterprise level service. You paid way too much.

  11. GIV

    I’ve never understood how anybody can justify the costs of these things. For everyone in my office who has one, all they do is check and send e-mail on it all day long — and they’re maybe 5 feet away from their desktop PCs while they do it.

    Just seems like a grown up version of a game boy to me. Maybe I’m wrong though.

    You of all people should be able to maximize its potential though, Nev. I’m adding a link to your site.

  12. Anonymous

    I’m not gonna start a BBerry vs. Treo debate but I’m paying $40 less per month for 600min-daytime, unlimited N+W, and 400 text messages a month, and unlimited email and internet.
    Plus the phone was free. And I got an additional $100 rebate on top of that!!! Don’t ask how I got a rebate on a phone that was already free(I don’t know and I’d be stupid to ask them that).
    It does everything you mentioned and can open Office attachments.

    Not to rain on your parade but I doubt the Treo is worth THAT much more money.

  13. Jackie

    Hi Neville,

    I don’t have a comment about your phone, but I was fortunate enough to discover you today while looking around at financial blogs.

    Just would like to tell you I think you are a fabulous young man. You have had such great experiences in your life, and many more to come, that you will always cherish. I admire your self-motivation very much. Thanks for sharing your experiences with me. I enjoyed reading about you and “Bob”, & all the photos:)

    You are an excellent role model for children! I have two sons, Rob is 13 and Tyler is 11. I can’t wait to show them your site, especially Ty because he is a gifted student and loves to be challenged! Also my husband who I know will enjoy this too!

    Thanks for making my day! (I love the way you have separate accounts for your goals…great idea.) And, it’s wonderful that you have a Charity Account.

    Have a Great Day, Neville. Looking forward to your successes!

    45 yr old mom in Bethel Park, PA

  14. Jonathan Radande

    Hey Nev, congratulations on the new Treo 700w.

    I am owner of its predecessor, the Treo 650 and I’m completely happy with my phone. I won’t be upgrading to the 700w simply because the screen resolution is inferior compared to the Treo 650.

    With Cingular, and an additional line, my monthly bill comes out to $150 per month. This includes unlimited data usage per month for $24.99 and 1000 text messages for $9.99.

    Overall, I really like the fact that I can check my email on the go. I also love the fact that there’s so much software that I can add to make life a little easier.

    Overall, the Treo is a great phone. For all you blackberry users, can blackberry phones download special blackberry software?

    Like on my phone I have a weather checker, a movie player, a dictionary, Directory assistance, Flight status, Ipedia, and more.

    That’s one of the reasons I chose palm over blackberry. There are simply too many things to add on to a Treo.

  15. Anonymous

    Whoa!!! You overpaid. No wonder you searched the campus for forgotten used pens and never miss an opportunity to get some free food even when you just wasting your time.
    Insurance? What for? All this so that you can “fit in”? I doubt that you will be more productive, you have not been able to achieve that yet. Are you going to move all your quotes now to your Palm Treo?
    Grief, lots of talk and no delivery.

  16. Mark

    You seem like an early adapter to technology, so this purchase might actually benefit you. Not everyone would be a suitable candidate for a $112/month smartphone plan, but they’re not you! Friends I have that travel often love these things.

  17. My Financial Blog


    I have no comment. You just proved to a complete idiot. It will be interesting to see how this 100$ expense will allow you to become more productive, let alone fit in!

  18. wannabe_ceo

    “For all you blackberry users, can blackberry phones download special blackberry software? “

    Yes, I was the original Blackberry poster. One of the best is TrackIt, keeps mileage of one or more vehicles. Also like the Texas Hold Em game when I’m waiting on the train.

  19. Anonymous

    Hey Neville,
    This is Marie. My coworker has a Blackberry and she said it’s very much worth the money…but only IF you use it for what you bought it for, haha.

  20. Waipaak


    It is very strange to read such a post. I just come back from a trip to H.K. where I hesitated on buying a $500+ phone-PDA.

    I already have one actually, a Nokia 6630 (1), which came free with my 24-month 3G contract and has – among others – the ability to retrieve and send emails (no keyboards though, and even with T9 it can be fairly troublesome to write an email), store to-dos and notes and has a calendar with appointments and the likes.

    I was thinking, in HK, to buy a Motorola Ming「明」 (should be called A1200 in Europe and America (2) ). The reason for the change, or should I say the excuse, was the ability to easily reply to my emails and to run more powerful organizational tools (the one available for the 6630 really suck).

    Finally I decided to keep the HK$ 5’000+ in my pocket. And I believe I have taken a good choice.

    I do not agree with those who wrote comments saying that such tools do not make you more productive, as long as you know exactly what you need (and not what you want).

    In my case, all I need was the ability to constantly check emails: the small business I run (along my “daytime” job) depends on: quick and accurate (i.e. I need to reply from my PC) answers to the emails I receive; monitoring of the online platform (and most monitoring systems send you emails to keep you updated and warn you if something goes wrong).

    Hence, all I actually need is a tool to retrieve and read emails: and the 6630 does exactly that. I just needed to set the mailbox to “automatic retrieval” and the timer to “every 30 minutes”.

    Would the purchase of a HK$ 5’000+ Motorola A1200 improved my productivity: I doubt it. Would I have been able to justify the purchase with some other “business related” excuses: YES!


  21. Anonymous

    Maybe you can write it off as a legit business expense?

    It may indeed boost productivity if it helps keep you in touch if your remote a lot. Maybe define in writing what you see as being ‘productive’ and track the costs/benefits for a few months.

    I do not have one and I am, I image, busier than the avg person, and my productivity is a-ok.

    Good luck with it…

  22. Anonymous

    Call me crazy but im waiting on the Motorola Q…

    And what the hell is up with that annoying beep you hear when the Verizon customer you call is on the phone?

  23. Anonymous

    One thing you can do to increase productivity on your desktop is to set your Outlook Reading Pane back to the ‘Right’ instead of ‘Bottom’. It’s ludacris to have it at the bottom especially as your running a relatively high resolution.

    Some benefits to the ‘Right’ mode:
    1) you can usually see the entire email at once without scrolling.
    2) You increase reading speed and reduce eye strain by not having to read very wide text lines (there’s a reason why books are layed out portrait not landscape)
    3) you can see more emails at once as the list stretches the full vertical space as opposed to your current 1/4 of the screen.
    4) if your emails list is double-row per email (depending on the width of the preview pane), Outlook removes unnessacery info, like emails under ‘Today’ have the date removed and only show you the time received. And ‘Last Week’ emails include weekday without the year.

    Most people install Outlook 2003 and immediately change the Reading pane back to the bottom like it was in previous versions just because that’s what they’re used to. But there’s a reason Microsoft chose to design Outlook 2003 differently. Please at-least give it a try for a week and see if you feel/get more productive.

  24. Anonymous

    omfg so you spent 547$ in total, ouch.
    i also hope you can use it to it to the max. i dont think 547 is worth it thought, i mean most of us are around computer all the time right, and if not we can just upload the shitzu we need with the pda. I was browsing through sites for the treo 700w without the service, but i dont think there are any. so like it better pwn for you.

  25. Gretel

    Just wanted to find out if the Treo is for me. Love my Palmpilot, but it loses everything when batteries go out and I haven’t hot synced. Want all my info. on my phone with ability to schedule appts. with alarms for appts. – most of all, to not have to hot sync.

    I have verizon wireless. Can I guy a Treo on e-bay that says Verizon compatible and use with verizon wireless acct.?

    thanks for any info. and/or comments and insights.!

  26. Anonymous

    Keep looking. The soft reset is accessable by removing the battery covering and using the stylus. You need to do this about once a day. There is even an OEM cover for the battery that has a hole in it do you can reset the phone without removing the battery.

    This is after the update. Not ready is how I describe this phone.

  27. Anonymous

    700w is a nice phone.. the 700P is a little nicer.. for those of you who commented on the motorola Q.. its not a true windows mobile smartphone… it has an abridged version of it. cant put pocket pc, or any real applications on the Q…dissapointing..its such a sleek phone

  28. Jiggie

    Its a Weapon, paper weight, door stopper, the rock behind the tired of your car when parked on a hill. It is the bigges POS ever made. The verizon 700w or the 700wrx suck. Calendar always has a problem synching. DO not buy this POS. BTW sound quality sucks and we own 20 of these rocks.


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