No Longer a Hot Shot

Syntel (SYNT) and Dynegy (DYN) are both down substantially (several hundred dollar losses in each). The surprising thing is that Superconductor Tech (SCON) is still going up, the one stock I didn’t have high expectations for.

Feel free to drop me comments on trading strategies etc, but keep in mind I generally hold shares for 3 months to 2 years. I have had stocks in the past that dropped dramatically, but holding on to them for 6 months reversed those losses into big gains. If you are not careful though, those losses can turn into even bigger losses.

The reason behind this post is to show myself that no matter how confident you are about a stock, it can still play games with you. Fortunately I have longterm faith in Dynegy and Syntel. Dynegy will be a several year hold, and Syntel will be held for approximately 6 more months (based on current situations).