NYTimes Article, Progress Update

An article written by Elizabeth Harris in today’s New York Times mentions me and some other financial bloggers: Psst: Want to Know My Net Worth?

It even has a picture of my………nose, hand and tablet PC.

The main interview was done by Elizabeth Harris about a month ago, and there was a photo shoot done two weeks ago.

Here is a scanned version of the article:

Feel free to copy, steal and use the image.

This NYTimes articles completes one of my goals of being mentioned in 5 major news sources.
On another note….
By September 30th I am planning to upgrade an existing business I own to make more money. So far I have added an SSL security certificate and a added a 1-800 number on my Vonage account.
Some Post I personally like:

Blog posted on: September 18, 2005

22 comments on “NYTimes Article, Progress Update

  1. Hello there


    I read through all of “Posts I Like” in the right hand column, I liked the tablet PC post and Bottled Water Experiment!

    I must also say, for a 22 year old you are very prepared for the future.

    Good luck on everything.

  2. Anonymous

    Neville. Your blog was brought to my attention by the New York Times article. I was at my computer and thought I’d leave you a little “Congrats”. Hope all your goals come true.

  3. ncnblog

    Hey Nev,
    Great post, as always, and congrats on the ny times mention. I still think the original bottle water experiment was the best of all the posts.

  4. Anonymous

    Last sentence of article quotes you, “Maybe when I have a million, maybe I’ll feel differently.”

    I hope you continue to blog even after you make it big. Great job

  5. Anonymous

    Great blog Nev, keep it up so we can live through your world. It seems like you are 20 times bigger than that other guy in the paper. They used his picture and only your had… that is CRAP. It should have been all about YOU b/c you the MAN. Congrat’s and keep it up.

  6. Amanda

    Hi Neville,

    I read your article in the NY Times – well done!

    I started a personal finance blog about 2 months ago – mine is more advice-oriented. Anyway, as another 20-something, I congratulate your financial health! Most people our age are much less attentive to it.

  7. Phil Town

    Hi. Nice work you’ve done, keeping your finances in order like this. I’m wondering what you’re doing with your investing account. I’ll keep reading… Stop by my site sometime. I run through case studies of individual stocks all the time.

  8. Amanda

    You should definately go to Investopedia.com – it lays down all the fundamentals. The site also has an Investing Simulator that you can sign up for (it’s free) and then “trade” with.

  9. Alsymer

    Congrats, Neville! It was nice to see some notariety come your way … we (my buddies and I at NetworthIQ) have been admirers of your blog for some time now. There aren’t many twenty-somethings paying such close attention to their money decisions … you’re an inspiration. Keep up the good work!

  10. nyfinances

    Financial bloggers are useful, if you ask me. People tend to read more blogs than newspapers and this way, information is spread a lot better, especially in a big city like NY.


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