Well a lot of people are against the gambling idea! I will still give it a whirl to see what comes from it. If anything, it will be a nice $200 lesson for me.

I might also buy $100 worth of $1 scratch-off lottery tickets and display the averages of my winnings, this has been an experiment I’ve wanted to try for some time now. It would not only be educational as I would have to do a little research on statistics and averages, but it would also be kind of fun! Would anyone else like to see me do this?

I have another article in the Daily Texan tommorrow on qualities employers look for, I’ll post it tommorrow!

Blog posted on: March 22, 2005

13 comments on “Odds

  1. jim

    Haha, that’d be fun except I believe scratch offs are statistically the worst odds of any game. Go play poker or bet on a sports game and have the rush last longer than thirty second. :)

  2. Anonymous

    If you are really looking to make money “gambling”, go to http://www.cheatatblackjack.com — I tried it and made a lot of money in a short period of time.

    You will never win at casinos unless the odds are in your favor — just make sure you stick to the winning strategy, and I guarantee you that you will come out a winner.

  3. Anonymous

    I’ve always wanted to know what would happen if you bought tons of scratch-offs!

    I hope you do your “experiment” soon, I’ll be waiting for the results!

  4. Anonymous

    Well, you are obviously not smart enough to be posting a financial blog.
    You’ve just lost one reader.
    Have fun with that…

  5. Neville

    Dear Anon,

    A blind, one-legged monkey can start a financial blog if he chooses to. The one I really feel sorry for is the person that takes all their financial advice from his blog.

    I do not advertise one bit on my site, so I make no revenue no matter how many people visit. In fact, I use my own business server to host this highly trafficked site meaning I am using up valuable resources to keep it online.

    Because I am experimenting with alternate, non-traditional forms of investing means you will stop reading?

    There is no gun to anyone’s head to read this blog (ok, maybe a FEW), but I’d appreciate you stopping by and seeing the results later this week!

  6. Drue

    I don’t know if you bothered doing this or not, but 20/20 did a similar test with 500 dollars and saw NO return on investment, there was a loss…they only cashed in about 400 dollars on tickets.

    Interesting test, though. One thing they did not do on 20/20 was buy a entire roll of tickets. With an entire roll the odds might go up with that particular game – based on the number of tickets printed ad the number of big money wins within that pool. Otherwise you are spreading your chances out and lessening your odds.

  7. Anonymous

    I myself am about to spend One Hundred dollars on scratch off’s. Though many people tell me this a horrible idea I personally know people who have won large sums of money in random gambling.

    The only question I have is “Does any one know a website in which I can odd’s of particular scratch off’s? And which is better? To buy high dollar scrath offs i.e 5 & 10 or smaller sums i.e. 1? I was thinking 5 would have higher odds to win, but 1 I could by more therefor hopefully increasing my odds in winning? I havent a clue, good luck with your test.


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