Painting Address Numbers on Curbs

I’ve seen people do this all day, charge up to $40 per painting and do whole neighborhoods:
Re-painting the address numbers on curbs of houses.

I always thought this was a cool and easy way to make some extra money. So in some spare time this week I bought some plastic stencils (About $8) and some black/white outdoor spray paint (About $10) and decided to see how hard it could be.

I took the materials outside and gave it a rough shot on some newspaper:

It was a little messy, and I had to end up cutting the stencils apart, but my first painting came out alright. Not perfect, but alright.

I then started using tape to seal any loose areas of the stencils together, and I successfully made a semi-neat spray of the numbers. This isn’t hard stuff, but it takes a little trial and error testing.

I’ve seen lots of neighborhoods around Austin where I couldn’t find a house because of the lack of address numbers, think of what would happen if a police car or ambulance couldn’t find your house number.

Perhaps in the next few weeks I’ll give this a shot. I tried it out on some old curbage at my apartment complex, and it turned out decent….very rough….but nothing a little practice won’t clean up.

This would be an awesome way to make a good $100+ a day for a couple of high school kids or Boy Scouts. Actually, anyone could setup this little curb painting business for themselves and make a quick income!  It involves an easy service you can sell door-to-door that people will gladly pay for.

It seems everyone nowadays is talking about “Making money doing nothing” …..which is great….but making money from good old manual labor is sometimes very rewarding!

My first tries of the curb painting were a little rough, and I wanted to actually DO this door-to-door, so I bought new materials and made my own custom curb border out of cardboard I had laying around the house.  I was surprised how cheap everything was!  Altogether my total at Home Depot came out to less than……

GO TO PART 2 –> of the experiment (I did a much better job on my second tries)!

Blog posted on: June 22, 2006

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  1. Anonymous

    Nev, you’re always coming up with creative little ways to make money. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the next 5-10 years!

  2. 天方

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    I ran into your inspiriting blog by accident.
    Actually,I am a student from China.Though the idea of making money emerged in my mind once,I did not take actions yet.Maybe it is due to the culture enviroment.
    I am surprised at your financial income list on right column of your blog.
    I just can not believe you are a student also.
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  3. Anonymous

    Reminds me of a recent Simpsons episode…”Looking for a way to get easy money, Bart, Milhouse, and Nelson go around town spray-painting people’s addresses on their curbs and make them pay them ten dollars. After they already add the “7” and the “4” to the Simpsons’ curb, Homer tells them that he won’t pay, so they leave without finishing. The next day, the letter carrier delivers them someone else’s mail…”

  4. Sammy

    I’ve actually considered this, as well for years now. So simple yet, so profitable. It’s a practicle and necessary service, so you’ll always have a customer.

    This reminds me of a day when I went outside to talk to the guy who painted my curb address. He simply knocked on my door, gave his offer and I accepted. In all honesty, I really did it just so I could pick his brain about his business. It worked. His entire business was inside his backpack! Yup, his planner, his supplies and his receipts. Awesome!

    After speaking for about an hour, I learned that this person was an Army Veteran and decided to try this out soon after he got out of the Army as a weekend deal to earn a few bucks. In his first weekend alone, he earned $300+ and these were 5 hour days. He’s been doing it ever since. I remember asking him if he made a good living doing it. His response:

    “People may laugh or wonder why… once you look at my deposit slips, you’ll know why. Let’s just say I live very comfortably, I work 3 days a week, no more than 5 hours a day.”

    Entrepreneurship at it’s best!

  5. Marco || Stock Trading

    Yep, this idea is so universal! People also do it here in Australia!

    Instead of having another lazy weekend watching boring old TV, I might just go down to the hardware shop, buying the goods and then selling my service around the neighbourhood.

    You might want to do a little “product development” too. Some people who came knocking at my door had “special” reflective paint. That was their USP. The reflective paint was white, so they first painted the kerb with a few layers of the white paint, then the numbers with the black paint.

    Thanks Neville!

  6. Jesse

    The only tactic I’m not a fan of is when the person paints your curb FIRST, and then asks for payment.

    Maybe you didn’t want it painted? And I don’t like guilt-trip sales pitches.

  7. Anonymous

    A curb is public property. What you are doing is called graffiti.

    And who would pay $40 for that? $10 max.


    1. Travis

      you know what you bitter internet blogger. It is not graffiti. Most cities will only provide 1 curb address to the lifetime of a curb. If the actual curb is rebuilt or repaved then the city will pay again. There are restrictions and guideline that you need to follow according to each city varies. Homeowner associations differ as well, but by no means is this graffiti, as i have had permits in certain required areas and worked with city code compliance officials

    2. Anonymous

      I have been doing this for 25 years and it is not grafitti it is a service that police and firefighter get done all the time. They always say it is so difficult to find a home without the numbers. It is called the right of way not public property and most cities will give you a business license to do this! Grafitti is illegal. Anyway I think 40.00 is a little much I usually charge 20.00 but the service has not been as low as 10.00 for almost 20 years. I will drop to 10.00 if someone doesn’t have it I have even dropped to 5.00 but 20.00 is the usual charge. Before you call someone a dipshit go out and try it I guarantee you will quit whatever you are currently doing for a living within 3 days!

    3. Olivia

      Of course you would remain anonymous. Many people would use this idea. Its kind of sad that your so into thinking inside of the box rather than out. & by stating this comment.. You have no ethics at all. Go post other stupid stuff on someone elses blog. this person is LEGIT along with his/her ideas

  8. Anonymous

    What am I missing? Nev, you have graduated from a great school with a degree in computers I believe. Your parents paid good money for it. And now you want to paint curbs and you make it look more complicated than it is. BTW around here they will make the numbers raised, reflective and rather fancy for $20.
    They are hiring computer geeks again and paying more than $100 a day and that is not even counting the benefits.
    How do you have time to run all the other supposed & very secret businesses you are working on? One good biz idea and you will be working 24/7 for a while (at least that has been my experience and everybody else’s I know).
    I understand your drive to be entrepreneur but so far you are “much ado about nothing”. Sorry, Nev you are no longer in college, time to stop playing around and get to it.
    Believe it or not I’d like to see you succeed BUT….

  9. personal finance

    Had to laugh when I read this. This has been going on for years because I did this one summer in high school – and that was over 20 years ago- of course, we only charged $20 back then, but it is a nice, profitable business. Need to make sure that the city allows it – some don’t which can get you in trouble.

    If you want an even easier way to earn money, you can earn $100 – $300 a day sitting in a car

  10. Ajit

    Hi, i have seen your site. It’s really very educated one for painters. The topics are vast and interesting.

  11. Jason

    that is a cool idea!
    so what would the pitch sound like when you ring the door bell?

    “hello, Jay here from Priority Address Painting — would you like to have your address painted on the curb so emergency vehicles and such can find your house better”

    I wonder what the line was…

  12. Anonymous

    Hi -

    I just came across you site on google and what a great entry.

    I don’t know if you ever watch MTV but they had an episode where kids were trying to move to New York but they needed the money to get there. They did the same exact thing you’re thinking of doing and they made a killing.

    I defintely think it’s worth a try.

    Take care,


  13. Anonymous

    dude, yes, ill be honost.. i have been reading your blog for a while from time to time to see if anything decent comes around… but NOTHING yet. that curb shit is so GAY. no class whatsoever. get a real professional job. who da fuck paints curbs?

    1. curb service

      Ive been doing this for 7 years off and on and easily make $100-300 a day. I usually work from about 10-2.

  14. Andrew

    I have never heard of that as a way of making money and never seen anyone doing it in the various places I have lived. Gather together a team of motivated people, teach them how to do the job and send them out there. You of course get a cut and don’t have to do manual labor.

    I agree manual labor can be satisfying at times but not for long stretches or as a career. If you have other options then take them, which of course you do.

  15. Anonymous

    hey, my son started this just a few days ago. He was halted by rain so in the meantime, he worked on his stencils. He was out for 2 hours this morning before rain fell again and in that time he made $80! He is still on his first cans of paint which cost him about $9. Not bad for a few hours work.

  16. Anonymous

    Hey, my son started doing this a few days ago. He made his own stencils and a few neighbours were nice enough to let him practice on their curbs. Then they ‘donated’ to his cause! Today, he was out for 2 hours before the rain hit, and earned $80. He is still on his initial cans of paint ($9) too.

  17. Anonymous

    Yep it’s true you really can make a good living curbpainting. i have been doing this for awhile now, and sell kits online at for those who have to go power to work without a boss.
    the only problem i run into is cities who think its their job to regulate what i do. the truth is no city is allowed to stop a homeowner from having their address painted, make one get a permit before they go door to door offering this service. this is your right to go deliver your information right to the homeowner, unless they have a no soliciting sign posted. your flyer that you leave offering this service is protected by the first admendment, and free speech. the first admendment was put in place so we can share our idea’s with our neighbors without any restraints from any city government, or police. its really funny but people that go door to door are guilty until proven otherwise. what other people need to go register with police departments, or city hall before they go to work. the Ohio supreme court ruled in 2002
    going door to door is the life blood of any poorly financed group. don’t let your city stop you from earning your legal living by putting illegal ordinances in place to stop your right to go door to door. for those of you that don’t want someone knocking, simply plce a no soliciting sign up. don’t call the police to try to stop someone from earning legal a living most of your neighbors want this service, and they are not there for you, they are there for the people that really want this service.
    good luck out there all you curb painters. i hope this will help if your city tries to stop you.
    p.s. one city put a warrant out for me for painting curbs, and i beat the case by letting them know the law. it’s time for your city to police itself, and remove any illegal ordinance that they have put into place to stop you from earning your honest living.
    feel free to email me with any info of a city violating your 1st admendment violations. with curb painting in subject line

  18. Anonymous

    My son is trying to earn money to fund his Boy Scout Eagle project and I’ve been researching this idea for that purpose. Not sure which method would work best, put out flyers with price or ask for donations if the homeowner approves of work. Which one works best for those of you who have done this???

    He had a great idea (at least I thought so) to show movies at the baseball park and charge for concessions (not movie admission). We live in a small subdivision in Dallas and people go to the neighborhood baseball park when a game is going on even if they don’t have children playing. Anyway the city told him he was required to hire 3 city police officers for security and that they couldn’t donate their time to his project which would eliminate any money he would make.

    This seems like a great idea for kids to make some money too. My son plays football, as I said previously in scouts, add school to the mix and he can’t find a job that will work with his schedule.

  19. old curb painter

    I had to laugh when I found this shit. I have to laugh at Ted the curb painter too. I wonder how much money he’s made selling his “secrets”, and how much competition he’s created that will eventually come back to bite him in the ass. I’m glad I don’t work in his state. I have enough moron competitors in mine (CA). I have never sold my secrets, and I have never painted as poor a number as you displayed in the blog. My god, I wouldn’t pay 50 cents for a number like that. I charge $20, and mine are worth every penny (and I make more than $150 a day. I haven’t made that little since 1978). I liked the comment from the guy who said “Who the fuck paints curbs?” lol Well, a lot of people (mostly drug addicts and college kids, tho) including me and (arrgghhh) Ted.

  20. mike

    Nice site with good info. Just wanted to say I ordered a complete kit at I already made $300 bucks in 3 days part time. Thought you guys might be interested to know. The kit is complete and informative and Id highly recomend it.

  21. Anonymous

    Nice idea, I bet one could make money with curb painting. Low overhead and plenty of profit. No headache to boot!! Here are a few of my ideas. Gutter cleaning. Get a second hand leaf blower to start out with, a ladder, a plumber’s snake, an ole work truck, a little knowledge on the subject and get to work. A good fall season business when the leaves are falling. Firewood business: During the summer and fall season have a tree removal business as well. Need a chainsaw and perhaps a trailer. Charge people to remove their trees from their land and break it down to firewood. Of course u need to try and cut down trees like oak that make good burning logs. Then when it turns cold outside, rent a little piece of land and sell the firewood. You can even look on craigslist where people give away firewood as long as u come pick it up!

  22. Jeremy Berger

    That is a really awesome business idea. I have never lived where there are house numbers on the curb but I have seen them. What an awsome idea!

  23. Anonymous

    This is against city rules in most places out where I live in California. I also feel it’s wrong if you paint curbs because you aren’t paying your income tax, are you? Then if you aren’t, are you or are you not considered a leech on American society who does pay? Why, you are worse than a bum. At least a bum has problems finding work and just drinks himself to oblivion. You, on the other hand, take money from people and tell us that you are doing if for a worthy cause (what’s that, for your very fat pocket?). PUH-lease!

  24. Anonymous

    I work for the Transportation Dept of a City out here in California, and we completely allow it here, in fact encourage it. We have many difficult areas that police, ambulance and fire need to find. It is only a benefit to us. There are not too many complaints or people doing it here, so i can see what a great opportunity it would be. We are a small City of about 100k people, who still value the sense of small community. I get calls every so often asking me if we allow such a thing.. to their surprise i say yes.

  25. Thomas McGullin

    If you are smart you can outsource the actual labor out the mexicans that stand in the labor line waiting for cheap work. (if you live anywhere in the south west US, their is a labor line or illegals immigrant workers willing to do a positive thing for the community.

  26. Anonymous

    Who are you to judge someone for painting curbs. There are alot of elderly people and disabled people that are unable to do it themselves. You must be a bitter person who went through a bad tax audit possibly….anyway I suppose everyone across America having a garage sale, flea market, or selling on Craigslist are all leeches as well and should be locked up for tax evasion right? In this economy you might end up being one of those curb painters yourself.

  27. dnola3

    I have been doing this as a business since I was 14 years old, my dad ran this business and I now have my own. Those numbers you painted are hideous! As a professional with over a decade of experience in this line of work, I'd advise anyone out to make a quick buck to at least put some effort into their work. anyone can grab some stencils and shoot some paint on a curb, You need to take the time to touch up your overspray and have a decent looking number. Not trying to be rude, but those numbers look like crap, and if I requested my numbers painted for $10-$20 on my curb, and got something like that done, I'd stiff you.

  28. Jennifer

    I think this is a great idea. I recently bought a book called 1001 business's you can start from home and this was listed in it. So now I'm researching it. As far as the person who believes that someone with this kind of small business is not paying taxes and insulting anyone that does this business. All I can say is obviously you have never owned your own business or you would know differently. Anyone that making any kind of money in a business like this and doing it for very long is paying taxes. It's just not taken out like your employer does for you. You are considered self employed and if you're a legitimate company then you will claim all of your profit and expenses on your taxes. Does everyone claim it, no but trust me those people probably aren't in business for long.

  29. Anonymous

    This Business is Unique for sure. I started out as a House painter until a friend of mine showed me how to do this. With a ninth grade education,a lot of motivation to succeed and to overcome impending homelessness, I have been painting addresses on curbs almost ever since I arrived in Long Beach,California in 1984.

    Since then, i have fathered and raised a 20 yr old daughter and a 4 yr old son as well as purchased a half million dollar home and new truck.

    Yes, the American Dream is obtainable if you are willing to Work Smart and sometimes Hard.

  30. Superheat

    Yes i wanted to try this out i paid a guy a few years ago to do my house numbers he used reflective white silver and black and did a great job and only charged me $10 i am going to get some supplies and start this next week since it got warm finally here in Ft Worth.

    1. anonymous

      Good Luck.
      There are too many peeps in Texas doing this. Stay out of the big towns- Money is in smaller towns away from big cities. Unless,If you like only making 100- 150 bux a day in the Big city, then go 4 it.
      To me, that is Bullshit Money. I made more 25 yrs ago and wont go backwards in pay.


    Let me tell this, my wife had a heartattack and almost died and when the ambulance was taking her to the emergency room the driver said “thank god you had that address number painted , i hate wasting precious seconds that could mean life or death looking for a address # , everyone should have one” And i truly believe when the driver told me that , it was the best 20$ i could have ever spent and everyone should get a painted reflective address #

  32. No profit

    This is a crok i tried it and there is no profit , i Busted my ass and made chump change. the only advice is don’t waste your time on this business , you can make more money selling ice to eskimos

    1. anonymous

      You obviously did not go to the right places and did not utilize the right procedures. I have ate shit in a lot of areas in the past before i got it right. There are way too many people painting fuckin curbs now anyway. That is ruining it for us older painters with established , licensed areas. Many of these guys are unlicensed scam artists with criminal records and drug problems. Believe me, i have met hundreds of them.

      1. John


        I had a drug problem in the 90,s and a minor criminal record. Im an air traffic controller and 10 yr. part-time curb painter. I wasn’t always licensed either. For the first year of my career as an air traffic cont. I would work while on vicodin and also after the occasional cocaine binge and no sleep. It was very very irresponsible and I’m thankful nothing negative resulted from it. I also know commercial pilots who have drug problems. If we were able to do our jobs I’m sure one could simultaneously do drugs and paint a curb, hell L.T. was high on crack and played pro football. I am also a good friend of Isaiah Robertson, NFL linebacker from 71-82. 1st round draft pick, 6x pro-bowl and All-pro, 7x all conf. and D-Rookie of the year. Not to mention marrying the daughter of one of the wealthiest families in America, Heinz Ketchup. He spent every dollar he had on crack. (He now has many yrs. clean and a drug treatment facility.) We would both gladly let a unlicensed druggie/criminal paint our curb just for the oppurtinity to share our past and try to help.

        I read your post and met the criteria for people you dont like… 1. Drug Addict 2. Criminal 3. Unlicensed Painter (was). Just thought I would share that with ya Mr. Older Painter.

        Oh and calling those guys scam artist would not be correct. Maybe….unlicensed ?? Scams are a little different…..

  33. Jay

    For those of you who have done this, where did you purchase your reflective spray paint? or do you just spray a clear reflective coat over the address once its all finished? any help is much appreciated thank you!

  34. Aaron

    Try outlining the background area with blue painters tape first to get a nice, crisp edge (sure… it adds a few pennies, but the end result will look much better).

    When spraying the numbers using the stencil, hold the can farther away from the curb. That will help stop the underspray (paint flying under the stencil) and will give you a cleaner edge on the numbers.

    You can get even crisper lines by spraying a bit of PhotoMount (buy at art shops or Office Depot – used for mounting pictures on backing paper) on the back of the stencil and temporarily adhering the numbers to the curb… probably a bit of overkill for a business (but maybe you will get more repeat business that way), but as a homeowner who paints his own numbers, I like the better result.

  35. Jessica

    I was just going to say that I have done this very thing for several years infact I am doing a deminstrational speech on it for my college public speaking class, I was going to say that if you use duck tape, I prefer the width to be about 2 inches, you would use about two to three strips on the top and the bottem leaving a good area in between them(this is where you will spray the white paint)then take and put two strips on each side to make the left and the right sides of you box. then tape your stencles together overlapping the stencles just a little bit this will allow less taping. then spray your black paint and then you should be able to start at the corner of your tape and peal back the tape and what will be left is your perfect address on the curb

  36. Jessica

    just wanted to add that when I used to paint addresses I would come home with any where from $150-$300 a night. You have to be able to talk, not everyone is a good door to door sales person, first rich neiborhoods are the best, they think it looks nice and they will get it done, another good saling point is if you get a neibor tell the next neibor that you did there neibors and they could take a look at it and see if they like it, that was always a sure sale for me, but I’m also a perfectionist so my curbs always looked very good. I only charged $10 per curb which isn’t that much and people jump on it, don’t over price your self it will run you right out of a business. I also would print up a card incase people didn’t answer they could call me back later if they wanted it done also, this was a way to not waste my time by not getting an answer at the door. oh, and on the person who commented about licenses, I didn’t have to have a licence but every where is different and have different laws here in hutchinson, ks the only law is that if the city has to come tare up your curb they will not replace your painting or pay you back the money you spent on getting it done, so if you plane to have curb work done don’t paint your curb.

  37. J

    Some people painting curbs may be honest, but where I live it is not so true. They always paint your curb first, THEN ask for money. People who give them money are really just feeding a persons drug/alcohol addiction for that day.

    Much worse is the fact that many who paint curbs are really scaning the neighborhood to see who has money or valuables they can steal from cars/homes/etc. Please be on the lookout if someone comes by to paint your curb. I have seen peoples property damaged and cars broken into the night after someone comes by to paint curbs.

  38. Chantelle Ellis

    I live in South Africa, and the painting on kerbs has been going on here, for a few years, both my brothers and myself are doing this for extra cash……

    I would like to share how we do our numbers…First of all the numbers we do, does not get sprayed on,we paint a black block,with a white number, the white number gets two coats of paint, and then we put a product on top of the wet paint,it’s called a starbead…it’s a glass crystal like bead( it looks like fine sugar granules) The whole number stands out at night like a cats eye….we have done so well with this product that the other curb painters has given up, if we get into a neighbourhood we kick ass….the residents prefer our numbers because it really really reflects like cats eyes….we even got contratcs to do street names on curbs using the same method,i am hoping soon that we will getin bigger jobs from the city council…if you want to look up the product i use go to

    1. Mona

      I would like to talk with Chantelle Ellis about your business. I am divorced, a single mother with 5 kids and ventured out in this business. I don’t know much and am reading all I can to learn. Would I be able to talk with you. my email is

    2. ann ardell

      Would you please tell me what size glass beads you use?I’m assuming you mix your own ‘secret sauce’. I can ask you for your recipe, but doubt you give it out. I live in California, no competition here! Would really appreciate your input, do you have awebsite where I can see pictures of your work? Sincere thanks, Ann

  39. Jimmie

    Your paint job there in the pic looks terrible! If you are going to write about this subject, at least have some experience at it. Many writers are screwing the curb painters who have been doing it for 30yrs. and showing ways to scam our customers. This needs to stop!! Be sure to check local laws now as you can be arrested on the spot for not doing it right. If you can not pass a background check, look for something else to make money!!

  40. Jimmie

    Hey “J” !! Keep a lookout for the scammers who paint first without the homeowners permission. Call the cops!! Also while you are at it, keep a lookout for the banks, mortgage co., identity fraud, contractors, cities, states, advertisements, your brother–they may be scamming you! What is the world coming to these days? I am a honest curb painter who has been doing it part time for 30 yrs, all over the west coast in 5 states in the USA!

  41. Cal, Denver Painting Contractor

    Good line of business if you have a zillion addresses to paint. lol Starting out as a youngster doing this, along with paper route, I was well on my way working for myself, and 45 some-odd years later, still am, painting much larger canvases like painting entire interiors and exteriors in the Denver Metro and Colorado. Painting 400-600 addresses per year is enough for my allowance.

  42. Anon

    “It seems everyone nowadays is talking about “Making money doing nothing” …..which is great….but making money from good old manual labor is sometimes very rewarding!”

    I’m currently reading a book called Predictable Irrationality. It talks about this topic where someone is more likely to do certain things for free or a gift(social norms) but as soon as money is involved for favors they are less likely to do it because now it becomes “work” (market norms). I suggest you read it, it’s a very interesting look into how predictable irrationality of the things we do actually are.

    Anyways, love your blog!

  43. Paul

    I have been painting curbs my whole life, my dad did it and my granddad did it… now days I paint a full sunset with palm trees, dolphins jumping, seagulls and the whole nine. I did thousands in the beach areas of san diego and Im about to do it all over again!

    $10 for a black and white
    $20-25 for a beach scene

    Ive done just about everything else too, family pets, sports logos etc…

    but the real money is in flyers! I made a flyer promoting curb addresses being painted on the next day…. about four hundred houses takes me about 2 hours… I come back the next day and paint them on … $200-250 daily and no selling. I leave a self addressed stamped envelope with a note to send it in the next day for those that were not home when I went to collect. Then I got lazy and pretty much did this for everyone but took a note who needs to pay and if a week went by with no payment then I went back to collect.

  44. Paul

    By the way…. use index cards around your stencils with masking tape. one on the right, one on the left, one on top, then trim off the corners…..

    use flyers, tape them up with masking tape to…. to the garagea and ask them to tape back up with an X with which design they want and post back on the garage so that you can see it from the street when passing…

    drive by your streets the next day … collect the ones that are filled out and leave the ones that are not… make a note at the bottom, if we miss you by accident please email us your address and we will come back the next day and paint it on….

    you welcome

  45. Old curb painter

    I can’t believe this topic is still going, or how many people like to give away their secrets, especially Paul and my “anonymous old curb painter” buddy Tim in Long Beach. Tim, Paul and S. Africa dude, shut the hell up…for your own sakes…

    Oh, and Paul, we’ve all seen your beach scenes…even in the desert..LOL. They aren’t that great…Tim has a better one. Don’t you just love curb wars?

  46. Ernest V. LA, CA

    It’s still work, and you still have to make an investment. And to paint 200 addresses a day is real work. Selling, and dealing with rejection is hard work too. Plus all the website propaganda, on the net that tries to keep curb painters from being free. There are people who get there curb painted once and think they know everything about it, then try to dictate the price. I know what my investment is, what my labor costs are, and what my profit should be.

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  48. Michael

    This can be a good partime/weekend business. Providing you do neat work. Now that being said, I have issues with anyone either on a tv infomercial or the internet selling the proverbial get rich quick business plan/system. Not implying that is what you are doing here, Just saying. Common sense will tell you that if you are making good money in a business venure, You don’t go around telling everyone how to to do it, Why because it creates competition and the more competition you have the harder it will be to make a profit. Any business owner who tells you that he loves competition just bring it on, Is lying thru his teeth, Because he does not want it to appear to others that he worried or a bad sport. ;) Anyway People who sell all these get rich systems have simply figured out that it is easier to make money and lots of it by selling the idea instead of actually doing the work themselves.
    I respect anyone that is willing to go out and actually work for an Honest dollar, Instead of sitting on your lazy ass playing video games and sucking off the teat of the Government like some Welfare leach. No job is demeaning if it means putting food on the table or paying a Bill. If Someone can make a $100 per day painting curbs, well guess what that is more then what you will earn working at Burger King.

    1. Neville

      I give away almost everything I do on this blog for FREE. If I charge some money to show someone how to make $200+ a day….I can charge money.

      Get over it.

      I’m HELPING people paint curbs for good money…it’s not necessarily competition for you, as it’s unlikely ANY of my customers will ever be in your very specific area.

  49. Bank

    This Business is Unique for sure. I started out as a House painter until a friend of mine showed me how to do this. With a ninth grade education,a lot of motivation to succeed and to overcome impending homelessness, I have been painting addresses on curbs almost ever since I arrived in Long Beach,California in 1984.

  50. Legal Curn Address Painter

    Hello World! I have been a House address painter for the last 20/30 yrs on the west coast. I have heard all the scams and it has hurt my LEGAL legitimate business. Many towns do not put up with door to door scams or any mean businessman/woman, so be nice at all times-every single house! I charge $5.00 for spray paint on cement and $10.00 for traffic paint on asphalt, at the door. Higher prices for next day & appointments. Higher with costs possible in the future, who knows. All the extra flags and palm trees are illegal by most city codes and I keep watch for the extras man at 8am illegally painting in my territory. Be very careful spraying around vehicles! You can be held liable!
    Right now I can make a decent living at these prices for a single guy. Currently DO-IT yourself paint costs are: 6.00 for paint-one can white,one can black , $5.49 for stencils, tape 2.00, Gloves $1.00 and without a template I use custom made make me the pro in the final outcome of appearance. Many people say I am too cheap? It is the right price for every single dwelling in a city, rich and poor, per year.
    In a fast paced world we now live in, Curb Address is needed! Timing Saves Lives! The other reason why I do My career is i am retired from transportation and disabled with discriminating attributes, yet striving to work and knock on every single door on the west coast. Curb Addresses help everyone else in the transportation of products and services to customers homes. Pizza Man, Gas Man, Fed-EX, Florist, Taxi, Grocery errand man, home health nurse, house meetings & gatherings etc. You get my idea.
    I have had a complete criminal background check by the DOJ/FBI to solicit door to door and have several city licenses enclosed in a see thru pouch on a necklace I wear that is presentable to every customer. All you need to check me out with the cities. City Councils of America need to back off a little on restrictive laws and taxes in Public Works and let those at the bottom work for a bettering themselves and the world!

    Good Day World!

    1. Andy

      Just wanted to know who I would call for license to paint addresses in my neighborhood? 512-415-5368 cell

      Thank You so Much

  51. Sales person VS Business owner

    I think painting curbs is a perfect little sales job. However, I have had trouble with the proccess of painting the curb.I have tryed cardbord stencils, vinal stencils, spraying adhesive to vinal stencils, i just cant figure out how to actually do the curb fast. Selling the service is easy. Can anyone help me?

  52. steve kosmoski

    Hi, I know in our area (10,000 pop town midwest) there will be many young highschool kids unable to find any work so the opportunity for them to get in trouble is high. When I was a boy we did this in Boy Scouts, so I thought this might be a great opportunity for these kids. I am retired and am considering organizing this ministry for kids. I need no income for myself and thought of charging $7.
    $6 for the kids and $1 for the supplies. Any help you could suggest to make durable frames and letters etc. would be helpful. God Bless, Steve

  53. CurbPro

    Ok it started out when my kid was going door to door and doing address numbers he would do as many as 4-6 jobs and make 40.00 – 60.00 dollars for a few hours work. Then one summer I was out of work, so I thought how can I turn this this into a real money maker( I always go overboard). So I purchased a 500.00 49cc scooter, a large printer to print a 1000+ fliers a day, bought a flag stencil, a 500 page paper cutter, a brass number stencils on a L metal
    with handle, created a flier 3 per page, a box with tape on the side mounted to my scooter. And found a great area to flier I made minimum 200 a day to the mist ever 665.00 a day. I would flier in the morning and paint after lunch. It lasted about a year. My work picked up I haven’t done it since. But it is great to know I can do it again. Yes some cities would herass me but all they do is ask you not to do it. I move over a city and go. Go back to that area later. I love curb painting and rideing all over town on my scooter. :-). <. And a licence to do this is expensive million dollar liability and each city permit. Waste of money. Just be polite to
    mailmen and to city people. Never a problem. God bless——–

  54. auto insurance quote nj

    I have tried this but could not get the number painting to work. Underspray, finding stenciles that work and such. Selling the service was easy.

  55. CurbPro

    Buy interlocking brass stencil’s (4″ on eBay) interlocked together & pop riveted all together to a piece of L metal with a handle screwed to it. And the paint. find a fan tipped type. Like ace hardware has. Important must be fan tipped.
    My 82 year old dad made 465.00 from 1 fliering took 3 days but still I area made that!! In california.

  56. apartments for rent in nashville tn

    I just watched that go kart video…funny dudes bragging about no college degree. Im sure thay make good money but man do they really want to do that for ever? hmmm im not one for college either but at the same time dont want to be a hustla forever either. just saying…

  57. apartments for rent in raleigh nc

    Great post nev. You are always coming up with the greatest ideas. The guys in my area just hang flyers and come back the next day to all the houses that have it filled out. Some are even tricky and make it look as if its a city thing and you “have” to do it…

  58. Valerie

    I’d suggested this as a business for my sister over 20 years ago. In some areas you need to use special paint (with reflective flecks), but that was the only hurdle. Did she go for it? Nope. I even offered to buy the paint and stencils. Crazy, IMO.

    Of course, I’ve always preferred self-employment. For some folks (many!) giving up control relieves them of the ‘blame’ if they live a life of mediocrity (or quiet desperation).

  59. Toy Dog Coffee

    I know guys that did this for a living and they never had to even talk to customers. All they did was buy door hangers (envelopes with rubber bands attached to hang on the door), place in each one a picture of them, a copy of their business license, pictures of their work and a note letting them know if they wanted to to have their curb painted, fill out the order form, leave cash in the envelope and they would pick it up the next day and complete the painting. Boom, sweep in the next day, collect the money, paint the numbers and move on to the next neighborhood

    For gated communities, they would just talk to the home owners associations and give them a discount price.

  60. florida affordable health insurance

    They mix the paint with very small glass beads. When the light hits it, it reflects. I have to reallllly search to figure that out. They try to cherge you on other sites to teach you this info. You can buy the glass beads at pro paint stores…i think. Look around, you can find it.

  61. Ernest V. LA CA

    13 years ago Los Angeles was wide open. Guys started selling books on the net about how to do addressing as a low start up. This and a man at Venice beach CA taught a whole lot of homeless people how to paint the addresses on the curbs. He would always say that there was enough for everybody. Not only are there now to many curb painters in and around LA, but they come from as far as Florida every summer. By the end of summer everything is done from east LA to the beach. The whole valley as well. Because there are so many homeless that use drugs their tolerance and maturity levels are often low and they can become irate and abusive at the doors of the very people they are asking for work and money from. Incidentally the guy from the beach moved out of state because of all the competition.

  62. Quality Curb Painter

    Been doing this for some time now. I can flyer 300-400 homes an hour (with mailboxes) or flyer 200-300 homes an hour (without mailboxes) all by myself. In a day, I get 800-1000 flyers out.

    I’m not giving away any secrets on how to be this fast. I’d like to see anyone beat this type of productivity. It takes a long time to get this good.

  63. NolaManBlog

    This has really caught on in New Orleans. People now have fleur de lis and LSU emblems on their curb addresses. I tried this during Christmas break of 2010. I only lasted 2 days. I went door to door and I must have had a 5% success rate or so doing it that way. I made $160 in two days but I just was not fit for all of the rejection. I took it personally and now know the importance of persistence.

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  65. Quality Curb Painter


    I am now flyering 400-500 homes an hour (with mailboxes) and flyering 300-400 homes an hour (without mailboxes) all by myself. In a day, I get 1200-1500 flyers out.

    I’m not giving away any secrets on how to be this fast. I’d like to see anyone beat this type of productivity. It takes a long time to get this good.

  66. Gio

    hey, where can i find the curb number adress stuff, I saw the first picture, and i saw their was lots of stecils all with 4 digits, where can i get my hands on one of those packages…it said it only costs $8, sounds promising

  67. tell me somtin good

    Nev, can you give the folks a new idea? WTF? This has been around forever! Anyone can post up blog about existing businesses, how about coming up with your own idea for something to make money, and then share it? In your copy-cat world though, you certainly need to make aware to your readers that if these folks are seen painting these addresses without the proper permits and or not bonded, they can be arrested ON THE SPOT and go to jail!! As with ALL businesses you are also required to file with the state for tax purposes and by law are required to pay taxes on the income, which by the way you have now given the perfect venue here for that salivating IRS agent to get that promotion! BEWARE folks, you have to be legal eagle now in most ALL cities to do this work!! And there are additional permits in most for distribution of fliers door to door. In addition to the required permits and license on the local level, most cities are now requiring you be bonded in the amount of a million scammolies!! So folks, don’t go out there unknowing, possibly to find yourself the recipient of some shiny bracelets and a do-not-pass-go do-not-collect-$200 day!!

  68. Pingback: 51 Alternatives to a Real Job: The Book - 51 Alternatives: Painting Numbers on Curbs

  69. Mark

    Hi, I don’t know if you’re going to get down the comments list thus far; but hey, on the off chance you read this, I think this idea is great! I’m in the fire service (fire dept to you) and the one thing that really bugs us is not being able to see frikken’ house numbers. So I say go for it and use my endorsement if you want. Just a word on the advice side…if you can source some glass beads (reflective) from your local council, just throw a handful on your paint while its still wet. The number will stick out like dogs balls in our spotlights, and you could use this as an upsell. Good luck!

  70. Dale

    Hi there Neville! Thanks for this information you have provided the public on all your income producing services that you do not pay taxes on. I think I will cash in with the IRS and local municipalities by providing your name along with all these others, so I will get the rewards they pay for information leading to the arrest and conviction of tax evaders. Im sure you being the financial wizard and all, that you have an epic attorney and accountant on your payroll.

    1. Old Curb Painter

      Dale: You’re either a moron or someone who doesn’t know how to make a joke. However, if you ARE just a moron, I do not fear you…bwahahaha…because I pay my taxes. Screw YOU!

  71. painters in kansas city

    Colours can set the mood of your living room, they can be either inviting or irritating. Colours have psychological effects on people and their moods. .However, if you pick the wrong paint colors or overall color scheme, your home can quickly be transformed into something that is less than appealing


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