Picture with the Dalai Lama

I want a picture with the Dalai Lama.

He is coming to speak here at UT in September with an audience of approximately 13,000 people. Tickets are free to UT students, but with 13,000 people it will be difficult to meet Lama.

Why a picture? Because he’s the Dalai Lama. Enough said.

I’ve been working on business projects all day, everyday, so I haven’t had too many mini-adventures lately. My next plan is to disguise myself as a member of the press and get close enough to take a picture with the Dalai Lama.

Ticket information is available here…..
…..press access is my ticket to get close enough….hopefully.

I must fill out a form, get a background check from the U.S. State Department and receive press approval. I might have to remove this post when I submit my information, just in case they Google my name (I’ve got no clue how extensive their search will be).

I plan to either make up a fake publication or claim I am a freelancer for The Daily Texan, the largest college publication in the country which I used to write for. I may need to pull some strings to get editor-approval for this (J. McNamara, can I call in a favor??).

I might even make a bogus ID card to wear. I’m thinking something along the lines of:

I might also learn how to say “May I take a picture with you” in Tibetan.
This page has a few other Tibetan phrases I could learn.

Who knows, it may not be that hard, or it may be impossible to snap a pic with the DL. September 20th will be show time.

Blog posted on: August 23, 2005

12 comments on “Picture with the Dalai Lama

  1. Jose Anes

    Your are good at setting up goals and achieving them.

    Impersonating press is an inocent prank that would most likely be harmless to everyone.

    However, I do not believe you should run the risk of gainikng a reputation at college as being a prankster or a fake.

    Money and Investing

  2. Frank

    I love reading about your schemes. You’re like every dreamer with a million crazy ideas, except you get off your butt and try them!

    You might want to put yourself in a shirt and tie for the ID card — I’m guessing that’s more likely to be what a reporter’s wearing at work.

  3. Anonymous

    Wouldn’t the blog itself be considered a publication that you’re representing? They might have security up the wazzoo, so be careful while pulling this stunt.

  4. Anonymous

    I love the idea of the scheme, but something says bad karma to me in using conceit and lies in trying to meet a man deemed holy by many people. I like the idea of just using your blog as a press pass.

  5. Wealthy Web

    How about doing it legitamately as a blogger? Maybe you could do an entry for one of the big blog networks. They’ll probably credential you if you can write them a good article and share the pic.

    There are so many honest ways of doing things. No need to scheme.

  6. Neville

    I am a HUGE prankster!

    I’ve learned over the years that “A suit and tie with your head held high” will get you into almost any event.

    That will be my plan B

    BRILLIANT! I somehow didn’t think of using the blog as a reference. I might actually try your idea out.

    My idols are crazy business men.

    I’m starting to lean towards using the blog as my reference.

    Wealthy Web,
    I don’t really mind which way I get press access, so long as I get a picture with Lama. It’s just more of a fun challenge to pretend I am a real reporter!

    I can see the news now: “College Kid Sours U.S./Tibetan relationship”

  7. Anonymous

    Why not make friends with someone from the student group that’s sponsoring his visit? Chances are, they’ll have an hour with him before or after the event, and that way you wouldn’t need a background check or a fake ID.


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