Poor Man Meal

I try not to charge fast food on a card, so I always use cash. If I don’t have enough cash and I feel like being a cheap, I’ll be forced to simply eat very little.

If I only have $1 and some change, I can get something from the value menu at most fast food places. This generally isn’t enough for a dinner…but if you’ve only got a dollar to spare, it’s the best way to fill your stomach on the cheap!

1.) Get the biggest thing with the most nutritional value for your money.
My last poor man meal was at Taco Bell where I got the 1/2 pound Beef Burrito because it contains lots of satisfying meat and costs $1.40 after tax.

2.) Get water.

3.) Slow down the entire eating process.
This is the trickiest part. When hungry it’s hard to slow down eating, but there are a couple of simple tricks to it. Make sure to put the burrito (or whatever) down after each bite, this stops the temptation of taking your next bite too quickly. Take sips of water, read a book etc.. Overall, it should take between 15-20 minutes to finish the whole thing. I have no scientific proof behind it, but it’s the only way to get myself full from a single value menu item.

In the U.S. we’re so used to eating such large quantities, that sometimes we forget it only takes relatively little to fill a stomach. Simply slowing down the eating process makes you feel much more full!

For example, to kill the time between bites I’ll bring stuff to occupy myself.

Of course if you’ve got the means to cook, Ramen is still cheaper, but for me it doesn’t satisfy hunger because it lacks almost any nutritional value.

Bon appetite!

Blog posted on: October 16, 2006

17 comments on “Poor Man Meal

  1. Marco

    Ha! When I was in the USA in 2002 I remember living off $1 Burgers from McDonalds. From what I remember it was a special burger and wasn’t quite a Bic Mac or a Cheeseburger.

    Now back in Australia, if i’m in for an especially cheapo meal I would buy a Cheeseburger for AUD$2 (US$1.50) and then whip out my VIP card (valid for two years) which I bought from eBay which gives me free small fries.

  2. Jacob

    Yes, a friend of mine who studied traditional chinese medicine told me a few days ago that the feeling of being full comes only after 15 minutes after eating.
    Thus eating slowly also leads to eating less .

  3. Anonymous

    Neville, here’s what I do if I want to eat really cheap but well. I’ll just tell you about the best meat alternative around and forget about balancing your diet for now (this assumes that you have an oven and a refrigerator). It’s simply roast chicken.

    Up here in Shelton, Washington you can generally get a whole roast chicken (a good one at that) or a bag of hind quarters for 47-59 cents a pound (you may have to shop a little, but Walmart always seems to come through). A 4.5-pound chicken would then cost $2.66 or less. And you’d get about 5 entrees out of it, so that’s 53 cents per entree.

    Perhaps chicken costs more where you are, but if you put quality in the picture that burrito was comparatively expensive in any case.

  4. EFL

    imho eating crap (cheap and low quality) is a very bad investment in a long term. wrecked immune system, high cholesterol will take 10x $$$ in future in medicines/underworked hours.

  5. Anonymous

    If you were such a financial mastermind you would charge this with a 1% cash back reward card.

    Then at the end of one year you would be able to cancel out the cost of the rolls and rolls of extra toilet paper you are forced to buy from eating such crappy food.

  6. Anonymous

    this post sets a new record for absurdity and pointlessness, snuffing out whatever hope of recovery this blog had. congrats!

  7. Anonymous

    great point jim. eating the dollar meal while checking your $400+ treo??

    you fasinate me nev, but have very little hope you will be a sucess. this blog went from talking about business ideas to copying business ideas (facebook profile) to eating the dollar menu??

  8. Anonymous

    Jim and Anonymous,

    I like the observation about Nev eating a $1 burrito while using a $400 phone!

    However it seems Nev’s essence lays somewhere in that picture.

    I agree AND disagree with the last commenter. Nev fascinates me too, and I think his willingness to be a little weird is what will make him successful.

    I don’t think his success will come tomorrow or in the next year, but it will come eventually.

  9. Anonymous

    Previous commment…

    I agreee very entrepreneur is a lil weird and has something different about them. However, Nevs lack of originality with business ideas worries me

  10. Anonymous

    Nev, I thought you were Indian, right?

    Indians aren’t supposed to eat cows according to the Hindu religion (or so I learned in class).

    I’m guessing that you don’t subscribe to the Hindu thinking based on this. Is this a good guess?

    What is your religion?

  11. Neville


    This was a rather ignorant statement thinking that one billion Indians practice exactly the same religion, but still a valid question.

    I am not Hindu, I am Zoroastrian. We eat all meats like crazy.

    Besides, I think religious vegetarianism is rather antiquated.


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