Public Speaking Dojo

Here’s a little Sumo Dojo we did about Public Speaking.  Some do’s, don’t, tips, tricks:


SPEAKING of public speaking…..I spoke on Thursday about validating business ideas, and I wanted to warm up the crowd a bit.  I decided to make everyone sing “We Will Rock You”, and wasn’t sure if a whole crowd could keep up the beat AND sing at the same time.  See for yourself how it turned out :-)

That was fun!

Blog posted on: November 9, 2012

10 comments on “Public Speaking Dojo

  1. Nickolay Lamm

    Hey Nev,

    I admire your confidence, you seem to be living the life. I noticed the sign behind you said “Internet Marketing Party,” and wanted to get your opinion on a project of mine…

    My “test” site is at I’ve tried marketing my product idea to Adwords traffic and have received a massive bounce rate no matter how targetted the traffic is (deaf people, people searching for wireless doorbells, doorbells in general). Do you think I should ditch this project or does it have potential? People in real life seem to like it, but online traffic hasn’t been as friendly.

    1. Anon

      I’m not Nev, but I wanted to say that you should have a video showing how thing thing works. That wall of text is going to lose a lot of people.

  2. Nickolay Lamm

    I agree Anon, a video needs to be made. But I’ll only do that if Im seeing people spend some time on the site (more than 0 seconds). In real life, people are saying that they really like the product. Maybe I haven’t found the best way to test this.

  3. Kevin

    YES! Love this, been a Toastmasters member for 1.5 years now but sometimes that type of group can get a little slow-moving. Video just inspired me to go on a speech-giving rampage and then actually speak to an audience that isn’t the Toastmaster group :)


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