Removed Adsense

I completely removed Google ads from my site. I never liked them in the first place, so I never put them on my main site, but I did stick them in the forums.

Even there, they still bugged me. It’s time they go.


Blog posted on: May 26, 2005

16 comments on “Removed Adsense

  1. Neville

    Believe it or not, there are times when the principle in worth more than the money.

    For some odd reason, I am very strongly compelled to leave this site free of advertisements because this is my personal financial journal. It is NOT a money making venture. was a money making venture, and I couldn’t imagine taking the ads off that particular site. I however will leave NevBlog unscathed.

    I was inspired to start this site by, THE BEST blog around in my opinion. He also happens to be one of the very very very few large sites with no adverts.

    He asks for donations, but that’s because he offers a service to people. I don’t feel I offer a service, therefore I will not ask for donations. I also don’t make $300,000+ a year to back up any advice I could give!

    Funny as it sounds coming from a financial blog author: I don’t want this site to be dictated by money.

    I don’t mind Adsense on other sites though. If it makes you a nice sum every month, go for it!


  2. Anonymous

    I agree with your theory. I’ve ran sites before where I don’t want money because I want them to be “pure.” However, I’m wondering at what amount per month do you think you’d keep Adsense? After all, everyone has their price.

  3. Neville

    Google told me with my traffic I could expect $400-$500 a month in revenue.

    That would be if I put their large banner on the front of my page. Not going to happen.

    I don’t know how much it would take for me to break down.


  4. jim

    How much traffic do you get that they’d estimate a take of $400-$500 a month? Darren at takes in $400 a day but that’s across a lot of blogs that are updated constantly. I seriously doubt alone could generate taht sort of income.

  5. Anonymous

    NevBlog wouldn’t generate that much, but remember he’s talking about what Google told him. Whaddya think they’d tell him? Hah.

    Anyways, Adsense isn’t really suited for this site because most of his readers are actually reading his blog. Adsense works very well on sites where people are looking to buy something, but not very well on content sites.

  6. jim

    I do agree it might not be suited for this site, but on content sites is where the money is being made – not necessary where things are being sold. For example, my own site is about personal finance too but I post stuff that’s relevent to me personally (when I need to learn about something, I write about it) I recently bought a house so all my posts have been about mortgages/loans/etc and the ads are pulling in decent money because of those keywords.

  7. Neville

    Last month I got over 115,000 pageviews and over 25,000 unique visitors.

    Google gave me the $400-$500 figure based on this.

    Not like it matters, I don’t have a single ad on the site, so the more traffic I get the more of my server it sucks up.


  8. Anonymous

    Neville said…
    Last month I got over 115,000 pageviews and over 25,000 unique visitors.

    where do you get those figures?..

    Just recently you showed a traffic report showing 7,730 sites and ~22k visits…. something does not compute…

  9. Neville


    First read the post, and you will notice it says in BLUE RIGHT ABOVE THE REPORT: “Keep in mind that April is not over, so all traffic is not accounted for”


  10. jim

    Heh, in all fairness, the date and timestamp on the post was 1am at April 29th… not much left in the month dude.

  11. Neville


    I generally make make all my posts 3-4 days in advance. I simply press “publish” when I feel like posting.

    Notice just about every post is published at 1:03 AM. It’s not a coincidence.


  12. Anonymous

    Different Anon here….I was wondering about that 1:03 AM :)

    Don’t get so defensive about your traffic, though. You seem motivated to become a good business leader, the comments shouldn’t bother you.

  13. Logan

    I just removed Adsense from my site because it seems that it’s pretty unlucrative (is that a word?) for personal blogs. Oh, and I linked to this post.


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