Removed the Pixel Sale

One year ago I got the idea from to sell pixel squares on the site. This was a complete fad, and people were buying pixels to benefit from curious clickers and the search engine benefits of having more links.

I put them in the right hand corner of the site for a year, and so far here’s what happened from this little experiment.

  • A total of $2,300 was made from 46 squares sold.
  • 17 different people bought space on the site for $50 a square.
  • I learned that taking advantage of a fad makes people actually pay $50 for a little square.
  • The more people buy squares, the less value they have. People will only click a few squares out of curiosity.
  • There were 110 comments on the pixel square post, a lot of them along the lines of, “I once thought this guy was legit, but now he is coming off as a slimy used car salesman!”
  • The only person who made A LOT of money from selling little squares was the guy.

A year later, I’m taking these pixel ads down. The last pixel order I got was in May 2006. It was a fun little experiment, and the only real money I’ve ever made from this blog.

So goodbye Pixel Sale! Thanks for the money :-)

Blog posted on: September 30, 2006

13 comments on “Removed the Pixel Sale

  1. Anonymous

    Ha, looking back on it, the pixel thing was pretty silly. Yet Alex Tew (MillionDollarHomePage) made one-million plus dollars from it.

    Fads are great, you can sell things people wouldn’t believe in 20 years. Remember the Pet Rock?

  2. Peter Cooper

    I’m surprised you’re taking it down so soon. I’d be pissed if I were the person who only bought 4 months ago :)

  3. blueprint for financial prosperity

    If you’re a serious savvy business person then you would’ve had an agreement in place before you paid for ads on a site. Unless there’s an agreement in place you can easily be “screwed” by him taking down the ads. He never agreed to keep them up for any period of time, unlike the Million Dollar Home Page, so you bought at your own risk.

  4. Anonymous

    It is rather interesting how the internet enables someone to essentially generate their own money making fad overnight. Due to instant connectivity, a group of individuals with the right access to a mass audience could create their own market. Imagine, if you will, that 15 close friends with 10 “adjacent “friends in 4 cities decide that inside out shirts are the new fashion. A couple of e-mails and a couple of blog posts can arrange it overnight. It’s almost as if the internet gives instant access to greatest customers – reactionary suckers.

  5. Me

    Yea, talk about a fad! If you google “Selling Pixels” you still see tons of people setting up sites seling little pixels. No one is making money from it because they missed the fad big time.

    Good job nailing this one on the head before while it lasted. $2,300 for a little pixel linking, not bad Nev!

  6. Anonymous

    put the pixels back up. Not fair to the guy who paid a few hundred dollars to have you take it down because its a “FAD”.

  7. Lee

    Nev, I love your site, and have been reading it for a long time, but could you please provide full feeds!

    I will still click your ads (and have done in the past) but most times I just want to read the content and be on with it :)

    Thanks Nev!

  8. Lasker

    I can’t believe I used to consider this kid my competition. Then again back then his networth was a lot greater than mine was.

  9. Anonymous

    I’m quite disappointed to learn that you’ve decided to pull the rug out from under your advertisers. I was one of the more recent purchasers, and although the traffic was little, over time, it would have made a worthwhile advertising investment for Money Talk. Ah, well, there was no contract, thanks for all the fish.


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