September 2013 Goals

I usually like giving myself only a maximum of three goals, but there’s no particular time-frame for them (which personally helps me).

So this month I’ve divided the goals up into week-long chunks.  I’m testing how this will work:


WEEK 1: Apartment modifications
I’ve always been only semi-satisfied with my previous workspace at my current apartment.  It was small, my legs would always hit the desk…and for some reason I was just LAZY at this desk.

So I ended up buying an adjustable height Float table….it should be here in a couple of weeks:

I was thinking this amount of money for a desk is INSANE since you can buy a nice desk for waaaayyyy cheaper….but this desk had unique engineering, simplistic elegance, and can easily go from a sitting-desk to a standing-desk in 2 seconds without moving stuff off the desk.

……oh yea, and I also bought a 3D printer!!! (a MakerBot Replicator 2).  More on that in a bit


WEEK 2: NevBlog store up and running
I’ve got so many different products and things I sell, but all in different places.  Need a place to consolidate that a bit.  Also need some semi-advanced functionality for some of these things, but I don’t want to build that myself.  So I’ve started using Shopify to build a NevBlog store.

For a few days I was just CONSTANTLY comparing Shopify, BicCommerce and Volusion to see which platform would suite me best.

BigCommerce actually had the functionality I wanted right out of the box, but was more bulky, hard to modify, and less intuitive to use (but it did have a lot of very good features I liked).

Shopify was lightweight, SUPER easy to use.  It didn’t have the same digital delivery capability as BigCommerce, but I’ve found some work-arounds.


WEEK 3: Products ported over.
I’ll have to go individually through each offering I have and make sure it works with this new store.

WEEK 4: Start life-changer NevBox.
To be announced :)

Blog posted on: September 8, 2013

14 comments on “September 2013 Goals

    1. Neville

      DEF checkout out WooCommerce first….but didn’t like the overall implementation and DYI-aspect of it.

      Done it before with stuff like BigCommerce….and personally didn’t like the entire process.

      Shopify was AMAZINGLY intuitive….but BigCommerce did have some out-of-the-box features I liked more. Went with Shopify anyhow:

      Still building and playing here in test mode!

  1. JustMe

    Fun experiment:
    Put up a Craigslist wantrapraneur ad saying that you’ll print something cool for someone with your 3d printer, like a mini-sumo action figure.

      1. Clint

        lol Thats a great idea about the Mini Sumo CL ad. Maybe you can sell it to a Nigerian Doctor that is away on a Humanitarian Mission

      1. Clint

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  2. William

    Do you always keep the goals really simple? It seems like you could accomplish some of these in a day.

    I should really start setting goals again for each month. You keep it so simple, I always keep adding goals and then I end up with too many.


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