something from nothing

I once heard an interview with the famous music composer Quincy Jones (the guy who produced a lot of Michael Jackson’s stuff)…..and he said this awesome quote:

“Music is a wonderful business, because you take nothing, and make it into something….and you can sell it!”

I was reminded of this after recording myself writing a chapter in the book I’m writing about Kopywriting.I started with a blank page.
I ended with a chapter of a book people will pay for.

You can see it (sped-up) here:

YouTube Link:

This is just another reason I’ve found being able to write well has improved my life.

I can turn nothing, into gold, with my fingers!

Neville Medhora – A real-life genie


P.S.  Have a great weekend :)

Blog posted on: June 21, 2013

One comment on “something from nothing

  1. Leo Tabibzadegan

    So the secret behind writing is sitting down and writing, lol. Excellent video! No tricks, no gimmicks, just writing!

    When I was visiting India I met a really cool guy who’s part of the bollywood scene who wrote epic books and made huge movies, one of them called Om Shanti Om (I have no clue what it’s about but my parents love it).

    ANYWAYS, he said the secret sauce to his writing, was also just sitting down (sipping on chai) and writing.

    Now I’m going to all of your advice, and am going to tie myself to this chair, and not leave till I either pee my pants, or finish this writing!



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