Speeding Ticket Experiment

I’ve spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on speeding tickets, parking tickets, defensive driving, deferred adjudication etc. over the years…pretty much wasted money.

I’ve heard a million different people tell me about ways to weasel out of a ticket, and with the latest ticket I got this week, I’m going to give it a try.

I was caught doing 15 mph over the limit in a speed trap, meaning one officer clocked my speed, then another one pulled me over.

What I’ve heard over and over but without any FIRST PERSON EVIDENCE is that you contest the ticket, and if the officers don’t show, the ticket is dismissed. I’ve heard this is typically what lawyers do to get tickets dismissed…if the officer shows up for the hearing, they reschedule up to three times until the officer is unavailable on one of the three occasions. I figure

I could give this a try instead of immediately having to pay $300+ for the deferred adjudication process. If I’m not completely mistaken, this is the way I think the Texas traffic system works:

I’ll test my luck with this because there were TWO officers involved….meaning if both don’t show up, the ticket gets dismissed……I think.

I’ve already taken defensive driving once this year, so my only option is doing deferred adjudication which means not getting a ticket for 6-12 months….or else you pay for BOTH tickets. You still have to pay a fee for the “privilege” of going on D.A. and another fee when you complete it.

One of my concerns is knowing how the officers have shown up. Do I wait in the courtroom, wait till I see them both, then just leave? The court isn’t far from me, so I might go do a little recon work first and sit in on some trials, maybe speak to a few lawyers about their methods.

I want to find out once and for all if this is actually a viable (although time consuming) method of getting a ticket dismissed!

Blog posted on: August 25, 2006

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  1. Tim

    Sounds like it’d be easier and cheaper to just avoid the ticket in the first place. But best of luck weaseling your way out. ;)

  2. Anonymous

    Get yourself a radar detector. The cost of one ticket, plus wasted time in court, plus the increased cost of car insurance is usually more expensive than buying a good radar detector. My $0.02.

  3. Anonymous

    In Indianapolis, lots of people would show up at court and pay the ticket if the officers were there since there can be additional fines if you take your ticket to court are found guilty. The traffic court just recently made a change so if you chose to go to trial (for instance gambling to see if the cop shows up), you now have to pay an extra $50 on top of your fine if you pay the same day as your court case. The court argues its meant to reduce the backlog of court cases, but of course some people call it a chance for the city to make more money or penalizing people for exercising their right to contest the ticket.
    Story about the policy

  4. Dan Branum

    I was given a ticket-tip from a good friend who is currently an Austin Police Officer.

    He told me that cops really appreciate it if whenever you get pulled over, you immediately turn off the car and actually take the keys out of the ignition and put them on the dash. Then whenever he approaches your window, turn on your interior light and put your hands on the top of the steering wheel. All of these measures will help the cop feel safe because he’ll know your not going to shoot his guts out or try to run over his foot. In fact, my friend told me that cops generally give each other this treatment, so whenever you do it, most police officers will assume your in some way related to someone in law enforcement and maybe give you a break.

    I haven’ tried the little tip yet because I’ve been lucky enough not to get pulled over, but you might give it a try next time you get caught hot rod’n around.

  5. Anonymous

    What you want to do is call the PD of the officer and inquire when he will be off duty. Its usually the same day of the week every week. Then just schedule your hearing for that day.

  6. Anonymous

    Cops schedule hearings on their days off b/c they make overtime money for just sitting around in a courtroom.

    Nev, this “experiment” is so juvenille it is ridiculous. I thought that you graduated from high school last year.

    Any 1st year business student (oh, yeah, that right…you majored in what again…basket weaving?) would instead calculate the value of their time and then determine whether it was cheaper to pay the fine or play this game. Why do I get the feeling that you have lots of time on your hands.

  7. Danny

    2 years ago I used this guy: http://www.austinticketlawyer.com/

    Think it was like $100 or so – I think they just keep rescheduling it for you. I’ve been pulled over since then and haven’t been busted on a warrant so I guess it worked. I was in same situation – had taken defensive driving that year already but I was more concerned about insurance going up (since the Z is already in a very high categoory). Might want to call and talk to someone who does this all/every day to solidify your options.

  8. Anonymous

    To the previous asshole (9:15am) poster, It’s not only the cost of the ticket, but the cost impact to your insurance. If you weren’t such a prick, maybe you’d think the situation through clearly, and realize that getting the charges dropped saves much more in the long run than the ticket fee.

  9. Anonymous

    To the previous asshole (9:15am) poster, It’s not only the cost of the ticket, but the cost impact to your insurance. If you weren’t such a prick, maybe you’d think the situation through clearly, and realize that getting the charges dropped saves much more in the long run than the ticket fee.

  10. Anonymous

    To the 10:02 anon gentleman, not every state issues points automatically for every ticket. I’ve gotten plenty of tickets, but has asked politely that if I must get a ticket, to get it under a section of the code which does not carry points.

    Regardless, dipshit, the point of the above post was that “Neville’s Financial Blog” has become a joke…and Nev’s bootlicking sheep can’t be more than 18 years old.

  11. Gregory

    Last person to comment,

    I am not 18 years old, and I’m quite successful.

    I find it funny how you are so quick to criticize Neville’s readership, yet you find yourself reading and actively commenting.

    Funny, no? :-)

    Neville, I’m interested to see the results of your findings. Keep posting!

  12. Anonymous

    The best way to avoid a ticket is to hand the officer a couple of hundred in cash. Cops really appreciate this. The last time I did this he even bought me a Starbucks Frappuccino.

  13. Anonymous

    What? Are you kidding. Doing something like handing the officer money is a bribe, and will likely get your ass hauled off to jail.

    Very Stupid Idea…

  14. Colleen

    Neville I really enjoy reading your blog and have been inspired to start a business or two because of it! It also takes guts to be so candid about your life and to take the criticism that comes with it. Bravo! Don’t let the idiots get you down. Let’s see them create the success you’ve had.

  15. Anonymous

    I have a friend who did 70 in a 45 and got pulled over. She shouldn’t have contested it (as she was obviously wrong), but the cop put the wrong date on the ticket (a date AFTER her court date!) and forgot to sign it. She took it to court and got out of it because the cop didn’t show up. I guess it’s still third-party, but at least it’s only one step (friend of a friend).

    Anyway, point being >> it is possible, at least here in TN.

  16. Anonymous

    Pathetic. Absolutely, embarassingly, pathetic. Why don’t you start being a man and own up to your violations of the law? You know the speeed limit, you know that you’re speeding, and you know the consequences of each.

    If you want to choose to continue to do so — and continue endangering other drivers with your irresponsibility — then the least you could do is pay the legal consequence. Grow up.

  17. Anonymous

    I have to say, Nevblog has gone downhill a bit. I used to come on and read about a new business venture or experiment. And now I read about how you are trying to bypass the law.

    Surely it is cheaper, easier and safer to not break the traffic laws in the first place.

    and then trying to get around your violation is just pathetic.

  18. Anonymous

    Two years ago a guy was going 70+ in a 40 mph zone. He tried getting over, which was hard to do since everyone else was going the speed limit. He hit my aunt’s car causing the car to run into a barrier. My five year old cousin died instantly.

    How about instead of getting around a ticket, you just not speed?

  19. twins15

    How is it even possible to rack up “thousands upon thousands” of dollars in speeding tickets, etc. unless you’re just being a complete idiot?

  20. Anonymous

    “How is it even possible to rack up “thousands upon thousands” of dollars in speeding tickets, etc. unless you’re just being a complete idiot?”

    My friend I think you just answered your own question.

  21. Anonymous

    I’ve got a solution for you Neville. Phantomplate.com will help you keep your cash in your pocket.
    The photoblocker spray, $29.99, blinds the red light cameras by reflecting the flash back to the cameras. The police can’t stop you for using the spray on your plate because it is CLEAR and cannot be detected. Now that is something!
    See for yourself….and read what FOX NEWS, WASHINGTON TIMES, CBS NEWS, ABC NEWS, WALL STREET JOURNAL AND many more news papers had to say about the product @ PHANTOMPLATE.COM

  22. Anonymous

    get yourself a photoblocker spray which hides your plates from speed/traffic light cameras by reflecting the flash back to the cameras and rendering an over-exposed picture. That’s what I did….and only God knows how much money it has saved me! And it ain’t expensive…is only $29.99.

  23. Anonymous

    How to avoid a Speeding Ticket

    The best advice is not to speed. But it’s going to happen, everyone speeds, the police, the Judges and the prosecutors.

    How do you avoid a ticket? There are times and places where you are more likely to get a ticket. School zones and anytime you see a Community Safety Zone are areas that the police are going to target with speed enforcement. Be aware on long straight stretches of roadway, and as you come over the crest of a hill or going down any hill.

    The police look for good places to catch offenders. They don’t always base the set up of a speed trap on the whether there is a good reason to do enforcement, but more on the fact are they going to get tickets.

    Always pay attention to the posted speed limit. If you don’t see the speed signs the limit in the city is 50 and outside the city its 80.

    If you re driving 10 to 15 km/h over the limit your very unlikely to get a ticket. The police are regular people doing a job. They are going to use common sense and not stop people speeding a little over the limit. Most officers will set a personal limit as to what they feel is acceptable. A lot of officers will use over 15km per hour and some will say 20km/h. The limit the officer makes is totally within his discretion, and an officer could write you a ticket for even one kilometer over the limit, but we have never seen it happen.

    If you see a police car or officer, stay within the speed limit. If you pass a police car even speeding slightly you could be stopped and given a ticket. It’s wise to let police vehicles pass or reduce your speed in the vicinity of a police vehicle.

    Some officers using radar target the passing lane, especially on the 400 series highways in Ontario. Conventional radar targets the largest, fastest object therefore don’t be the lead vehicle.

    Laser radar can pick a vehicle out of a group of cars all the officer has to do is target the vehicle and pull the trigger recording the speed. Again if you’re the first vehicle, your going to be the first vehicle checked for speed.

    Chris at http://www.OntarioSpeeding.com

  24. Anonymous

    Sounds like an awful lot of trouble to go through when it’s so simple to just take traffic school. A good amount of states allow you to just take an online traffic school course. The one I took was:
    It was such a breeze! I actually enjoyed it a lot and learned a bunch while sitting at home in my underwear in fron of my computer. A lot easier than going to court 3 or 4 times in the hopes that a cop won’t show.

  25. Surfin' Dad

    Some of these are good suggestions, most are not depending on where you live.
    For instance, my department will suspend me without pay for 1 day if I don’t go to a traffic hearing. Overtime or not, you’d better believe I’m showing up if it’ll cost me 10% of my pay not to.
    Also, all these formulas and tricks forget to account for the human factor. Cops are humans (insert joke here) and there are a lot of factors involved.
    For instance, if I’ve just worked an accident and someone was hurt or killed, that affects me. If the accident was caused by someone running a red light, you can count on me citing for that offense until that memory fades.
    I ticket to teach. Not to punish, not to be a control freak, and not to jam you up.
    If you pay $126.50, pay more on insurance, and hate my guts, it’s worth if you think twice before rolling through a stop sign.
    I talk about my ticket mentality more on my blog (surfindad.com), but it won’t help you get out of a ticket. It’ll just help you understand why I, and other good cops, do what they do.
    Slow down and live.

  26. Justin

    Wow, i don’t think you can postpone a hearing if you’re already there. It has to be any day before the actual trial, NOT on the day of the trial. Good luck with that one. But you are right in that both officers must show up to court. i think the chances of both of them coming is pretty slim.

    I did a little online search and found a few websites on the subject of beating speeding tickets. But here’s the best one Speeding Ticket Secrets. Hope this helps!


    - Justin

  27. Anonymous

    I received a traffic ticket for going 50+ over the speed limit and thought my life was overrrr!! I got my license suspended and my vehicle impounded- yes, this actually happens from one simple traffic ticket! I had never received a traffic ticket before, and didn’t know where to start! Until of course I visited http://www.street-legal.ca! The staff there was so helpful and knew exactly what to do with this traffic ticket! I was relieved that I could just sit back while they took over and did all the work for me, and I didn’t have to worry about it! After they did what they had to do, and went to court for me for my ticket- everything was cleared! I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to recommend Street Legal to anyone!

  28. Anonymous

    It’s about money. Cities and states acrue allot of revenue via tickets and the way to handle this is not to get mad, but to get even. Everyticket you receive is redeamable for one NOT Guilty verdict the next time you serve on a jury. You will never see the other eleven people again and it costs the state a fortune, definitely more than your ticket, to re-try the case. The lost revenue cuts into the raises the police receive and upgrades to equipment required to do the job. When you are on a jury you have more power than anyone else in the courtroom INCLUDING the judge.
    Use that power.

    And spread the idea around like the “no snitching” idea.

  29. Love Chase

    No matter how safely you drive, sometimes you just need to speed to get somewhere fast, whether you’ve got a real emergency or you’re just running late. Or maybe you didn’t notice that the speed limit was a little lower than in most neighborhoods and you got busted.
    Imagine how much more relaxed you’ll feel if you aren’t always checking your rear-view mirror for the police officers?
    No lawyers, no clinics, no services that end up being just pricey as your ticket. How is this possible?


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