Starting Off “The Getting A Six-Pack” Experiment

For the upcoming Six-Pack Experiment I have planned for the whole month of April I’ve got one goal: Get a six-pack in roughly one month.

I’m not fat, but I’m not lean enough for abs to show through.

(I think that’s what a six pack looks like)

There will be three main things I need to do during this experiment on a level I’ve never done before:

  • Go into a calorie deficiency for several weeks to lose weight
  • Do a bunch of ab exercises
  • Consistent cardio exercises

The HARDEST part of this is eating properly, thankfully I’ve been practicing doing that for the last month or two and have been successful at it….in fact preferring it.

I workout all the time and eat (relatively) correctly, but not to the extent I should…and I feel it’s because I’m not sure what to do.

So one thing I wanted for this experiment was PROFESSIONAL ADVICE. Originally I was going to get a personal trainer here in Austin, but that alienates everyone who wants to join me in this experiment (I know a couple of you out there have asked). “Oh, he had a personal trainer…no fair.”

Well I found a workaround. A fellow blogger Adam Gilbert.  That link is his personal blog, but what I’m interested in is the successful business he runs called MyBodyTutor.

Adam runs an online business that’s kind of like a “virtual personal trainer”…..but more than just dishing out some simple advice, he actually keeps you on track to hit your goals.  I signed up for his monthly service roughly a week ago, and told him “My goal is to get an awesome six-pack.”

With that said, he went ahead and gave me certain exercises to do and tips on eating yadda yadda…BUT THE BEST THING is the daily tracking you must do.  I didn’t realize this at first, but they have a whole back end to the website that members sign into daily….THIS is why I signed up…to be held accountable for everything I eat and how much I work out.

I signed up for the service about one week ago, and have eaten the best in my life these past 7 days thanks to Adam.  I’ll explain more about the process later in the experiment.

So in addition to being accountable by posting this experiment on my blog, I’ll be getting professional help, advice and accountability from Adam (thanks man)!

Currently, this is what we’re working with:

So obviously I’m not a big lard here, but if you look closer…you can see the problem:

We’ve got to get rid of that bit of chub.


Amidst all the semi-lame April Fool’s Jokes other bloggers will be playing on their readers today, I will be starting something that’s less funny, but more useful (To me…but hopefully others too).

This is called the Getting a Six-Pack Experiment, so I want to make it pseudo scientific….and by pseudo I mean “scientific in a sense that even a dumb guy like me can understand”.

The Scientific Method:

  • Define the question - Can I get a six pack in one month?
  • Gather information and resources (observe) - I will be basing this experiment on past experiences with losing weight, what I learned recently about calories and professional advice from MBT.
  • Form hypothesis - I believe by April 31st I will be able to see my abdominal muscles MUCH better, creating a “six-pack” on my stomach WITHOUT starving myself at all.
  • Perform experiment and collect data – Starting today I’ll be documenting everything I eat and do for exercise.
  • Analyze data - Hold on fool…I haven’t started yet!
  • Interpret data and draw conclusions that serve as a starting point for new hypothesis – Hold on…let me start first!
  • Publish results – Wait till after April.


On that note, I definitely think others out there should TRY THIS EXPERIMENT WITH ME! …and maybe not just trying to get a six pack, but maybe to start eating “just a little” better, or get just a “little” slimmer, or workout more…

It would make it more interesting and motivating to have others follow along to some extent.


Blog posted on: April 1, 2010

16 comments on “Starting Off “The Getting A Six-Pack” Experiment

  1. Michael Levine

    Just wondering if you’ll be doing any strength training exercises during the month, not just ab workouts and cardio. What type of cardio will you be doing and for how long (times per week, minutes, and intensity)? Also, did you have a six-pack when you were much younger, like in high school?

    Good luck!

    1. Neville Post author

      1.) For cardio I don’t run because I don’t enjoy it…but I do bicycle around town, rock climb and use the elliptical machine.

      I will be posting my workouts shortly!

      2.) No, I did not have a six pack when I was younger unless I worked out like CRAZY…even then I ate so bad it negated that. I was never fat, but never super slim to see the six pack shine through in all its glory.

  2. Pro Sales Promotion

    I had to laugh when I came to your site today and saw this experiment. That’s what I love about your site is you never know what’s coming next. Very nice project and one I need to get involved in as summer is coming very soon.

  3. Thomas

    I definitely will be checking back on the progress of your experiment and hopefully it will motivate me to start a similar program for myself. Like Michael, I too am interested in the intensity and frequency of your cardio workouts.

    Good luck!

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  5. Ramma

    I began this experiment back in Oct. of 09′ and i weighed a whopping 273lbs. then. I did it partly to make a goal of joining the armed forces by my 30th bday and weighing 219lbs by then as well. I made both goals by joing the air force reserves and was at 217 on my birthday. Its now April and im down to 215. I look similar to you Nev but i’ve found it very, very hard to knock off this last 15 pounds or so covering my abs. I have hit a brick wall in training. So, i upped my miles to 3 every other day running, cardio on the other two days (elliptical and bicycle totaling 600 calories each workout) and cut meal portions by 1/3. Not sure if its working yet. I can see the bottom cut into my groin and the beginnings of the second layer behind those. I can’t however see and remnants of abs above that. I fear you are in a similiar position. Ill be keeping up with your progress and ill post to keep you updated if you want.

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  8. Jonathan

    […] new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Wow…I started this six-pack experiment just to see if I could get ripped in a month…but it seems  A LOT of interest has been […]

  9. Anonymous

    Nev, how much weight did you loose at the conclusion of this experiment? If you do not mind sharing. I am going to start a raw diet and might try for the 6 pack as well. Too cool.


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