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14 comments on “SUMO DOJO – Getting stuff done through hiring

  1. Ruben

    Dude, love the blog! (Just discovered it and these vids)

    Re hiring: I don’t agree that you should hire when you can’t take it anymore and here’s why…

    I find that when things start to take too much time I stop doing them or slow down. Like SEO, I was about to slow down but it’s too important to not do. So I created a system to automate and scale (in a non-spammy way) and I’m now hiring people to take care of this.

    Content marketing… I suck at blogging. My readers love the posts and I get requests for more but I’m a slow writer and I hate doing it. This is not taking a lot of time because I’m not doing it, but it’s too important to leave as is. So I’m hiring two or three high quality writers right now.

    I have about 7 or 8 people on oDesk doing random things (content, dev, analytics, etc.) for things that will help me grow but I didn’t even have time to start doing in the first place (single founder thing again).

    Anyways, loved the video and it’s a great idea to hire people that are fans of your product. That actually changed my approach: Right now, I’m going to send an email for a copywriting task I needed to do to a fan who’s a copywriter :)

    1. Neville Post author

      Nice! Thanks for the tips :-)

      I remember hearing Jason Fried of 37Signals say that “Don’t hire till it’s painful”
      …I think he meant FULL TIME hires only.

      Outsourcing small stuff is NEVER a problem!

  2. Ross

    Love these videos! I’ve learned so much and the wantrepreneur thing really kicked me in the ass.

    But by far the best thing so far is Noah talking about looking at the woman’s attire while in an interview, while at the same time he has button his shirt wrong.

    Keep the videos coming and all the courses i’ve bought everyone! Learned so much and starting to really see results and be more proactive in creating and validating ideas.


  3. Arik Ermshaus

    Hey Neville-

    great DOJO. Well, I’d estimate that lot’s of Sumo-Lings right now start a business OR have a little that has to be enlarged.

    I think if you would show how THEY could concentrate more on essential things and outsource or get rid of other things this course could be very successful!

    Have a nice weekend!

    -Your fattest Sumo-Ling straight from Germany

    P.S. Right now I see on AppSumo lot’s of cheap deals filled with cool content, ok I don’t know the insights but I would rather guess it could for all of you maybe more profitable if

    you take this +$50 deals, because I (as a business geek) think that if I buy a AppSumo deal I really wanna have this juicy fucking good stuff – so I more likely gonna invest

    50-100 bucks a month for you than buying every week cool but not so juicy stuff for 2-30 bucks,

    -just as a consideration; you know I always wanna help you ’cause I love watcha doing!

  4. Dave

    I would love to automate some data entry stuff, but it’s also sensitive data (accounting related). Any tips on being able to work around that?

    1. Neville Post author

      You gotta trust the people doing it (I’m presuming you’re hiring for this position).

      Of all the people I’ve seen allow employees handle sensitive info…I’ve never actually seen a case of fraud from it.

  5. Scott

    New to nevblog and I’m hook already. Good shit fellas! I’d be interesting in learning more about the hiring process. Recently we were looking for a contract developer with no luck. About a week into the process we interviewed a guy who was SOOOO confident he could do the job and meet our deadline that we jumped at the opportunity. Both my Co-Founder and I had a “gut” feeling that we should probably pass on him, but we went ahead and hired him. Big Mistake. Situation sucks because this is a 4-6 week project and by week 2.5 we have come to the conclusion we were over sold. Now we are riding this out and can’t wait to be done!

    Let’s talk about ways to interview talent remotely. Pitfalls and screw ups.

  6. Anthony

    Come on guys, PornHub? What is this amateur hour over here.

    TubeGalore. It’s meta, it’s a meta search (said in the voice of Tom Green).

    Haha, thanks for the helpful video. Much appreciated.


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