The Autoresponder Kourse

“I make courses on AppSumo.”

That’s my current answer to “what do you do?”

Several of them have been big hits, and a couple flopped.

One of the primary reasons for the “flops” was simply trying to make a course that would SELL THE MOST COPIES.

However THAT was a mistake.

Instead the question should be, “What courses could I make that would HELP people the most?”

When I’ve stuck to that creedo, it’s served me (and others) very well.  Ironically when I’d make a course WITHOUT a focus on how well it will perform, it tends to do better!

This AutoresponderKourse I just released was the same thing……I was originally trying to make a “Kopywriting Kourse Part 2″ because the original product did very well, but when actually planning it out, it didn’t seem to make sense.  Most of the content was ALREADY IN the original KopywritingKourse, so this product was being created solely for money purposes.

I didn’t like it.

I even asked a pretty big marketing guy I respect about the dilemma, and he said:

I never build a product just based on what people will blindly pay for.  We make the products they NEED…….and THEN find a way to sell them.

I was actually very relieved to hear him say this, because it meant I could move forward with the course I WANNNTTED to make, not the one that would simply bring in the most dollar$$.

So from there I got started with the Autoresponder Kourse:

The reason I went with this Autoresponder Kourse was because the KopywritingKourse did such a dam-good job of teaching people to write copy……and if they applied those skills to an autoresponder sequence, it would multiple the usefulness (it sure did for me).

I wish I can go back in time and kick my previous-self in the face for NOT using autoresponders earlier!

Anyhow, the AutoresponderKourse (or A.R.K. as I like to call it) is officially out.
You can buy it here.
Or signup to the autoresponder sequence here. Someone thought the course was free because “the free emails were so damn good!”

…and if you like please leave a nice review!



Blog posted on: June 4, 2012

3 comments on “The Autoresponder Kourse

  1. Arik Ermshaus

    Ouh, nice to see that even you (the “guy telling everybody about validating”) makes some bad failures when it comes to business.

    However, I think the A.R.K. WILL help a tone of people because it’s a new cool model one can get new customers.

    Best example in this case is David DeAngelo. (U recommended his stuff to me in your kopywriting kourse)

    He sends you a FRIGGIN’ TON’A STUFF constantly, really damn long and good emails, so that you have no chance to NOT buy his stuff because what he gives is great, doable and

    makes to men god damn sense!

    Hope you’ll see some great success with your kourse ;-)


    1. Neville Post author

      hahaha….never thought of it like that :-)

      However the ARK courses was actually validated pretty decently, but I knew it wouldn’t be a HUGE selling course such as the SumoBusinessBlueprint or KopywritingKourse.

      I ran a bunch of validations THROUGH an autoresponder, and actually got a pretty decent response, so I DID IN FACT validate first!

      David DeAngelo is a fantastic case study for autoresponders…..I think his is like a YEAR long or more. So even if you’re not interested in a product right away, sometime through the year you might be!

      Thanks again Arik!

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