The Blue Hair

Posted a survey to see what color my hair should be dyed, and here were the results:

GREEN: 62 votes
BLUE: 45 votes
RED: 43 votes

Sooooo….I should be dying my hair GREEN right?


You see, a day before getting my hair done, I came to the VERY obvious conclusion that I DO GREEN SCREEN VIDEO ALL THE TIME!
For example, THIS video screenshot was filmed on a green screen and digitally replaced with a background image:

Obviously dying my hair green will pretty much NOT allow me to do green screen videos without them looking all jacked up, so I went with the runner-up….BLUE!

Here’s the quick photo-journey of it turning from BLACK to BLUE:


But I’m calling this color “Chameleon Blue” because the color constantly changes depending on the light.

For example, in the pictures above, I’m in the sunlight which makes the hair REAALLLLYYY BLUE.

But inside, you can almost miss the blue, like this picture I took while making this post:

Also the blue KEEPS ON CHANGING everyday!  Every time I take a shower blue literally POURS out of my hair (apparently this is supposed to happen for about a week).

Here are some unexpected results of this weird hair color thing:

  • Homeless people are starting to recognize me.
  • I can’t take a shower without worrying about staining the shower blue.
  • I can’t go into the pool or hottub without a huge trail of blue following my head.
  • I can’t sleep on white pillows.

Anyhow….thanks for voting on the new hair color.  I’m sure this will make me look insane and lose all credibility in any new product I put out :-)




UPDATE: (5-1-2012)

So after a few weeks, the hair keeps changing color because the blue fades with every shower.  NOW my hair isn’t blue at all, it’s like this GRAY color!

It actually looks like I have a full head of gray hair, NOT blue!

In the sunlight you can still sort of tell there’s hints of blue:

Although now my hair just looks weird.  Look at this screenshot from an upcoming video I shot on green-screen… can see how odd the hair looks:

….not so cool eh :-/


ANYHOW……every time I get my hair made some weird color it always goes through phases.  While the awkward faded-blue-green-yellow stage lasted longer than I’d like, it’s now fading into a browish/yellow color which doesn’t look all that bad.

It’s part of the fun to watch the hair change everyday :-)

Blog posted on: April 6, 2012

20 comments on “The Blue Hair

  1. Johnathan G

    I voted for blue so HAH! I win! I had blue hair every summer during high school. I miss it! You may have to redye it soon because it’ll pretty quickly turn green anyways.

    Blue hair club?

  2. Matthew G. Monroe

    So, Neville… Yes, your hair is “green screen safe,” but what if you end up doing a shoot in front of a blue screen?

    That’s right… Totally hosed.

    Otherwise, the blue looks great.

  3. Dividendium

    “I’m sure this will make me … lose all credibility in any new product I put out”

    Whaaaat?!?! I’d say this gives you major cred in any new product…and I’m not kidding.

    You said homeless people are starting to recognize you…that is they are remembering you because you stand out. They see tons of people every day…and YOU are the one they remember.

    The core of a lot of what you do is “marketing”, and what is marketing if it’s not standing out and being *remembered*?!

    1. Neville Post author

      I suppose so…..although I don’t wanna be remembered simply for shouting the loudest.

      The homeless people recognizing me is NOT a good thing! Now if I brush them off constantly, they start to remember.

      I’d much rather walk past anonymously… I’m FORCED to be nice!

      1. Dividendium

        Hahaha…okay, yeah, I would prefer to be anonymous to homeless people too, but my point was that if the homeless people are noticing you, then so is everyone else.

        This really smart dude told me this secret formula one time…AIDA

        Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

        Blue hair = Attention

        Luckily after you have people’s Attention, you have lots of Interest-ing things to tell them about marketing, business, and so on, to make them Desire your courses, and make them take Action to buy.

      1. Arik Ermshaus

        You’d do man!

        I tell you one thing Nev, no manipulation whatsoever SCREW THAT, if I win the challenge and come to Austin I’ll dye my hair in a crazy color as well THERE.

        One color YOU want.

        I’m just loving it, I showed it today to my sister, mom…everybody. LOVE IT!


      1. Johnathan

        Holy shit Nev! I thought I was the only one wanting to do this. Except I was thinking about doing it for a month! Man, you’ve officially achieved awesome status for me.

  4. Ryan

    Hey Nev,
    I am guessing that this was a validation but I am wondering what the count was for my vote, “Don’t do it”. Just wondering about those numbers.

  5. John

    Blue hair sure is bold! Don’t know if I’d have what it takes to do it. Usually I just try to blend in, not draw attention, etc.

    Thanks for an interesting post!

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