The least-scammy affiliate ad I’ve ever seen

I’m not a fan of most “affiliate” bullshit I see on the net….but here’s a cool example I’ve seen over and over on Reddit:

I’ll be browsing Reddit, when I see this little ad:

I’ve actually clicked it a few times, and almost didn’t know it wasn’t an Amazon site…..but it had a lot of cool products, including some I clicked and BOUGHT! (so whoever runs this site has actually made money off me):

But this is a pretty non-scammy, and pretty damn simply example of an affiliate site that….I actually LIKE!

It was fun just browsing through the top products across multiple categories all in one page.

I’ve seen it posted many times for a long time, so it MUST be working!

Interesting eh?

Blog posted on: April 11, 2012

4 comments on “The least-scammy affiliate ad I’ve ever seen

  1. Arik Ermshaus

    I like the name — it’s not like these other affiliate sites that use the best keywords in their domain to be ranked high.

    However, doesn’t Amazon itself has a “bestseller”-site?


  2. Jim Kellas

    Affiliate networks work when they are giving you something of value. My favorite one is a daily email called The guy basically makes money from Amazon affiliate links that are related to his informative content. Check it out, it’s fun and not spammy in the least.


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