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These days I’m pretty selective of what I read on a daily basis. I used to read a lot of personal finance blogs, but quickly lost interest after the same stuff gets repeated hundreds of times.

However I have always enjoyed blogs that document personal adventures in money making. The point of these blogs is not necessarily to educate the world about personal finance, but to track progress of money making and experiment with new and creative ways of doing it. I also enjoy lots of technology related sites.

I like to keep track of the technology field, and a great way to do that is by keeping track of new trends, technology and tech news. Me as with most people stumble across the most interesting things via the most random web surfings.

- – Gadgets and junk
- – Probably my favorite technology site.
- – Gadgets and junk
- – I come across a lot of underground technology through this site.
- – Luxury things, new trends.
- – Technology related news, mostly about how “Web 2.0″ no-revenue websites keep getting funding. However they always manage to report the LATEST tech news.

On a more sporadic schedule, I checkout: – Business blog aggregation site. Stumble across some nice articles time to time. – Yaro from Down Under talks about his business experiences….although lately he has changed his format to “Blogging about Blogging” which I’m not a fan of. He has managed to financial support himself with his own ventures, so I admire that.

www.okdork.comNoah Kagan documents his own biz journey. I’ve actually met up with Noah when he came to Austin a while ago where we met at a coffee shop near the UT Campus. The second after we shook hands and said hello, he proceeded to find a magazine to read in the bathroom….then disappeared for a very, very long time while I waited. His website is different, kind of immature and I’ve got a feeling Noah will jump into all sorts of wacky internet ventures and at some point hit it big. – Max documents some of his side projects in a personal finance style blog. One of the few blogs I still read time to time because 1.) It’s different and 2.) He can actually think of a money-making idea and implement it himself because he’s also a great programmer. I wish I could program. – I think it’s INCREDIBLY REFRESHING to read a blogger who has actually “Been there, done that.” Generally advice and opinions on the internet are dispensed by people who have never had any direct experience with what they’re talking about… those people who become millionaires only by writing a book ABOUT becoming a millionaire. Their advice will rarely help anyone. Mark Cuban however is a a busy-billionaire and still bangs out a great blog!

Sometimes I’ll randomly stumble upon a book which is not really a business book, but a business book in disguise. For example, when I met with John Moore, he was flabbergasted that I had already read a book called DEALING CRACK. It was a very short book about a student who actually went undercover in rough neighboorhoods to find out about the underground world of hard drug dealing. When they guy who headed up the Starbucks and Whole Foods marketing groups strongly recommends this book, there is something to it.

The reason I read the book was because of the way it described these micro-economies fueled by illegal drugs. It’s hard to exlpain, but the book captured the essence of supply and demand, customer care and business deals in such a raw and unique way that it was one of the top business books I’ve ever read.

I’ve read quite a few popular business books, and quite frankly I hate most of them. They talk about the same stuff and dish out the same advice……what I enjoy are STORIES about successful people….especially if it’s autobiographical.

I believe the key to finding a book that may actually help is finding out who the author is. Is it someone who has never made any money except from hocking books ABOUT making money? Has this person actually accomplished anything in the field they’re talking about?

If I want to learn about making big money, I’d read an autobiography by Richard Branson or Donald Trump, or perhaps a biography about Larry Ellison or Bill Gates. The key is to read A LOT of these books, because everyone has different advice that worked for THEM.

Another way to find quality reading material is finding out what someone you admire used to read. Obviously if this impressive person has accomplished so much, they can tell you what material has inspired them. Often some of the most famous figures of our time have read timeless pieces of work like John Locke and Gandhi.

I’m always on the lookout for non-conventional reading material the masses overlook, so if you’ve got a great site or book suggestion, drop me a line!

Blog posted on: July 6, 2006

18 comments on “The Stuff I Read

  1. me2press

    Nev great entry, I find that I get a great source of information from biographies. I think every one needs to get a copy of Richard Bransons bio it is a must read. I make it a point to read at least 10 to 30 minutes a day only business related books or magazines. I get many free magazine subscriptions from

    I get computer and IT magazines and all sorts of trade journals. I also keep a folder with items I print of the web to read when I get a chance and then file this items away.

  2. noah kagan

    wow neville. thanks for the diss. at least you are reading my site. yes i admit to taking books into the bathroom. Although I didn’t realize my business ideas were that wacky. which ones are you referring to.

    here is my favorite book list

    written from the bathroom:)

  3. Neville

    HAHHAHA! I actually meant Wacky in a good way (I think all of my ventures are a little wacky!)

    I completely did not mean that paragraph as a diss, but I guess it came off that way. Did you want me to take out the bathroom part? I thought it was hilarious J

    And yes, yours is one of THE VERY FEW personal blogs I regularly read (I have probably less than 4 I still read).

    Cya soon

  4. noah kagan

    okay just making sure we are homies. i appreciate that you read me semi-regularly. and i guess being clumped in with wacky is okay for now. watch your back:P

  5. The Prosperous Peasant

    I am also glad to see you’ve mentioned Branson’s biography. I was very greatful for the detail with which his initial business endeavors were described. Getting started seems to be the bumpiest part of the road to wealth, and Branson seems to approach it all with a real sense of courage and adventure. Great book!

    Keep up the good work, Nev. You are making waves and they will carry good fortune back to you. Thanks for the effort you put into this blog!

  6. Anonymous

    Nev, you should try a googlebomb on the word “finance”. It would be interesting to see if you could page rank yourself to the top.


    It works something like this (just replace “violet” with “finance” and change the link to that of your website.

  7. Baz

    Noah, two books I think you would enjoy.

    Made in America – John McCormack’s roller coaster of how he made a million on Wall Street, lost it, then went to work for savvy businessmen to learn how the world really works.

    My Early Life – Winston Churchill
    Every young man should read this book but the danger is you’ll think you are wasting your life.
    After leaving Harrow Winston fast talked his way into Fleet Street as a newspaperman, then joined the army and nearly killed himself playing polo then onto South Africa where he has captured during the Boer War, escaped, had a dead or alive price put on his head, and had an astonishing journey back home. He was media-astute enough to use all his adventures to burnish his reputation and sell books and articles. And all this before he was 30! More of a story of how to live rather than anything else.

  8. Calvin

    Hey Neville,

    I recently bought your Sumo Business Blueprint course on appsumo. I loved it! I came across this post while looking for content to generate ideas (Noah mentions using amazon and craigslist for example) and spending time browsing through tech news seems like a good idea.

    Would you mind posting an updated list of the stuff you read?

    I know you are busy so thanks for your time!


    1. Neville

      Hey Calvin, glad you liked the Blueprint course!

      I read A LOT LESS blogs nowadays, but I read a lot more books.

      I think: How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis is a great start.

      Also Advertising Secrets of the Written Word by joe sugarman is a great intro to copywriting!

      1. Calvin

        Hey Neville,

        Thanks for taking the time to make your suggestions. I will definitely check those out!!

        I was also hoping you would suggest any basic finance/economics books that would cover some of these subjects and help me with financial literacy:

        • Interest rates
        • Taxable and non-taxable yields
        • Amortization of mortgages
        • The balancing of a check book
        • Basic percentage calculations
        • Calculating return on investment
        • Why stocks rise and fall
        • Why a guaranteed 15% return on a bank CD is screaming, “scam!”
        • How stock options work, such as calls and puts
        • Why insurance exists
        • How a mutual fund works
        • What bonds are and how they rise and fall
        • Global currency

        I appreciate you taking your time, thanks again Neville.


      2. Calvin

        Hey Nev, don’t mean to spam ya but I woke up early to finish Felix Dennis’s book. Great suggestion man! A lot of nuggets and poetry/analogies made it very easy and enjoyable to absorb.

        Like this one hahahaha

        They see a rich person with their finger pointing at the sky and, like the
        saps they are, they stare at the finger. Then they write about the finger and
        call their books: ‘Become A Millionaire By Pointing Your Finger At The
        Sky’, not realising that their subject was merely attempting to draw their
        attention to a glorious sunset.

        You might enjoy ‘The millionaire fastlane’ by MJ DeMarco. (It’s transparent, crude, anti-guru with a tough love message and most importantly he’s been there, done that)


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