Time Management

As things start to gain speed at school and I have more and more non-academic projects to attend to, I sometimes feel like there are not enough hours in the day.

If I kept a minute-by-minute log of my daily activities, I can see there are enough hours in the day, I just don’t use them efficiently.

At a few points throughout the day I notice large time wasting periods. I’ve found a huge factor in my laziness during these times is food. If I am very full, not much gets accomplished. I work at night some days, so sometimes dinner starts cooking around 1:00am, while other times I eat at a more regular 7:30pm. My dinner is usually very heavy, as I often don’t get much time to eat lunch on campus, so I get tired after dinner and laze around. I currently don’t have a roommate for the next few weeks, therefore I have no one to make me feel self-conscious of my laziness.

The time I spend on campus is always more productive, but I can’t spend whole days there without spending a fortune on eating out. I enjoy being at my apartment, but I just don’t get a whole lot done there.

My workout times are sporadic also. Sometimes I go to the gym at 3:00pm while other times I start working out after work, at midnight till 1:00am. For now, moving closer to campus is not an option. I am only 4 miles away, but rush hour traffic (5-6:30pm) through downtown Austin makes that 4 mile bus ride an hour long.

I need to start regulating my eating times and scheduling a routine workout time. This would help me have more energy and ‘pep’ during the day. If I could properly utilize the time spent at my apartment after meals etc, I would get twice as much work done in a day!

Blog posted on: February 25, 2005

3 comments on “Time Management

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve found that eating my breakfast lunch dinner around the same time everyday helps my body. Getting a good 8 hrs of sleep is also important.

    Of course in college I never got that luxury with crazy schedules and several jobs!

  2. Anonymous

    I have a similar problem…

    My solution: Always have off-brand Nutrigrain bars in your backpack. They are good for you, extremely cheap, and stop hunger without making you feel full and tired. They do get squished easy, but help maintain nutrients evenly throughout the day.

    Something else random…I get off-task pretty easily doing work on the computer at home, but music helps me focus. Try listening to Internet radio from http://www.shoutcast.com – I prefer the stations Groove Salad or Secret Agent (search for them). At a low volume it’s like classical music, but pepped up.

  3. Anonymous

    heres an idea for the gym that may save you some time… BIKE to and from the gym… its only a couple of minutes ride, and if you normally use the bike anyway it is less time in the gym… plus you are warmed up when you get there… even if it took 20 minutes to bike there it is still advantageous to driving because it is not time spent sitting on your butt in the car… only downside is bad weather… plus you can use the time to listen to podcasts, do some podcasting yourself, or catch up on an audiobook…


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