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My longest held business has a phone number, and paying for phone service costs me around $21/month. Since I deal with people in all states, I always call people back with my cell phone….this confuses customers with different area codes and intermingles my personal and work life.

The perfect answer seems to be Vonage. So long as you have a broadband connection, you can get unlimited phone service anywhere in the United States and Canada for $25/month. You can also select ANY area code and number, no matter where you are.

I bought a nice Vonage Router from Fry’s this weekend which also doubles as a wireless router. Cost: $118 with $100 rebate. I just sign up on their website and hook my phone directly into the router.

On Another Note:

For some other side projects, I’ve learned to use the WordPress blogging system. I installed it on my server with ease and picked it up quickly. It was extremely dynamic, quick and intuitive. Anyone with just a little bit of web publishing experience can pick it up in minutes.

On Yet Another Note:

Here are my current longterm stock holdings:

And on One More Note:

I did a Google Guide a while back, and to prove I knew what I was talking about, I did an experiment concerning the keyword “Starbucks Liquor”.

Well, the experiment worked and put me in the #1 spot when “Starbucks Liquor” is searched on Google. I get several hundred hits on my site p/week from people typing that keyword, so I decided to give them what they were searching for: Starbucks Liquor Recipe’s!

Blog posted on: July 12, 2005

11 comments on “Vonage, WordPress, Stock, Starbucks

  1. Cap

    here’s a nod for wordpress.

    i switched to it recently, and I gotta say its definitely more flexible than blogger.

    plus I finally get to use my SQL database. it was just sitting there lookin pretty.

    they werent joking about that 5 minute install.

  2. Rebecca Carter

    How’s the experience been with Vonage so far? Good, consistent connection? I used Skype through my computer right now, but I’ll be moving back to the US soon and am looking into Vonage. I love Skype, but sometimes my connection isn’t so great.

    Nev, I had another question…do you take all of those pics with a cell phone or a regular digital camera?

  3. Anonymous

    I had a HORRIBLE experience with Vonage. First, they are NOT compatible with Mac, as they claim to be . The router is NOT compatible with Airport. Further, if you DO manage to configure everything after (literally) 5 hours on the phone with non-english speaking customer service reps, and english-speaking but RUDE reps, the voice quality is absolute CRAP. The echo is unbearable. When you try to cancel, you’ll have a major battle on your hands to get your money back, in spite of their so-called guarantee. Also, although I cancelled the service the same day, they still sent a purchase order to my regular phone service provider, after having promised not to do so, and a week later my usual provider cut my phone off! Vonage’s proposed solutions to this problem were a) go out and buy another router, hook it up and we’ll see if we can help you (!!) or b) phone your regular provider and open up a new account (!!). They promised to reimburse me for these actions, but they have yet to reimburse me for the $150-odd in charges they originally made to my credit card. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TAKE THE CHANCE OF SIGNING UP WITH VONAGE.

    1. anornymouse

      My experience with Vonage was equally crappy. First they failed to “forward” my telco phone number, even thou I suspect it was the Telco that refused to give it up it makes little difference when it was Vonage that Guaranteed I would have the SAME phone number, I finally settled for the “temp” number even thou it would mean we would lose our regular number but it was only so I could cancel my telco account which ran concurrent for 90 days costing me a slew of money.
      Then, about once a month the router would crash, requiring a reset. In and of itself an annoyance, my biggest issue is there was no way of finding out about the crash until someone physically picked up the phone and found out the line was dead (read: any incoming calls would have been missed).
      But the last straw came about 6 months into it, just as I was about to break even with the telco’s original cost came a crash from which no amount of resets fixed it. Like the above Anonymous I also called Vonage although they were friendly and English with me but I found them quite rigmaroled… As in, if the problem was not in their so-called “tree” of solutions, you as a customer are SOL, and that was my case… They would transfer me (in their own words) “to the next level of assistance” which made me feel good but the next level would only walk me through the same dozen steps the previous guy had already put me through… Not to mention that in the months prior I had went through these dozen steps numerous times on my own, I was not only very familiar with them but well versed, I even build my own computers and told them as much in hopes they would realize that something else was the matter here!
      No such luck, they kept playing their circular jerk-me-jerk game with me until I got so pissed off that I lost my temper and in that moment cancelled my service, which to this day I suspect is what that game was all about anyway, why I could not tell you, but I feel to this day that I was not wanted as their customer.
      And, to this day I have not returned.

      That experience was such that…
      Read: I would RATHER pay the $70 a month to the local telco!

  4. vonage

    I actually have never had Vonage home phone but I did have their service through my Android. I downloaded the app and I was able to make my long distance calls right through my cell phone but I was charged the much much lower vonage international rates. Didnt have any trouble with the service at all.


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