Well, I’m living under a bridge

I’m under a bridge now, made a friend named Mike. A friendly black guy
I met who is staying under this same bridge.

All the bums on Riverside are relatively stable compared to downtown,
that’s why they like camping out down here.

I used my JUST WANT FOOD sign for 45 minutes on the corner of
Riverside and Pleasant Valley and scored enough food for the night!!
I’ll post a picture right after this.

A couple gave me a box of crackers, and a college aged guy stopped me
and asked “Hey man, will you be here in 15 minutes?” then when he
drove by again a little later he handed me a bag of groceries!

I have more than I can comfortably carry now, so I stopped flying the

I’m still 100% penniless buy have ample food/water for the day and
night. Life is good :-)

It’s getting dark, so I’m back under the bridge with friendly company
(he’s out panhandling right now) and about to eat my Ritz cracker,
string cheese, bagel and chewy bar dinner!

Something I didn’t expect…there’s a lot of damn birds under bridges.
Constant cooing and caawing. There’s also a zoo of other animals that
waltz by from time to time.

Ok, ttime for iPhone to go off, goodnight!

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