Why Is Google Paying Me So Much?

I rarely check my Google Adsense earnings because I don’t use the program much, but I got a bit of a surprise to see some mysterious extra income and thousands of extra page views in the last few days:

It’s odd because none of my stat programs show any significant increase in traffic on the sites I have Adsense on. Adsense generally earns me less than a dollar per day, but all of sudden it’s sometimes been paying me over $12/day!

There’s on average an extra 13,000 page views per day ever since Dec. 3rd, and I have no clue where they’re coming from.

This is kind of the equivalent of free money falling from the sky! I’m a little baffled, but not complaining ;-)

Blog posted on: December 10, 2007

12 comments on “Why Is Google Paying Me So Much?

  1. Neville

    I have Adsense on NevBlog, FancyBlog.com, Neville1.com and on MototekBlog.com which was a blog for a client a long while back who never transferred the domain.

    Other than that, I don’t recall having Adsense anywhere else.

  2. MissionEnvironment.com

    you might want to check google adsense TOS because im not sure if you can post these stats up here like that. just lookin out for ya…

  3. www.DjBlic.com

    I think I know whats going on, one of your blogs just increatest in SERPs ( search enging rank). WIth the icrease in SERPs comes with an increase in hits/page virews, therefore more money

  4. bitterkarma

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  5. Brian Soule

    I was actually searching in google for “zencart” under images. The third image I clicked on linked to your treo 700 article.


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