6 Pack Update (4 Months)

The whole 6-Pack Experiment started roughly 4 months ago.

The plan was to get 6-Pack abs in one month…did that happen?  Not completely. However by month two and three I was at a physique I was definitely happy with.

With the help of MyBodyTutor, my attitudes about eating and exercising were completely changed by the 2nd month.  It was very easy to eat well from that point on.

The 6-Pack Experiment has been officially over for a while now….so have a I slipped back into bad habits?  NOT AT ALL!  I never gave up any type of food…just ate good and not bad.

Currently I eat pretty well and do Bikram Yoga every other day.

Here are some updated pictures:
(All of these were taken in the last 2 weeks or so…the last picture was taken yesterday after eating a meal):

Four months ago I could wear those shorts without a belt….now they literally fall off without one.

Considering I’m no longer doing the rigorous ab exercises I started off doing, the results are pretty decent.  I don’t have rippling washboard abs or 0% body fat, but this physique is quite satisfactory to me.

P.S. I wonder if posting tons of douchebaggy photos of myself online will come back to haunt me one day??  Good thing I never wanna be president!

Written by Neville on August 2nd, 2010