A Rose by any other name….

There is me, Neville Medhora, and there is Enwon Inc.

Type “Enwon” into Google and it suggests searching for “Enron” instead. Yes, I am fully aware there is a phonetic similarity between the two names.

Enwon Inc. is a legal entity created to signify the doings of Neville Medhora. I like having a holding company to report earnings under. It may not be completely necessary now, but it will be in the future.

Enwon was created through the phonetic translation of the letter and number combination “N-1” which was a shortened version of my first website: Neville1.com

It stuck.

I get asked all the time if I recognize the striking resemblence “Enwon” has to the scandal-stricken company “Enron”…yes, and I don’t mind it.

1.) People always take a second-glance at the name.
2.) After that second glance, people NEVER forget the name.