Am I Where I Want To Be?

Analyzing myself, am I where I want to be right now? And am I on the track to being where I want to be in five years? NO. I have accomplished a lot more things in my life than the average college student my age, but it is not even close to enough. I have high expectations for myself, and whenever I meet them…I raise them.

I’ve had in my mind a few things to start which I haven’t. I keep blaming school for interfering with my side projects, but that is no excuse.

I need to accomplish these few things within the next few months, definitely before I leave college:

Videotape traffic patterns, contact traffic engineer researcher on campus and implement my traffic strategy on I-35 with a crew.

Do research on starting my advertising company idea.

Start Resumite Personal Sites and make it the largest of its kind on the internet. Fast turnaround, lots of services, upfront/cheap pricing.

Trademark the name Resumite (even if it gets rejected, at least you now know how).

These few things are accomplishments I would like to have at least tried before I leave college. Even if they all fail they will bring in an untold amount of knowledge and experience. I also want to have the stigma of being a go-getter and someone who GETS THINGS DONE. Laziness and lack of ambition sicken me.