Assest Update

As of 11-30-2004 here are my current holdings:

Current Assests:

General Account: $1621

Business Balance: $675

Spending Account: $320

Investment Account: $653

Permanent Savings: $2,803

Backup CD Savings: $5,036

Credit Card Balance: $0

Stock Portfolio Value: $5,613


I took out $500 from the Investment Account and put it towards stock. I bought 25 shares of Syntel at $19.05 (I got lucky and caught a nice $.54 dip) with the $500. This is in addition to the Syntel stock I already own.

Stock Portfolio News:

My total money invested is $4,800 but the portfolio is at a current 16% gain (It varies wildly througout the day). I am holding a very small postion in SCON which is a big loser so far, but will get better in the years to come. Dynegy is performing very nicely and Syntel is poised for a big move within the next three months.