Back from Bawwston

I went to Boston for a week to check the place out, maybe see if I’d like to live there. I had a great time there, flawless weather throughout the trip and a great place to stay. Check out the full panoramic view I had!

After visiting Boston for a week, cruising around, meeting friends, seeing businesses and partying….I found out that Boston is gorgeous in the summer, well educated, well established, but not the place for me.

My main complaints with Boston was the population was too young and there was a complete lack of flavor. Especially trying to go out. You can go to a very large selection of pub-style Irish places, but not much else. I was in the middle of New England, so I kind of expected that.

For partying, everything was relatively spread apart, and the whole place kind of goes dead before 2am, which I didn’t expect from an area with such a dense college population. I did however like the whole MIT/Harvard/BU/Downtown area with the Charles River nearby. It was gorgeous while I was there, although it’ll get cold as hell pretty soon (Something else I don’t particularly like).

So my comparison between Austin and Boston is done, and in my opinion Austin is the winner. Austin has a large amount of diversity in not only race, but also age. It also has different “flavors” around the city. Austin is also FRESH. It has an enormous upside potential, and it will be fun to watch as this city grows and changes. Boston will be pretty much stay the same even after 20+ years.

So based on my three places I could possibly live, Austin is my final choice.

I think my favorite part of getting back to Austin was seeing my Scarabeo in my living room. For some reason I got a kick big from seeing it indoors!

This was actually a very cheap trip overall. I spent $260 on the plane ticket and only $250 the whole time I was there….Not bad!