Benefits of Business

I love doing business and entrepreneuring because I feel proud of the accomplishments I achieve. I am young and trying to make it, so business is a pretty high priority right now…but all work and no play makes Nev a dull boy.

I am definitely a party person. I cannot stay home on the weekends.

I regularly go out on business lunches to places most college students cannot afford on a regular basis, but my hosts can. These lunches, trips and special accesses are all part of the fun of business. Most of the time they are not even about money. It’s important to form a good business relationship, but more important to form a good personal relationship.

Last night I was treated by two very generous hosts to a night on the town, let’s call them “Bob” and “Vinny”. Both are very young and very successful. We went to a bunch of hotspots all across town, no waiting in lines, no identification checks, all V.I.P. and I didn’t spend a cent.

I’m not going to reveal exactly how much money they dropped this Thursday night, but let’s just say they could’ve paid my tuition. Businesses is good, eh ;)

Now it’s Friday…time for some more partying!